After the loss of contact, the bad news came!He was killed …

The 35 -year -old hiking net red Jiang Ye took 30 countries and 50,000 kilometers in 6 years. He also wrote 250,000 words of travel notes.Hiking and cycling.

Recently, the well -known travel blogger Jiang Ye’s news of losing contact after entering Bogda Peak in Xinjiang has attracted attention.On the afternoon of July 13, the reporter confirmed from many parties that Jiang Ye had been found on the 12th and confirmed that he was killed.

Jiang Ye’s family members previously released by the family members showed that Jiang Ye lost contact after entering the Pogda Peak from Fukang from Xinjiang Fukang on July 1.

It is understood that on July 7, someone met Jiang Ye at the mouth of the tiger, and then Jiang Ye went down to the east ditch of Baiyang Hedong, and there was no news.

On Jiang Ye’s social platform, the recently released content is a video on foot in Gansu.The last video was released on July 1st. In the video, Jiang Ye was introducing the supplies he purchased for the reinstallation of Pogda Peak in Xinjiang.

On July 13, the reporter contacted the local rescue team and his relatives of Jiang Ye. He was told that Jiang Ye was found on the 12th and was unfortunately killed.The rescue staff participating in the search and rescue said, "It was the first to be found by the local public security of Fukang."

Mr. Ma, who has 18 years of experience, is a senior outdoor leader in the local area.He told reporters that on June 25, Jiang Ye learned about the situation of the Bogda ring and asked how to go through the formalities of entering the mountain.Mr. Ma learned that Jiang Ye and his party had only two people and his partner was older, and suggested that he go with the team of his club, but Jiang Ye said he did not want to be with the large team.

According to Mr. Ma, Jiang Ye and his partner entered the mountains from Fukang on the 1st, and then his partner appeared at the plateau reaction, and he withdrew early on the 5th.The leader of Mr. Ma’s club encountered Jiang Ye before the tiger’s mouth on the 7th. "At that time, he was alone and the leader persuaded him to leave together. He did not answer."

Mr. Ma introduced that after walking the Pogda Peak Ring Road, it is 6 days and 7 days. Most of the outdoor enthusiasts who have accidents in the local area are because of their own operations.Foreign communications. After entering the mountains, they did not have these equipment. If someone was injured, there was no smoke around them, and it was difficult to contact the rescue. "

Jiang Ye is a professional traveler. He has rode more than 50,000 kilometers alone in six years and walked through more than 30 countries in the three continents.

According to reports, in 2018, Jiangye’s self -made 30 -episode travel films "Born Wanderer" were launched on the website; in 2019, Jiang Ye’s first travel notes "Born Wanderer" was published; in 2020, Jiang Ye filmed more than 100 episodes of "Retro Road "Cultural History Travel Video.Jiang Ye was also nominated for the "Best Backpacker" of the China Outdoor Golden Rhino in 2016.

After riding around the world, Jiang Ye chose to return to his hometown to start a business, propaganda for Panjin, Liaoning, and won the title of "Panjin Good Internet users".

He once said, "No matter how good it is outside. I want to use my own strength to let the world know that Panjin is good and the northeast is good."

Jiang Ye is known as the "Born Wanderer" and "Panjin Good Netizen"

After the bad news came,

Many netizens leave a message on Jiang Ye’s social platform,

Express regret and commemorative feelings.

A netizen from Beijing commented: "He is a scholar, an outstanding young man who loves hiking, loves history, culture, and loves life. He is born for love and dies for love."

Some media commented on this that the natural scenery is always there, and the history and culture are always there, so there is no need to hurry to pursue.May all travelers who love love, when they love nature, and be awesome, please also consider security guarantee so that a short life can travel to a longer -term road, to maximize the release of love, dream of dreams, and dream of dreaming.And walk.

Source: Hubei Jingshi

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