American women helped her brother for surrogacy.

Has left quietly in 2022.Many people are making all kinds of year -end summary for the past year.

But if you want to ask Sabreena Henderson, what is the most happy in 2022 that makes her happy.

In her answer, this item must be indispensable- "I gave birth to a child for my brother."

SABREENA is 29 years old, from Buena Park, California, is a property manager.

She has grown up from a lively big family, with two sisters, one brother, and two sisters.

Perhaps because of this, Sabreena is very accustomed to the companionship between loved ones, and has always had unlimited love for children.

So after getting married and having children, she also chose to give birth to four children.

However, every time you enjoy the joy of God, Sabreena will inevitably think of his brother SHANE.

(Sabreena and husband, and four children)

Brother SHANE’s wish has always been able to have a child with his lover, but it is difficult for him to realize this wish with same -sex partners.

SHANE and her husband Paul formed a family.Although they are usually very happy, they are unable to ask for children, and they often make them feel lonely.

As for all this, Sabreena knows.

In fact, as early as SHANE’s 16 years old, Sabreena and her two sisters had reached an agreement -as long as the conditions were feasible, they could be a SHANE surrogate mother after three.More complete.

(Shane played with Sabreena’s children together)

So in 2020, when SHANE finally couldn’t help expressing the desire for children, but was distressed by specific methods, SABREENA on the side simply said: "I am happy to help you."

In fact, this is also thought -provided by Sabreena.

On the one hand, looking for outsiders as a candidate for surrogacy, or going to the welfare hospital to adopt children, the price is too high for SHANE Fufu.

On the other hand, calculating the five sisters at home, SABREENA’s elder sister has experienced three caesarean section and can no longer afford to toss.

The two sisters’ previous pregnancy experiences were unbearable as nightmares, and they were not suitable candidates.

As for the two little girls, they were only 19 years old and 18, respectively.

Think about it, that is, Sabreena is the best choice.

In addition, she has always agreed with "sexual orientation equality", so she also wants to do something to do something for a small number of groups.

The sister’s statement made his brother SHANE and his husband Paul, and finally saw hope.

However, when this is really implemented, it is far more difficult and painful than what they think.

According to the scheme given by the hospital, Sabreena finally agreed to use Paul’s sperm for embryonic culture with her eggs.

In this way, both father can establish a blood relationship with the children.

Immediately after that in November 2020, the three of them performed the first insemination.

But unfortunately, I tried to end for the first time.Sabreena was not able to get pregnant smoothly.

They then tried the second time, but the results were still disappointed.

Waiting for February 2021, they made another third attempt.This time, SABREENA was finally pregnant.

She feels that her young life is constantly breeding in her body, and the whole family is looking forward to it.

But never expected that this happiness only maintained for 13 weeks.

In the 13th week of pregnancy, SABREENA was unfortunately aborted and lost this difficult baby …

Both she, brother and Paul are extremely sad.This experience also caused great harm to Sabreena’s physical and mental health.

"I have a lot of blood, and even need surgery, because the embryo cannot be separated from my body naturally."

After finishing emergency curettage surgery, Sabreena took more than several months to barely vibrate.

But at this time, she still didn’t give up …

When the restoration was almost recovered, the doctor notified Sabreena and her family, and until October, they could make the fourth fertilization attempt.

At this time, despite being exhausted, Sabreena and other family members still agreed.

"Although it is terrible, this will not stop me from helping my brother."

Even Sabreena’s husband did not have any opinions, but instead supported his wife’s decision and had been with her.

So, in the three months after that, Sabreena made another three attempts.In the end, this dedication made her pregnant again.

Sabreena is quite excited: "The day when I found myself again, it was so wonderful. Although sometimes we felt a little frustrated because of our previous experience."

Fortunately, no situation happened this time.

After a long and nervous nine months, on September 28, 2021, SABREENA did a thing that she claimed to be "the most terrible thing ever in history" -the did not take painkillers, and did not perform extraterinated anesthesia.In the case, try delivery.

Fortunately, at 12:50 noon that day, she gave birth to a little baby boy.

(Sabreena after the smooth production, the elder brother SHANE on the left, and the brother Paul on the right)

The family named this difficult child "Tristan".

Sabreena proudly announced: In the future, I will be "my favorite aunt in this life" in Tristan.

Today, the brother SHANE, who is compensated, has been promoted to his father for more than three months.In the past three months, he cherishes every minute and every second.

He was very grateful to his sister for his efforts and said that he would never know everything Sabreena did for him.

"When my sister came to us, and when I proposed to help us surrogate children, my life was changed … This is the most selfless behavior I have seen in my life."

"She gave us the most eager things in this world, making our lives and families complete, and don’t ask for rewards."

And Sabreena responded: "Seeing the happiness in their eyes and the smile on my brother’s face, everything is worth it."

After the incident was reported, many netizens first respectful of SABREENA’s dedication:

"You have a golden heart, it makes you not fear the outside world’s words, insist on doing what you want to do."

"Although you are very easy when you talk about this, you do this for them (referring to the husband and brother’s husband). This is really great and selfless."

Some people also bless the baby’s birth:

"How beautiful! This child can have such a brave parent. It is really lucky. Welcome to this world, Tristan baby."

"This child is happy, because he is accompanied by expectations and love."

But at the same time, many netizens also opposed and expressed concerns:

"So this is actually her child. I can’t do this."

"One day she might want to return to her child."

"This is so strange."

In fact, this complex family relationship does have some impact on Sabreena.

One of the more common is the misunderstanding of outsiders:

"When I had dinner yesterday, I took Tristan to the bathroom to change the urine. A lady saw him and then said ‘Oh, my mother is taking care of you’. I laughed and said," I’m not a mother, I just gave birth to him, I just gave birth to him.Aunt ‘. After the lady heard this, the expression on her face was really wonderful. I love this special little guy and this connection between us. "

But even so, Sabreena does not intend to conceal it, and will tell Tristan the truth in the future.

"Because of how he arrived, we don’t think there is anything ashamed to enlighten."

Another thing that is unexpected is that although Sabreena had suffered a lot, but Flag still set "If they asked me again, I would surgery again."

Perhaps her love for children and family has far exceeded herself.

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