alert!This kind of infectious disease has recently developed!"Can’t eat meals …"

Source: Hubei Jingshi

Many parents recently report

Children fever, oral throat grow herpes

Children cry

Can’t eat meals

Go to the hospital for an examination

It turned out to be a herpes -pharyngritis

Two days ago, 5 -year -old Yangyang followed his father to play in the playground, and shortly afterwards, he had a headache and fever.As soon as I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor found that the child’s mouth was full of herpes.The reporter visited Wuhan Children’s Hospital and the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital and found that many children in the hospital had appeared in the hospital.

Fang Yurong, chief physician of the Department of Infectious Department of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, introduced that in the three years of the epidemic, herpeshamiangritis has occurred less, but compared with 2019, 2018, and 2017, in the same season, this year’s herpes natureThere are obvious more throat.

Experts said that May to July each year is the peak of herpeshaminehalitis, which is related to the survival and dissemination of intestinal virus with rising temperatures, more rainwater, and humidity.

Fang Yurong, chief physician of the Department of Infectious Department of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, said that after the changes in epidemic prevention measures, people’s social activities have increased. Children to school and kindergarten such as kindergarten will lead to increasing opportunities to expose the pathogen.Infect.

Herpes pharyngitis is a child with acute upper respiratory infection, which occurs mostly in children under the age of 5.Infection is mainly caused by respiratory tract droplets, contact with children’s mouth and nose secretions, and contaminated hands and items.Because there are many ways to spread, children with dense children such as childcare institutions and early education institutions are prone to outbreaks.

Fang Yurong, chief physician of the Department of Infectious Department of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, said that the main manifestation is fever and sore throat. Children’s swallow gorge and upper jaw will have some herpes.Children will have a fever, and some children may have high fever and convulsions. A few children may cause some nervous system damage.

With the advent of the summer vacation, many parents will take their children to travel. In order to avoid infected with infectious diseases due to various social activities, doctors suggest that the public’s awareness of hygienic protection during the epidemic should continue.

Fang Yurong, chief physician of the Department of Infectious Department of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, said that some good personal hygiene habits during the epidemic and some measures to prevent diseases, including our hand hygiene, wearing masks, etc. These measures must be continued.

However, if it is unfortunately recruited

No need to be too nervous

Herpes pharyngitis is a self -limited disease

Most patients will heal on the 4-6th

There is no special medicine for this disease

If no bacterial infection is not merged

No need to use antibiotics

The key is to deal with symptomatic treatment


1. How to care for patients?


Test temperature

Children’s fever is usually high fever. Pay attention to changes in your child’s body temperature to prevent high fever and convulsions. Physical cooling or drug cooling can be used.


Drink more cold water

Hot water will exacerbate children’s oral pain, encourage children to drink more cold water, and give children a small amount of water.


Light diet

During the illness, try to eat foods that are easy to swallow, the taste should be light, and the temperature is cooler.Avoid eating hard, sour, spicy, hot food.



Children who are sick should be reduced as much as possible, especially in public places with a lot of people. If children who go to school (kindergarten) are completely disappeared, they will go to school 7 days after the symptoms are completely disappeared (in kindergarten).



Pay close attention to the mental state of the child. If the symptoms are worse, you should seek medical treatment in time.

Of course, don’t be entangled by it is the best

If you want to protect your child

Usually do a good job of prevention ↓

Second, how to prevent herpes -pharyngritis?


Wash your hands frequently

Before and after meals, you must wash your hands with flowing water and hand washing solution or soap after going home for at least 20 seconds.



The window should open the window 2-3 times a day, at a time of no less than 30 minutes.When the herpes pharyngitis is popular, try to avoid bringing children to places with many people or poor air circulation.



Children’s tableware, bottle and other items should be boiled for 20 minutes or disinfected at high temperature before use; baby’s toys, bedding, etc. should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Source: Hubei Economic Vision "Live Vision" comprehensive Guangdong disease control

Reporter: Tong Liang, Li Peng Correspondent: Zhang Ye

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