alert!Don’t take the gums of bleeding …

It’s another morning that you can’t wake up. When you brush your teeth, you find that your gums have bleed. This is not the first time. For a few days a month, brush your teeth found that the foam is red.You didn’t take it seriously. You thought it was a vitamin C in your body or "getting angry" in the past two days. Eat more vitamin C content to make food and drink more water for a few days.

But the truth is not the case.

Most people’s gum bleeding is not a vitamin C!

Vitamin C — "anti -hemorrite", the body may be bloating in the body when severe lack of severe lack, but when the three diets are balanced, the average person is unlikely to suffer from sepsis.

Only among the seafarers who have severe nutritional lack and long -term navigation cannot supplement fresh vegetables and fruits in time, can they appear because of the lack of vitamin C bleeding and scurvy caused by lack of vitamin C.

Why is the gums bleeding?

1. Gingivitis and periodontitis -This is also the most important reason.In modern medicine, there is no concept of "getting angry".Most of the oral "getting angry" is a local or systemic inflammatory response caused by plaque and stones.If oral cleaning is not in place and incomplete, the dental plaque and stones are accumulated. Microbial stimulation of the gums will cause chronic gingivitis. The development is severe to periodontitis. During the active period, the gum blood vessels are expanded and congested, manifested as brushing bleeding.Oral odor.

According to my country’s "Fourth National Stomatology Health Popularity Survey", the disease rate of periodontal diseases of adults in my country is as high as 80 % or 90 %.Periodontitis is the main reason for the loss of teeth in adults.

2. Dental caries or bad repair stimuli.There are dental caries in the mouth, some poorly made porcelain teeth, active dentures, etc., wearing stimulation and compressing gums for a long time, causing gum bleeding and oral odor.

3. Hormone changes.

During pregnancy or adolescence, due to changes in hormone levels, it is easy to aggravate inflammation and cause gum bleeding.During pregnancy, due to changes in progesterone, the symptoms of gingivitis will be enlarged. Some pregnant mothers also experience gingivitis hyperplasia, commonly known as gingival tumor.

4. Take certain anticoagulant drugs (aspirin, etc.) or chemotherapy drugs.

5. Some diseases cause.Hepatitis and cirrhosis cause liver function damage, patient coagulation function is affected, and gum bleeding.Leukemia and so on.But the possibility of these reasons is very small.

What should I do if gum bleeding

Don’t be nervous first, most of them will stop bleeding by yourself.Don’t be afraid of brushing your teeth, you should brush it carefully and keep oral hygiene.

1. Brush your teeth in the right method.Don’t apply to brute force, use the Bazhi brushing method (toothbrushes and teeth are 45 ° angle, placed at the junction of gums and teeth, and short -range horizontal tremor 5 or 6 times brushing gingival gums.The bristles on the occlusal surface are brushed back and forth for a short distance).In addition, mouthwash cannot replace brushing and cannot be used for a long time.

2. Regular ultrasound cleaning and actively treat periodontitis.

Calley stones cannot be removed by brushing, and need to be cured by ultrasound.Is it harmful to asking teeth?There is no harm of regular cleansing.

Under normal circumstances, it is cleaned up every six months to one year. By the way, oral health examination is performed. Early discovery and early processing will save yourself a lot of trouble and money.

If the examination has formed a periodontal tissue destruction, in the period of periodontitis, periodontal treatment needs to be performed, otherwise the development of the gingival will gradually occur, and even the teeth are loose and fall off.

Note that antibody toothpaste cannot treat periodontal disease, and the cure is not cured.

3. Maintain good living habits.Eat more crude fiber vegetables and fruits, enhance friction between food and teeth, and clean your teeth.Clean the food residue between the teeth with the toothparts without toothpicks.Quit smoking and drinking.

4. Check your teeth and solve some hidden dangers, otherwise it will be difficult to deal with during pregnancy.

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