After the woman is pregnant, it discusses the child to kill the child, and the fetal fee is all paid by the man. Is it reasonable?

Nowadays, there have been great changes in the times, especially now young people’s thoughts are becoming more and more open.Many young people’s pictures have been tasted for the forbidden fruit, causing girls to get pregnant.Lawyer magician recently received a consultation from a lady, saying that he broke up for a month with a man for one month. The lady went to the hospital to check her body a month later and found that she was pregnant.So the woman discussed with men, and the man promised to give a total of 80,000 yuan for other expenses including tires and nutritional fees.But after the fetus, the man did not intend to give it again if he only gave the tire cost. The lady wanted to sue to the court.The lady’s decision to solve the decision of Lawyer’s lawyer no longer prosecuted, and she also understood the legal provisions on this.

In order to answer this question, let’s take a look at the relevant cases first: Suzhou Intermediate People’s Court (2018) Su 05 Police 9117

The court believes that Liao and Liu are adults, and they should foresee the consequences of sexual behavior. Liao Mou’s pregnancy is caused by the behavior of both sides.As a result of behavior, Liao’s requested fetal period and the subsequent misunderstanding and mental damage soothing gold first instance court did not support it.

The medical expenses that Liao Mou had fetal and follow -up treatment and review were caused by the behavior of both sides, but the fetal surgery objectively caused Liao’s body to suffer and damage.Liu should bear the medical expenses incurred by Liao due to the fetal.According to the medical expenses provided by Liao, Liao ’s total expenditure for medical expenses was 9485.30 yuan, deducting the 1,600 yuan that Liu had already compensated, and the remaining 7885.30 yuan should be compensated to Liao.

1. If the sexual behavior of pregnancy is voluntary, the two parties should foresee the consequences of pregnancy and should be responsible.

2. If the victim and the actor are not at good about the occurrence of the damage, the loss can be shared by both parties according to the actual situation.

3. The court generally does not support a certain party to bear the fetal fees alone, during the fetal period and the misunderstanding, and mental damage soothing, which generally supports the compensation of the other party.

In law, adults are people who are full of behavior, and they can understand their behavior and be responsible for their behavior.Therefore, no matter what you do, it is necessary to maintain independence and autonomy.

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