After women were pregnant, the 19 -year -old boyfriend suddenly evaporated on earth!After 6 years, she and the child are facing separation again

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A few days ago, a lady called the Jiangxi Metropolitan Channel and said that she would expose something.On the afternoon of that day, the reporter and psychologist Dai Feng rushed to the past.That night, in a hotel in Yongfeng County, Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, I saw this woman who came with her daughter for help.

The woman’s name is Wu Chenxi, a native of Liyang, Henan, 31 years old.She told the psychological counselor Dai Ye that she took her daughter to Jiangxi and was looking for a biological father who had disappeared for more than 6 years.So what kind of story behind this?

Wu Chenxi told reporters that now the child is six years old, but he has never seen his father.According to her, she worked in Fujian and met a boy, because the other person had a good personality. As soon as he came, the two talked about love.

With the further development of the relationship between the two, Wu Chenxi unexpectedly found that he was pregnant!After learning that she was pregnant, her boyfriend suddenly disappeared!

Because I did n’t know each other for a long time, Wu Chenxi even had no time to ask where the boyfriend’s family lived, and the other person disappeared!Later, after several inquiries, Wu Chenxi learned that she seemed that her boyfriend was only 19 years old.At that time, Wu Chenxi was 24 years old.

Wu Chenxi admitted that she thought that her boyfriend would suddenly appear one day at that time, giving her a complete home with her children, and gave birth to a child at a time, but until the child was born, her boyfriend did not appear.Afterwards, Wu Chenxi called the other party many times, but no one answered.

Wu Chenxi said that because she had no money and didn’t eat it. For the sake of her children, she didn’t even sit. She didn’t care about her face and laughed at her face regardless of her face. She went to the roadside to eat the leftovers of others.

Wu Chenxi told the psychological counselor that when she was young, her family broke down, her parents were divorced, her mother was married, her father remarried, and she was extremely insecure since she was a child.When she took the child to the most difficult isolation outside, the child’s father had never appeared, and she felt very painful for a time!

Over the years, when she has no money to live, when her daughter is sick, when she is hard to sleep all night, Wu Chenxi always washs her face with tears, and the resentment of the child’s father is also increasing day by day!Wu Chenxi admits that more than a year after giving birth to her daughter, in order to raise her daughter together, she hurriedly entered a man into marriage, but in less than a year, because this man did not like her daughter and domestic violence, she did not like her daughter and domestic violence.She resolutely divorced.

Today, personal emotional life is no longer in the consideration of Wu Chenxi. She said that she is most worried about the child’s household registration and school problem.The child is more than six years old and has never been in kindergarten a day, which makes her very anxious!Wu Chenxi said that the purpose of her trip was to give children hukou and allow children to read smoothly!So, can she find her child’s father smoothly?

Wu Chenxi admitted that she found the village where the man’s house was the day before.But as soon as she entered the village, there was a picture of her and children who claimed to be a relative of the man.That night, a man’s relatives contacted her!In order to better help solve the problem, the next day, the reporter decided to go to the village committee to seek help!

On the way to the village committee, Wu Chenxi asked her daughter if she should go to school or not to find grandparents, but no matter what Wu Chenxi said, her daughter answered "Don’t". She seemed to have some dissatisfaction with her mother, and she seemed to be unwilling to answer it positively.Mom’s problem.Wu Chenxi said helplessly that she was more indulgent and coquettish for her daughter, and sometimes her daughter’s temper was more stubborn than her.

Half an hour later, everyone arrived at the village committee of Yuyuan Village, Guxian Town, Yongfeng County.The village secretary of Yuyuan Village told Wu Chenxi that because of the work, the man’s family is currently in Fujian.

Knowing that the child’s grandfather opened a factory in Fujian, the family conditions were good. In order to have a better life and reading conditions for her daughter, Wu Chenxi told reporters that she would not reject the child to the man to raise it.Knowing her thoughts, the village cadre helped the phone to contact the man’s family.So, what kind of attitude will the other party?

The man’s father, Liu Dong (pseudonym), said that he did not know about the things between his son and Wu Chenxi.He was really startled for the "granddaughter" who suddenly appeared.

Wu Chenxi admitted that in the past two years, she contacted her child’s father through mobile phone WeChat. She often asked the child’s father to raise fees, and the other party occasionally gave a little money.But more often, the other party said that there was no money.Wu Chenxi said that she sent a photo of the other party, and the child’s father never questioned that the child was not his.

At the scene, Wu Chenxi told the man’s father Liu Dong (a pseudonym) on the phone and put forward his requirements.

Wu Chenxi: If you don’t want children, give me six and a half years of support for me first. In the future, you will pay how much you want to pay and give me it on time. I don’t have to go to you; if you want children,Just give me some compensation.Because children must be solved now, children have to go to school, there is no way.

The man’s father Liu Dong said that if the child is the blood of his family, they are willing to raise the child and can give Wu Chenxi 100,000 yuan at one time; but if the child raises the woman, they are unwilling to pay so many support fees at onceEssenceIn order to solve the problem more smoothly, Liu Dong decided to rush back from Fujian early the next morning, and the two parties agreed to go to the local judicial office to mediate.I hope that under their testimony, it will make things a complete ending.

At more than two o’clock the next afternoon, both sides rushed to the local town government.When I saw Wu Chenxi get along with her daughter, the reporter found that the child not only did not let her mother hold hands, but also hit her mother. The relationship between the mother and daughter did not seem to be very harmonious.

Compared to mothers, children seem to prefer this "grandpa".Although he did not do parent -child identification, Liu Dong was very happy because the child and his son and him looked a bit like him.Liu Dong couldn’t hide his love for his child. After seeing each other for ten minutes, the child had already fond of this "grandpa".

Originally, the two parties agree to do parent -child identification first. After the parent -child identification results come out, the child’s problem is determined, but Liu Dong, who loves Sun Xinshi and Wu Chenxi discuss, can he give 50,000 yuan first and now take the child away to take the child awayAfter the parent -child identification results come out, give another 50,000 yuan.

The support of Wu Chenxi and his daughter An Qi reached an agreement with negotiation between the two parties.Based on the principles of equality and voluntary, the two parties have reached the following agreements on Anqi’s custody issues: Before the results of parent -child judicial appraisal came out, Party B agreed to pay Party A RMB 50,000.EssenceParty A organizes a parent -child judicial appraisal.

According to the agreement, if the parent -child identification results come out and the girl is born of non -Party B, then Party A Wu Chenxi needs to refund the 50,000 yuan paid by Party B.In the end, both parties said that there was no objection and signed on the agreement.Liu Dong informed his son on the final agreement.

Regardless of whether the man is a family or not, Wu Chenxi hopes that his care for his daughter must not be less.Wu Chenxi told Liu Dong to inform her daughter’s preferences and matters they had to pay attention to, and Liu Dong also promised one by one.

Seeing that Liu Dong was leaving his daughter, I didn’t expect that the last sentence that her daughter said to her mother turned out to be "don’t talk to me."Hearing her daughter said that, Wu Chenxi walked away.

In October, he had the suffering of giving birth in October. He was raised for six and a half years. In order to bring his big children, Wu Chenxi had suffered.However, at this moment, the child’s biggest wish is to leave the mother and let the mother disappear.At this time, in the weather that was not hot when it was under heavy rain, Wu Chenxi kept moving his face with a paper fan, trying to hold back the tears that were about to come out, in order to prevent others from seeing her fragility.

Liu Dong told reporters that they later took their children to do parent -child judicial appraisal. The identification results showed that An Qi was indeed his granddaughter.He has given the remaining 50,000 yuan to Wu Chenxi. An Qi will be raised by his son in the future, and Wu Chenxi can also visit his daughter at any time.

Finally, the psychological counselor Dai also gave Wu Chenxi a few happy formulas:

First, I hope you can see the child more in the future to help her adapt to this process.

Second, whether you are in love or get married in the future, I hope you can remember the lessons of the car, and you must be careful.

Third, I hope you can love yourself a little more in the future.

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