alert!There are many people in Xi’an!Please call the police in time

Source: Shaanxi Metropolis Express

The scammers’ routines are always "followed by the hotspot". This year, the acting market is hot, and the scammers have also stared at this "fat". This is not.Application, you can watch the concert for free, but also earn out! "If you believe in the" good things "that have been won at all, you should recruit it.

On July 2nd, Xi’an Police successfully cracked a case of fraud in the "Summer Public Security Strike Camination Action".

Part -time group recruitment concert security

Temperature of 25 yuan/person · Heaven

On June 30, the Seoul Police Station of the Weiyang Branch of the Xi’an Public Security Bureau received an alarm from college students that he and his classmates were scammed on the grounds of recruitment concert security.After receiving the alarm, the Xi’an Public Security Bureau attached great importance to it. The large -scale activity management office of the Public Security Bureau and the fine police force of the Weiyang Branch formed a joint project team to investigate the case.

After investigation, on June 16, Xiao Miao brushed a part -time advertisement called "Xi’an Second Work" on a short video platform, and then scanned the QR code, joined a WeChat part -time job group, and saw a nickname in the group to see a nickname in the group.Send a part -time recruitment advertisement for the person who "eat sugar without suffering". The content is "Zhao Xingxian concert 100 people in security, 110 yuan/day daily, and a deposit of 25 yuan/person."Xiao Miao felt that the salary was appropriate, and it was mainly able to watch the concert for "free", so he transferred 275 yuan to the other party, of which 75 yuan was a three -day part -time deposit, and 200 yuan was the other party introduced another part -time deposit to Xiao Miao.Subsequently, the other party said that the introduction of one person to be a security guard, and gave Xiaomiao 10 yuan to introduce the fee.As a result, Xiao Miao introduced more than 80 students to enter the group, and the students paid 88 pens to the recruitment publisher.

I was aware of being reported to the police

The suspect was sentenced to sentenced to 6,820 yuan

On June 30, when the concert was approaching, when the seedlings who had not received the notice had contacted the other party, they found that they had been hacked.Essence

The police of the task force analyzed and judged the clues provided by the victims, and visited a large number of arranges to lock in a young man suspected of committing major crimes.After that, the police of the task force quickly attacked and arrested the suspect Liu in a hotel in Yanta District at 1 am on July 2.

According to Liu, in June this year, after seeing the advertisement of recruitment security on a short video platform, he thought that he could use this method to cheat money.So he produced related false recruitment advertising videos on a short video platform, and established WeChat group to release false recruitment information. During June 1st to July 1st, Liu faked a total of 6,820 yuan to collect the name of the deposit.

At present, the criminal suspect Liu has been criminally detained by the police in accordance with the law for suspected fraud.Police have recovered some of the money, and the remaining money is still being recovered.

Police reminded that the summer is the peak period for diligent work and studying and part -time jobs. Finding jobs should pass regular channels. Choose intermediary agencies and employers with legal qualifications.For example, security personnel should be hired in a regular and filed by the public security organs to sign a labor contract when signing a labor contract.In case of such scams, relevant evidence should be preserved and 110 calls the police in time.

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