American ballet dancer dances at 39 weeks of pregnancy, and she is as beautiful as a swan

The 34-year-old ballet dancer Mary Helen Powers, she still insisted on dancing at 39 weeks of pregnancy, saying that her exercise is good for pregnancy.Essence

Powers said that jumping "Beauty of the Ballet" exercises can help her maintain the strength of her body while alleviating discomfort during pregnancy.Powers are very famous in the industry. She has trained the model for "Victoria’s Secret" and assisted Natalie Portman to create his role in the Oscar’s award-winning film "Black Swan".

Before pregnancy, Powers had dancing in the New York City Ballet for more than ten years.Powers said that dancing during pregnancy is a matter of everywhere: "I have adhered to conventional training and shared my life with my baby."

Powers said she intends to jump all the time until she couldn’t dance, her doctor also supported her behavior.Powers uploaded a picture of her stomach dancing to her "Instagram" picture sharing application, and she was wearing tight -fitting pants. She was fit, elegant, and calm.

Baby daughter was born, this is her ballet photo holding her daughter, and she has a tenderness of her first mother.After her daughter was born, she helped the child named Lu Mina-Ballet, and the child grew up slowly. Whenever she saw her mother dancing, she would always dance.

Powers also said that her advice on pregnant mothers was that they hope that they can actively accept the body that changes during pregnancy and not resist it.In daily life, whether it is traveling with children or playing with children, Bowers will raise her slender beautiful legs, even holding the child even dances.

It is many aspects of the factors that affect their growth in a person’s life, but among the many influencing factors, the influence of the mother is irreplaceable and extremely far -reaching.Especially for young children, the role of mothers is more obvious, more prominent, and more important.

For a child, her mother is not only the continuation of life, but also the inheritance of the soul. She has bred the child’s colorful future.The image of the mother affects the child’s life, especially in the child’s education, because the mother is the first emotional conveyor of the child’s birth.

Because the child is a blank piece of paper when it is born, the curiosity, learning ability and imitation of childhood are the strongest periods in their lives.The tuning of the tone of speaking will copy. The so -called child is like who is like who is a look, but also the same is true of words and deeds.

Mom always wants children to learn from themselves not to learn badly, but the opposite is the opposite. Often, they are short of disadvantages and their advantages are slow. Even the disadvantages have learned. The advantages are not learned.With a child, you must be cleaned up and improve the bad words and deeds in order to give children a good example and further educate children.

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