Ai Weibao went to the United States to have children: Do pregnant mothers have back pain during pregnancy?Eating these can effectively alleviate

Although Trump’s new policy has made people’s hearts, our pregnant mothers who love Weibao are still very comfortable in the United States!In the past few days, Xiao Ai and pregnant mothers have talked about the topic of back pain during pregnancy. Most pregnant mothers will have this phenomenon. Xiaoai recommends some ways to effectively relieve back pain today!

Xiao Ai learned that the reasons for the back pain of pregnant mothers mainly include hormone changes, placenta, and increased amniotic fluid after pregnancy, resulting in excessive lumbar weights, insufficient exercise, and not timely calcium supplementation.

First, Xiaoai first talk about personal posture.

First of all, correct your body, keep your upper body straight, place your legs vertically on the ground, and try to approach the back of the chair.You can put a pregnant woman’s pillow on the back waist, or put your legs on a benie that is slightly shorter than a chair to reduce the pressure on the waist of the abdomen.

When climbing the stairs, pregnant women should also pay attention to keeping the center of gravity move forward.

In the early pregnancy, you can use a sleeping position on your back. When you lie down, you can put a thin cushion on the back of the waist, so that the waist can be relaxed more.It is best to use the left side sleeping position in the middle and late pregnancy (after six months) to avoid sleeping positions.

2. What should I replenish back pain during pregnancy?

Mainly supplement vitamin B1 and calcium.

Vitamin B1 exists widely in natural foods, with abundant container (liver, heart and kidney), meat, beans, peanuts and grain valley and nuts.Pregnant women with back pain can eat more beef.Foods, peanuts and other foods.

When low back pain is accompanied by leg cramps and sciatic nerve pain, this is a sign of calcium deficiency, and calcium should be supplemented in time.Foods with rich calcium content such as small rapeseed, cabbage, kale, celery, shrimp skin, yuba, soybeans should be taken more.Pregnant women should drink milk every day, drink 250 ml of fresh milk or yogurt every day in early pregnancy, and drink 500 ml milk or yogurt daily in the middle and late pregnancy.

Third, the abdomen belt will be intimate assistant!

1. Pregnant women can drag the abdomen to reduce abdominal pressure and help pregnant women maintain the correct posture.

2. Choose products that are suitable for you and good elasticity. Do not wrap too tightly when used. You should take it off in time before going to bed

Having said this, I don’t know how much the pregnant mothers know?In the past few days, Ai Weibao’s housekeeper and chefs are also starting to add some new nutrition dishes to pregnant mothers. Ai Weibao is a confinement center for ten years in the United States. Any question of going to the United States can consult usYo!

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