After the woman was pregnant with a second child, her mother -in -law secretly put an abortion medicine in her bowl. As a result, her herself was crazy.

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Li Yanan, five years ago, introduced her husband Wang Dazhuang. After half a year, the two held a wedding at the end of that year.

Soon after getting married, Yanan found that the relationship between her mother -in -law and her husband did not seem to be very good.Although Yanan’s husband is an anxious temper, he can be particularly frank, so Yanan’s husband is very popular, and he is very good at neighbors.

At the beginning, Yanan felt that her mother -in -law was still good.When she was just married, her life was unfamiliar, and her mother -in -law often took her to the collection.But for a long time, Yanan found that her mother -in -law was a bit insidious. Many times it was a face in person, and there was another set behind.At that time, the biggest contradiction between her and Wang Dazhuang was mainly reflected in the treatment of neighborhood relations.Yanan’s mother -in -law always felt that her son was short of eyes, and his neighbor’s house had something to do. Wang Dazhuang ran faster than anyone.

At that time, Yanan heard her mother -in -law most that she had a bad son, and she was still filial piety. She always had a heart with her own mother.

Because her mother -in -law often misses her daughter, Yanan always thinks that her mother -in -law likes girls?But when she gave birth to her daughter, her mother -in -law’s face changed.Since the child landing, Yanan’s mother -in -law has excused the air in the hospital that the air was not good to go home. Yanan stayed in the hospital for three days, and her mother -in -law had not seen it once.

After being discharged from the hospital, her mother -in -law did not take care of Yanan for a day. Wang Dazhuang couldn’t get used to her mother to eat food and didn’t ask.She quarreled with her mother. As a result, the old lady cleaned up her bag and moved to her daughter’s house.

Three months later, Yanan’s elder sister had a second child with a caesarean section.Yanan’s mother -in -law served in the hospital for seven days before running, and she did not say that the air in the hospital was bad.And the elder sister took the confinement, her mother -in -law was still staying for more than 50 days.

Later, the elder sister returned to her mother’s house with a two -month -old child. Yanan’s mother -in -law said that she quickly made some delicious food for your sister and replenished her body.Yanan’s for the first time instructed her mother -in -law, because her baby was five months old at that time, because she always took care of her baby by sherself, Yanan lost a lot during that time. She was 110 pounds before pregnancy.But she was thin at 89 pounds at that time.On the other hand, my aunt, the fat and fat, the person who really needs to make up seems to be her!

Ke Yanan’s mother -in -law had only her daughter in her heart, and she was thin and only one skeleton left. Her mother -in -law never looked in it. From then on, Yanan understood that this is the gap between daughter -in -law and daughter.

Two years later, Yanan was pregnant with a second child.During the 50 days of pregnancy, the mother -in -law trusted from the city to test the test strips of men and women.The results showed that Yanan was pregnant with a girl.

Both Yan Nan and Dazhuang think that girls are also good. Someone once said that the family of two girls is the happiest. Although there are some regrets, it is not unacceptable.

Ke Yanan’s mother -in -law couldn’t accept it. She proposed to let Yanan go away, and Yanan rejected her mother -in -law angrily.She didn’t understand, her mother -in -law was good at girls all day, why should she force her to have a boy?

In the next few days, her mother -in -law never mentioned her child’s business again, and Yanan also put a heart back into her stomach.But lunch that day, until the evening.Yanan’s stomach suddenly hurt, and the dumplings were normal.Anan can almost feel that the little life in her belly pulls away from her body little by little.Before Yanan had time to understand what happened, she fainted.

When Yan Nan woke up, it was a big bad news waiting for her.She was removed from the fallopian tube because of the big bleeding, and she could not give birth in her life.Yanan’s twin brother learned that it was Yanan’s mother -in -law who put an abortion medicine in her meals, and he shook Wang Dazhuang on the spot.

In order to explain to Yanan’s mother’s family, Wang Dazhuang had sterilized surgery in the hospital.He can only use this method to prove that he will live well with Yanan, and he will never give up.

When Yan Nan’s mother -in -law learned that her son had sterilized surgery, she vomited blood on the spot. After waking up, she became crazy.Holding a puppet toy all day, saying that it was her grandson.

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