An accident, she was framed by her family, and found that she was pregnant with seven twins

Chapter 1 Can’t destroy her life like this

"Dad, I’m going to give birth, go to the hospital …"

The tightening and pain from the stomach caused Ye Yan’s consciousness to lose a little bit. She raised her hand and grabbed her father Ye Zhiyuan’s hand, and vomited a word.

However, Ye Zhiyuan didn’t mean half nervous on his face. Instead, he pulled out his hand and turned to find his eldest daughter to get a stack of documents, then held Ye Yan’s hand, and stuffed her a black signature pen.

"Come, you signed this equity transfer book, and my dad takes you to the hospital to ensure that the wild species in your belly are alive." The cold words have no temperature at all.

At this moment, Ye Zhiyuan only had a shares in his eyes, only money.

"Dad … I …" Ye Yan trembled, his face was pale as paper, and his fog’s eyes were full of pain and disappointment.

Her biological father, in order to get the Huashang Group left by her mother Su Qinghua, sent her to the hooligan’s room, so that she was

Today, he was even more unpopular, and he motioned to his stepmist Qin Huaiyu to hit her, saying that he would give him Huashang without signing the equity transfer book, so don’t want to leave the mental hospital alive.

He is her biological father, and she has always looked up and respectful.

Even if you don’t like her, you can’t destroy her life like this!

"What do you talk nonsense with her! Hold your hands and press the handprint, just find a person to imitate your notes!" Qin Huaiyu was a little impatient, and his beautiful face twisted, like a devil who came out of hell, she raised her feet and faced it againstYe Yan’s belly was fierce.

Then a blood flowed between Ye Yan’s legs, and she sobbed in pain.

Qin Huaiyu’s eyes passed a touch of evil, cursing a few words in his mouth, pushing away her husband Ye Zhiyuan, rudely grasped Ye Yan’s right index finger, stained the printed mud, stretched the contract at the contract, then got up, then got up, and then got up.Yinyan’s eyes kicked Ye Yan again.

"Little bitch, now you have no half dime with the Ye family, and he is no longer your father. I want to get a penny from Ye’s family, do you understand!" Qin Huaiyu said.

Ye Yan bit her teeth tightly and did not answer a word. At this moment, she couldn’t hear what the woman was talking about. She buzzed her ears, her body trembled like a shaking sieve, and she was on the verge of collapse …

"Well, she’s all like this, and what she was fierce, and immediately notified the ambulance to let her go to the hospital to have children." Ye Zhiyuan pulled Qin Huaiyu’s arm, meaning that he didn’t want Ye Yan.

However, Qin Huaiyu broke free of Ye Zhiyuan, squatted down, raised his hand and faced Ye Yan’s face. Her slap was twice, and his voice was as cold as an ice cellar.! "

When the words fell, she gave her a glance at Ye Xuefu, her eldest daughter, and the mother and daughter were on the left and right with Ye Zhiyuan’s arm.

Ye Yan was lying there, watching their disgusting figures getting farther and farther. His hands were placed on his stomach, blinked weakly, his mouth was one by one, and he repeatedly said: "I am:" I amCan’t die. "

"Oh my god! Miss Ye … Miss Ye, what’s wrong with you!"

Tang Siqi, who is responsible for taking care of Ye Ye’s psychiatrist, stood beside the door and shouted.

Ye Yan raised his hand, opened his mouth Zhang Zhang, and a rescue had not said that the world had fallen into darkness …

Five years later, Fengcheng.

The morning light is slightly slightly, and outside the door of the white single -family villa, five little boys with fruits and fruits contracted everyone’s attention.

They wore small red, yellow, blue -white shirts, black casual pants, yellow sneakers, and delicate and flawless facial features under the bright sunshine.The prince in Zhongzhong is average, from head to toe with a kind of nobleness that others cannot reach.

The leading guy pushed the door open, and then five Mengbao walked in lightly.

They made a clear division of labor. After entering the door, Dabao Ye Xingchen took Wubao Ye Xingyu to the kitchen for breakfast. The three treasures Ye Xinglan and the four treasure Ye Xingyu cleaned the room.

Half an hour later, the five Mengbao gently pushed the door of Ye Yan’s room and stood on both sides of the bed.

They opened neatly: "Mommy, it’s time to get up."

Ye Yan’s eyelids moved, covered on his forehead, and said lazily, "It’s still early, let me take it again for a while."

"It’s 8 o’clock in the morning." Ye Xingchen stretched out his small hand and held Ye Yan’s big hand gently. "So beautiful mommy, you can’t rely on bed."

The gentle wake -up service made Ye Ye get up, and she stumbled to wash and walked downstairs.

"Mommy, drink a glass of milk first." The introverted Ye Xingyu held a glass of milk, lowered her head, and her red face was full of shyness.

Ye Yan took the milk and rubbed his little son’s furry head, "Thank you baby."

Seeing this, Ye Xinglan was a bit jealous, pulling Ye Yan’s corner, tilting his head, and pulling out an extremely charming smile.

Ye Yan put down the milk cup, squatted down, kissed the third son’s face, and then held a sip holding his younger son again.

The two little babies got kiss and bent at the same time, satisfied like eating honey.

But the four treasure Ye Xingyu was not very comfortable. He glanced at Sanbao suspiciously, and his head passed, and he said something wrong: "I don’t look like them. I am not a two -year -old child. I don’t like it.Good morning kissed so naive! "

His voice was not loud, but Ye Yan heard it.

Knowing the temper of Sibao, Ye Yan smiled with his lips, and gave Dabao Erbao and Sibao. Then he saw Sibao’s eyebrows stretching.

After breakfast, Ye Xingchen came over, smiling, and instructions in the elegance, "Mommy, there are any questions in the trial, remember to call us, we are your most powerful backing."

Ye Yan’s heart was instantly warmed, hugged his son, and laughed: "I know, my baby!"

Today is the trial of the Intermediate Court. She returned to China for half a year. She did not accept any job. She had a lawsuit with Qin Huaiyu’s mother and daughter. She wanted to prove that the signature of the equity transfer contract was forged at the time, so as to take it back to Huashang Group.

So after changing her clothes, she left the house with the information.

The trial starts at 11 am and lasted for four hours, but in the end Ye Yan heard a sentence: "After trial, the defendant Qin Huaiyu forged signing and transferring shares was not established …"

When she walked out of the court’s door, the anger in Ye Yan’s chest had not extinguished. She was ready to find a quiet corner to sort out her emotions. I did not expect the arrogant Qin Huaiyu mother and daughter to come over.

"Ye Yan, what the judge said, should you always believe it? Then the contract is signed by yourself, and you are willing to transfer it to your dad!" Qin Huaiyu’s taunt hidden in the tone.

"Are you willing to be willing, you know it better than me." Ye Yan’s face was condensed.

Qin Huaiyu laughed up, "What about that? The judge has been sentenced, and it is useless to tell me again. You just return to China, or you still have a place. Don’t do it with the Ye family, otherwise you do n’t know how you die."

Chapter 2 She only has a bad dad, no mommy

"So are you threatening me?" Ye Yan looked at her like a smile, and pulled out the recording pen from his pocket. "Come, say more, you can’t tell you for a forgery of signing, I can also tell you to hurt people deliberately!"

Five years ago, she still remembered. She would not let these two snake scorpions continue to run rampant. She must let them be punished by law!

"Resolutely hurt people? Let’s say a few words of ruthless words! If you want to say something five years ago, you have no evidence." Qin Huaiyu looked fearless.

"There is no evidence now, and it does not mean that I can’t find it in the future. Remember, I won’t let you be out of the way!" Ye Yan didn’t want to entangle with these two women anymore. After that, he turned directly.

After Ye Yan walked away, Ye Xuefu, who hadn’t spoken, came out, and his eyes were shining against Ye Yan’s back. "Who is the little bitch threatened! Thought we are afraid of her!"

"Yeah, who is she threatened … she is afraid she doesn’t know how to write the dead characters!" Qin Huaiyu gritted her teeth and looked at Ye Xuefu next to her.

Ye Xuefu led the gods, and immediately took a spray from his pocket, and followed him directly.

As Ye Ye walked towards the road along the road, Ye Xuefu suddenly shouted.

"Ye Yan!"

As soon as Ye Yan turned back, she heard a loud noise, and her eyes blurred, her eyes were sour and painful, and she couldn’t open it by a liquid stimulus.On it, there was a fierce voice in the ear.

"Go to death, bitch!"

Then there is the sound of the car horn.

Alas … …… …

With a hurry, Ye Yan tried to escape, but walked the opposite direction.

At the moment, a pair of small hands held Ye Yan’s big hand accurately.

Then she was led by a small power to the left, and she was lucky to escape the car from galloping.

When the driver scolded her fragrant, the little hand shook her arm.

Ye Yan returned to God and rubbed her eyes hard. It still hurts now. She couldn’t open it.

The little guy saw her problem, held her hand, and gently wrote a word in her palm: "Sit."

Ye Yan nodded and bent down as the little guy’s intention.

Then there was a pair of small hands holding her face, and then she felt the light and soft breath passing over her eyelids. She frowned and couldn’t open it.

The little guy made a mouthful, opened the small schoolbag behind him, and found a special spray from it, facing Ye Yan’s eyes, two sings.

After five seconds, Ye Yan felt that her eyes were not so painful, and the tears of stress fell from the corner of her eyes. Soon, she opened her eyes.

The moment she saw light, she also saw a four or five -year -old girl.

The child was very beautiful. The pink carved jade was like a little fairy in mythology. Her eyes were particularly beautiful, and she seemed to be equipped with a sea of stars.

"Children, thank you!" Ye Yan looked at Little Loli and smiled with lips.

Little Lori ticked a hand language and said: You are polite.

Ye Yan saw her beatings and pumped it inexplicably.

Such a cute child turned out to be deaf?

Perhaps it was because of the motherhood, or maybe the child was very moving. Ye Yan couldn’t help holding the little guy in his arms, stunned her little face, and said gentlely: "Baby, really, reallyThank you, you are the savior of aunt. "

When Little Loli heard the four words of the little baby, her eyes were red. She hugged Ye Yan tightly, whine like a little milk cat.

Ye Yan heard her cry, immediately held her face, and then looked around looking for her family.

"Children, are you alone?"

Little Loli nodded.

"Then do you know where your home is? Auntie send you home, okay?"

Little loli shook his head.

"Do you know your parents’ call?"

Little Lori’s tears fell down and shook her head. She had only a bad father, no mommy!

Seeing that the little guy didn’t know anything, Ye Yan had to say, "Auntie sent you to the Qingyun Department, and let the uncle of Qingyun Department help you find your parents, okay?"

Little Loli heard this, as if it was stimulated, drilled hard into her arms, shook her head constantly, and refused to go to Qingyun Department.

Ye Yan thought that such a big child may be afraid of Qing Yunwei, so she rubbed her little head, and naturally, she kissed the next gently on her hair.

At this moment, Little Loli’s belly made a grunt.

As soon as Ye Yan heard, he hooked his lips and asked, "Are you hungry?"

Little Loli nodded, and at the same time, the small face of the powder began to become red, which was shy.

Ye Yan looked at her little look, cute and pitiful, thinking that it was better to let the little guy eat, and then help her find home.

"Baby, do you want to go home for dinner with your aunt?" She asked.

Little Loli nodded like a garlic, and a smile appeared on his face.

Two hours later, Ye Yan returned to her cheap villa with Little Loli.

As soon as I entered the door, the three treasures Yinglan rushed over, hugging her legs, leaning on her little head and said, "Mommy, kiss, two times, no one can be less."

Ye Yan just gave him two kisses, and Ye Xingyu, the fourth child over there, scolded Ye Xinglan: "Stick people."

Ye Xinglan spit out his brother’s tongue at his brother. When he was about to say something, he saw the little loli behind Ye Yan, and instantly, the eyes were bright.

"Mommy, you found a sister for us!"

When the words fell, Ye Yan’s five babies came together.

Dabao Ye Xingchen is a gentle gentleman. He first helped Little Loli to find a good slippers, and then said elegantly, "I am the big brother Ye Xingchen."

The second treasure Ye Xingtong is a small iceberg, but just looked at the little loli and gently bowed his head and welcomed it.

Ye Xinglan was different, pulling her in self -cooked, "Sister, I’m the third brother, the third brother!"

Ye Xingyu glanced at the two, sideways, and said, "Girls and something, the most troublesome!"

"Sister, sister … You … Hello, I am the fifth brother Ye and Ye Xingyu." The old five Ye Xingyu was inward, seeing Little Loli, blushing, and not talking.

The sons’ response was in the expectation of Ye Yan. She picked up the little loli and said seriously, "Sorry, this is not the sister of Mummy for you.I have to give home after eating at home. So children, you have to cook. "

"Okay, what do Mommy want to eat? I’ll do it!" Ye Xingchen took off the apron hanging from the porch, put it on her body, and glanced at four younger brothers.

The little guys expressed their positions.


"My sister must like to eat!"

"Then I barely help you once!"

"I … I … I try, try. Sister, sister don’t dislike it."

After Ye Xingchen went in, he revealed his head again and beckoned to the little loli, "Sister, do you want to come in with us?"

Little Loli bit his lips gently, blushing his face, a little embarrassed.

Chapter 3 She has found Mommy, it’s so good

When Little Loli was hesitating to help, Ye Xinglan also came over and smiled with a sweet and sweet smile on her, "You don’t need to do anything, just like Mommy, just be responsible for being beautiful!"

Hearing this, Little Loli blushed. She looked at the busy little figures in the kitchen, and then looked at Ye Yan holding her, stretched out her fat hand, touched her face, and then she wouldHer head was lying on her shoulder, and her mouth was up.

This is Mummy, Mummy she has seen many times in her dream.

She found Mummy, so good.

At the same time, the No. 1 villa of Jin Bilong Ting, the Xiao family.

The atmosphere in the family is extremely bad.

Xiao Sichen stood there like a volcano that would erupt at any time, exuding a deterrent coercion, and the people at home were shivering.

Only the little devil was not afraid. He held a vase, like a angry little lion, and grinned his father with his teeth.

"Xiao Ziqian!"

Xiao Sichen was really angry, his face was gloomy, and it was a big devil who had just stepped out of hell. He was walking towards the little devil step by step.

With a sound, the little devil thrown away the vase in his hand, screamed exhaustedly, all kinds of destruction.

The maid chased Xiao Mochi behind, but no one dared to get closer to him.

"Xiao Ziqian, don’t think I dare not hit you! Having a mobile phone, your sister is very dangerous outside!" Xiao Sichen said angrily, his engraved facial features hanging a strong frost, and the edge of the outbreak.

He went home in advance and wanted to surprise the two children, but he didn’t want the two children to give him a scared.

The fragile and autistic daughter even had the son’s cover, and ran away from home!

"Xiao Ziqian, don’t you really cooperate?" Xiao Sichen was pressing step by step, and the coldness on his body became heavier.

The little devil shook his paws, like a little beast in the extremely angry, shouting, "Don’t cooperate with your bad dad! My sister went to Mommy! She dreamed, she knew where Mommy was!Find Mommy, we don’t want you! "

Listening to his son said this, Xiao Sichen’s eyes sank, "I said, you have no mommy!"

"You lie! They all have mummy, we did not jump out of the stone seam, we have!" The little guy logic was clear, not Xiao Sichen could deceive at all.

Xiao Mochi on the side finally had a chance to come over, "Brother, don’t do this, Ziqian can’t stand it. You can be gentle to him, say it, he may position you."

"You can’t teach me what to do!" Xiao Sichen’s face was like a frost, and he did not intend to condone his son at all.

Xiao Mochi looked helpless, thinking that when the psychologist came over, the bodyguard came in.

"Mr. Xiao, Miss found it! Already positioned."

When I heard this, Xiao Mochi almost shouted and shouted.

I found it and finally found it.

Others in the villa were also relieved, while the little devil pulled his head, like a balloon that was leaked.

"Bring the Yulin group to let Yun Che open the guard system." Xiao Sichen buckled the suit button, and his face was yiny.

Xiao Mochi heard that this is the most powerful bodyguard. I am afraid that I am not going to live a life.

"If you have the courage to take my daughter away, you should have the courage to bear my anger!" Xiao Sichen said deeply.

"We can find Qingyunwei, don’t be impulsive!" Xiao Mochi collapsed.

The impulse is the devil, it is to be dead.

"Shut your mouth!" Xiao Sichen rushed out of the villa.

Xiao Mochi looked back at the nephew and shook his head helplessly. His brother was a daughter slave. As long as he involved the little princess, he would inevitably put on a posture of destroying the earth.

Today I don’t know which idiot is going to bear the anger of his brother.


After Ye Yan handed the little loli to the five children, he went to the study to send a message to Nangshe, and asked him to inquire about the information of Little Loli.

When the little loli followed the little guys to play the building blocks in the attic, they were shocked by the sound outside the window, and they trembled into Ye Xingchen’s arms.

Ye Xingchen touched Little Loli’s head gently, whispered: "My sister is not afraid, big brother go and see."

When the words fell, the handsome gentleman walked towards the window and frowned slightly.

Although Little Loli was scared, she still had the courage to make up and looked outside with Ye Xingchen. The next second, she opened her eyes wide, and a fluttering little face flashed unhappy, pulling Ye Xingchen’sThe corner of the clothes kept pointing downstairs.

"Want to find Mommy?" Ye Xingchen asked.

Little loli nodded.

So Ye Xingchen accompanied the little loli with the other four little guys.

At this time, Ye Yan also heard the sound outside. She opened the curtains and saw a helicopter hovering above. There were N cars outside the headlights, surrounded her villa, and rubbed her eyebrows with a headache.

What’s happening here?

When he turned around, the five sons came in with Little Loli.

The cute little loli was holding a writing board, her face was a little flushed, and her big eyes shed tears.

"Baby, what’s wrong with you?" Ye Yan squatted down and asked her.

Little Loli’s tears immediately flowed, and the little hand quickly wrote on the writing board.

In less than a minute, Ye Yan saw a paragraph.

"Save me, there are bad guys outside, grab me back in the small cage, good or bad! I’m afraid!"

After Ye Ye saw it clearly, he immediately changed his face, "Do you say the people outside are here to catch you?"

Little Loli nodded and wrote at the same time: "He claims to be my dad, but it is good or bad! I hate him!"

Ye Yan frowned, glanced at the little loli deeply, thinking for two seconds, and then said, "Baby is not afraid, aunt protects you!"

"Thank you!" Little Loli wrote two more words on the writing board.

The sound of the helicopter outside was getting louder. Ye Yan knew that he could not continue to be a quail here. He had to go out to delay time and wait for Qingyun Wei to come over.

"Ye Xingchen, now call the police immediately. Mommy goes out to delay time. Uncle Qing Yunwei doesn’t come. You can’t get out of this room, understand?" Ye Yan picked up his mobile phone.

"Okay, Mommy rest assured!" Ye Xingchen nodded.

Then I saw Ye Yan holding her mobile phone, closed the study door, and strode out of the meteor.

At this moment, there were twenty -two Mercedes -Benz business cars outside the door, and they could not leak the water from Ye Yan’s villa.

Xiao Sichen stood in front of those cars, and his face was as cold as ever, like ice sculptures, and there was no other expression, just like the absolute king in the night, with a frighty aura.

He was going to rush in directly, but Xiao Mochi strongly persuaded him to give him the time for the people inside to avoid the other dog jumping the wall to hurt his daughter.

But Xiao Sichen couldn’t wait. He raised his hand and gave the bodyguards behind him, as if the devil who came out of hell, he was murderous, looked back at his brother, and asked coldly: "How much is therepersonal?"

Chapter 4 The baby is so cute, my aunt likes you so much

"Brother, this villa has anti -probe equipment, I can’t be sure." Xiao Mochi frowned.

"Huh!" Xiao Sichen heard the words, humming, almost raised his feet savagely and kicked on the door of the villa.

He was cold and cold, and his cold eyes were extremely aggressive, and he was murderous.

At this moment, a click, the door of the villa opened from the inside.

Ye Yan came out.

Her curly hair poured down, falling on the waist of not profitable, and was shining by the strong car lights.Although it is standing there, it seems to be standing on the shore of the galaxy of the stars. If a fairy holding a cloud, it seems to be a fox demon who has practiced for thousands of years …

At this moment, the scene was silent for at least five seconds. Except for Xiao Sichen, everyone’s eyes were straight.

"Is there anything wrong with you who came to my house?" She broke her calm first, then hugged her arms, and carefully looked at the man in front of her.

In the night, Xiao Sichen’s black suit was stuck on his body, and the long body outlined the perfect body. It was obviously that he was against the light, but it seemed to bring his own light, like a deity descending from the sky, and it was indifferent.The proud ancient emperor …

Xiao Sichen was also looking at her, saying that she was looking at her eyes.

These eyes made him seem to have known each other, like autumn water, starry stars, brighter than the sun, and brilliantly made people look open.

"Sir, what exactly do you come to my house?" Ye Yan spoke again.

Xiao Sichen returned to God and fell coldly on Ye Yan.

"Surprove my daughter." He spit five words, and the voice was as cold as his person.

Ye Yan thought of Xiao Loli, raised his chin slightly, and said the same cold voice: "Say it is your daughter, take out evidence!"

"Do you want evidence?" Xiao Sichen frowned slightly, unhappy.

"Yes, I want evidence, the parent -child appraisal book, or find the Qingyunwei certificate!"

Ye Yan doesn’t care about he is unhappy, she only believes in Little Loli. After all, in her eyes, a child who is less than five years old cannot lie.

"Huh! What qualifications do you have to give me evidence!" Xiao Sichen was stunned, twisted with a strong coldness.

"I am not qualified, but I have the obligation to protect a young child. Before you have no evidence to prove that you have parent -child relationship, I will never give you the child!" Ye Yan was not humble.

Xiao Sichen was silent, and the eyes of the sea burst into cold light, and the straight facing Ye Ye shot.

This eyes are too aggressive, like a sharp surgery knife, to make her unsatisfied, making people shudder.

Ye Yan subconsciously hit a cold war, but for the sake of children, regardless of whether the man was very lethal, he continued to say: "I only believe in Qing Yunwei now, if you want to take away the child, wait for Qing Yunwei to come!"

"Very good!" Xiao Sichen vomited two words, his expression was colder than just now.

Xiao Mochi, who had been eating melon, saw this, and quickly got up. He was afraid that his brother would be furiously cut off Ye Yan’s neck.

"Girl, just give the child to us. Really … we are really the little baby’s family. If you look at his face, you know, so handsome …" Xiao Mochi pointed at his brother’s face.

Ye Yan’s eyebrows twisted slightly and looked at the man in front of him carefully.

This face looks a bit familiar.

However, she did not entangle Xiao Mochi’s appearance, but just said calmly: "The bad guys never write bad characters on their faces. Similarly, handsome people may be perverted."

Xiao Mochi stunned, this logic seems to be fine.

"Speak your requirements!" Xiao Sichen said simple, and the ice sculpture’s face was impatient.

Ye Yan didn’t respond for a while, and for a second, he looked at the man blankly.

After she returned to God, she was a little fried, "Do you think I was extorted? Sir, you think too much! I haven’t been despicable enough to make money with children!"

The words fell, and the three black business cars were galloping towards them not far away.

Ye Yan secretly relieved, fortunately Qing Yunwei arrived in time.

Qingyun Department, Ye Yan hugged Little Loli, and quietly waited for Qing Yunwei to give the archive information.

And Xiao Sichen was sitting there, as if wearing a layer of eternal ice, floating on his head: Don’t enter.

"Ms. Ye, this is the child’s household registration information. You see … Father Xiao Sichen, it is this Mr. Xiao." Qing Yunwei opened the household registration information with photos and let Ye Yan see clearly.

Seeing the photos and text above, Ye Yan was embarrassed.

Even … it was really the little baby’s father.

She turned her head and looked at the super horrible iceberg man in the aura, pursed her lips, and felt guilty, "Sorry, I thought you were the gangster who wanted to kidnap children!"

Xiao Sichen didn’t answer, just got up, a step came to the child, opened his arms, his voice was softer than before, "go home with my dad."

Little Loli shook his head, immediately hugged Ye Yan, his face was embarrassed, and he was not ready to compromise back.

"Yaoyao, go back with his father!" Xiao Sichen spoke again, but there was no tenderness.

Little loli did not respond, just hugging Ye Yan.

Xiao Sichen’s face immediately flashed and unhappy. When he was about to get angry, Xiao Mochi came over, patted his arm gently, and then looked at Ye Yan with a smile.Can’t stimulate, if you know that your child doesn’t go back, it will be excited for a while … then it is life. "

Ye Yan naturally knew this interesting relationship. She gently stroked the back of Little Loli, kissed on her face, and said softly, "Baby, if you don’t go home, your aunt will be uncomfortable., Are you willing to feel uncomfortable? "

Little Loli shook her head, she was reluctant.

"Then you go home first, your aunt can leave you a mobile phone number. We videos at any time, okay?"

Little Lori pursed his mouth and looked back at his father, he was still hesitant.

"Baby, if you don’t go back, Uncle Qing Yunwei will educate auntie. Auntie does not want to be educated by Uncle Qing Yunwei … Auntie is also afraid … oh …"

Finally, Little Loli nodded and stretched out his little hand at the same time.

Xiao Sichen, who was ready to grab his daughter back, was full of words, and he took out his mobile phone with a complex look and handed it to his daughter.

Then his eyes fell on Ye Yan, and Fei Bo’s lips were cold. This was the first person he had seen to affect his daughter.

You know, his daughter and son inherit all the bad temper genes of the Xiao family.

Where did Ye Yan know this? She just felt that Little Loli was soft and cute. When she took her mobile phone, she gave another one, "The baby is so cute, my aunt likes you so much."

Little Loli was praised by Ye Yan, and her big eyes were full of pride. She carefully looked at her input her mobile phone number, and then she left from her arms and walked towards her father.

"Well, the phone input is complete, you call this call when you want aunt!" Ye Yan handed his phone to Little Loli.

Little loli was holding a mobile phone, as if holding a rare treasure, nodded seriously.

Chapter 5 Golden Micochical Medal

Ye Family Villa.

Ye Yan was lying on the bed and fell asleep, and the mobile phone sounded.

Spicy Rabbit Head: "What is the result of the trial today?"

Ye Yan: "The charges are not established. It is impossible to get revenge through legal means."

Spicy Rabbit Head: "I told you that you can’t use normal means to clean up the pair of mothers and daughters, and you should snatch everything about them, and then let your daddy have nothing to do."

Ye Yan: "I know! How about Huacheng TV?"

Spicy Rabbit Head: "Little master is out of the horse, there is still no one? Resume passed last week. At 10 o’clock in the morning, the Fenlin Hotel’s swimming pool area, see the director first."

Ye Yan: "Okay."

After that, Ye Yan exited WeChat, lay on the bed, and looked at the ceiling.

She has been an entertainment show host for two years abroad. At this time, she entered Huacheng, on the one hand, for work, and on the other hand, she wanted to find Ye Xuefu’s trouble.

Because Ye Xuefu is the host of Huacheng, she is recently planning an entertainment talk show.

Ye Yan wants to snatch all her resources, and it is necessary to enter Huacheng.

After thinking about it for a while, Ye Yan felt that he seemed to have forgotten something. Click on the phone and just saw a Weibo push.

[Xiao Sichen Brothers is ready to expand the scenery media]

The next second, she sat up suddenly and patted her forehead.

How did she say that face is so familiar.

It is Xiao Mochi, the CEO of Scenery Media, and the first person in the Shengguo media circle. Because of its strong business ability, he often appears on major media headlines.

The Xiao Sichen on the Qingyun Department system is the first goddess of wealth in Shengguo, and the world’s name is the person who wanted to interview.

It’s over … she must offend him today.

At the same time, the archive room of Huacheng TV Station.

Ye Xuefu held Lin Mier’s hand and smiled softly: "Who provoked us Lin Damei was angry?"

Lin Maer looked at his girlfriend, and he was anxious and said, "What should I do? Ye Yan’s resume has been in the preliminary selection, you may have to enter Huacheng TV Station!"

"What?" Ye Xuefu frowned and frowned. "Even if she was a little famous abroad, it would be impossible to enter Huacheng. Our TV station asked so strict."

"I also feel weird, but the preliminary resume, she can’t do anything. I won’t be so lucky that the dead girl is lucky?"

Lin Maer is Ye Xuefu’s brain -disabled girlfriend. In her eyes, only Ye Xuefu is true talent, and everyone else depends on luck.

Especially Ye Yan.

"Hum, after the first trial of the resume, it is not good to be lucky. She has the ability to see the director who passed the interview." Ye Xuefu looked gloomy and laughed a little insidious.

Seeing this, Lin Mier immediately asked: "Xuefu, do you think of any good way?"

Ye Xuefu hooked his lips and looked at the Patek Philippe on his wrist, smirking, like a fox, said, "

"Shao Minghui, can’t look at his face and fame, he wants the strength. Ye Yan’s two brushes can’t even get in the hotel door!"


The next day, Ye Yan went out early in the morning, but when she encountered a car accident, she hurried quickly, and finally came to the Fenlin Hotel.

As soon as she arrived at the door of the interview area, she stopped people.

Ye Xuefu was surrounded by a group, and she was talking there. She saw Ye Yan standing anxiously, and a taunt flashed in her eyes.

Ye Yan is still as stupid as before.

Looking at Ye Xuefu smiling at herself, Ye Yan’s eyes were suddenly cold, and he continued to explain to the people in front of him: "I’m really here to meet President Shao, don’t believe you in and ask?"

The heads of the personnel department looked at each other, but they were very upset.

This kind of trivial matter asked them to ask the director, isn’t it for them to recruit being scolded by the director?

"He is in charge, what are you doing?" Lin Mier received Ye Xuefu’s eyes and walked slowly, looking at the head of the personnel department with a smile.

"She said that she was here to see the director, but there was no proof of the information." He frowned, slightly helpless.

Lin Maer couldn’t help laughing, looking at Ye Yan with his head, lengthened his voice and said, "Ye Yan, Huacheng TV Tower is very formal, not all the cats and dogs can come in."

Her voice was soft, listening to a young girl.

Ye Yan did not answer her, but Ye Xuefu over there came over and looked at Ye Yan. It seemed a bit embarrassed: "Hey, Huacheng TV is not easy to enter, don’t make trouble."

When she was talking, she paused, Yu Guang glanced around, and after confirming the Shao family, he also said, "It’s not good to be a sister, and care about you less. Otherwise, you go back first. I know other TV stations.People, I will go in for you, okay? "

Having said that she also took a few cards from a small bag, "Well, take this to Mingyue TV, they look at my face, and they must collect you."

Ye Yan looked at her falsely, raised her eyes, raised her eyes, looked at Ye Xuefu quietly, and then turned around and asked the person in charge of the personnel department, "If I have a Grade Meta microphone medal, can I go in?"

Hearing this, Lin Maer laughed "” "and looked at Ye Xuefu sideways." Did you hear it? She said she had a Gram -US -Meta microphone medal. "

The Gradime Meta microphone medal is currently the most important introduction letter of the host world.

As long as you hold the medal, no TV station will refuse.

Lin Maer knew that Ye Yan was famous abroad, but she did not believe that she was born as her origin and was eligible to enter the Gramime Metan microphone selection.

Not to mention the medal

"Yes, I have it." Ye Yan smiled at his eyes and said simple.

"Well, don’t kidding. If you impersonate the fake medal, you will be hung up by Shao Tesai on the shame of the industry. Don’t want to mix in the host circle of the Shengguo in your life." Ye Xuefu said it seemed concernedEssence

She didn’t believe Ye Ye had a medal. She just wanted her to be embarrassed today, and she was never qualified to enter Huacheng TV Station.

"Xuefu, you told her this kind of useless, she is a scarce person." Lin Maer held Ye Xuefu’s arm and looked at He supervisor, "Don’t believe her, otherwise you will turn over the boat., Let Shao Director angry. "

The supervisor He looked at Ye Xuefu and Lin Moer and rubbed the temples. At present, he naturally believes in Ye Xuefu.

Mocked by them, Ye Yan couldn’t ignore them anymore, and saw her coldly in front of her, and pulled out a small box from a small bag.

The texture of the tempered glass is engraved with a golden letter. She just handed it over and said nothing.

He was going to turn around, but was attracted by the delicate small box, looking down.

The next second, he rubbed his temples, his eyes were unknown, "You go in with us."

Instantly, everything was silent.

Lin Mier’s eyes widened, and Ye Xuefu’s face was incredible.

It wasn’t until Ye Yan entered that Lin Ma’er returned to God and pulled Ye Xuefu’s hand. "She really took out the Grade US dollar microphone medal?"

Ye Xuefu gritted her teeth, clenched her fist, and lowered her eyes, and she couldn’t see the emotions in her eyes.

Chapter 6 The Face Pain does not hurt

Fenlin Hotel Swimming Pool.

Shao Minghui was sitting there, next to the gold producer Meng Liuguang.

They are good friends.

When the supervisor said that when Ye Yan was coming to the interview, Shao Minghui narrowed his eyes, and said it a little disgusted: "It’s not that the card is late, and the interview is not qualified. I will not see this person!"

His attitude is determined, and his words are full of beaks.

"But …" He wanted to say the Gradime Meta microphone medal.

But Shao Minghui said angrily: "I don’t need others to teach me what to do!"

Seeing him angry, Meng Liuguang laughed at the sound, "What kind of fierce is scared me. Since the girls are coming, you will see it and don’t suffer."

Shao Minghui glanced at Meng Liuguang, and seemed to think of something, and said coldly: "Your relationship households? Then it is even more capable. I will never let this kind of person enter my television station."

When this remark, Meng Liuguang was naturally unhappy. He stood up and grabbed Shao Minghui’s arm.

"What is my relationship is even more capable, Shao Minghui, do you want to die!" Then, Meng Liuguang gave the commander to the director, "Immediately let the girl come over!"

He didn’t dare to anger Meng Li, so he quickly went to find Ye Yan.

When Ye Yan came over, he was two men with red ears and red ears.

The two looked at Ye Yan at the same time, Meng Liuguang smiled, while Shao Minghui was disgusted.

"It’s really your eyes, there is no level at first glance." Shao Minghui did not hide the contempt in his eyes.

Meng Liuguang’s mouth was slightly drawn, and Shao Minghui’s neckline was released. He stood in front of Ye Yan, lifted his hands with both hands, and pinched his hair.

Ye Yan knew Meng Liuguang, gently nodded him, and answered: "It’s been a long time."

Seeing the two of them greeted, Shao Minghui glanced at Ye Yan up and down, and laughed: "No wonder Meng Liuguang insisted on letting me use you, her face looks so beautiful."

The implication is that Ye Yan betrayed the interview opportunity.

Ye Yan frowned.

"Shao Minghui, you shut up if you don’t speak, what is good for his face. Do you know how strong she is abroad. Her reality show has set a record of 2.5 billion in a quarter."

Meng Liuang gritted his teeth and regarded Shao Minghui as a mental retardation.

Shao Minghui did not believe in his words. He slammed Ye Yan and skimmed his lips, and it was difficult to hide his contempt. "That was false propaganda."

Meng Liuguang was really furious. He pulled Ye Yan in one hand, and his other hand was pulling Shao Minghui, bringing the two to the computer.

"Now let them retrieve the real data and let you see if it is false propaganda!" Meng Liuguang stared at Shao Minghui.

Shao Minghui was also annoyed. At a glance at Ye Yan, he said angrily: "Okay, let me see if you are so strong. If 2.5 billion is true, I will announce it in person and say you have an interview!"

"Okay, what you said!" Meng Liuguang said before Ye Yan.

Then, I saw Meng Liuguang knocking on the keyboard quickly, entering their dedicated to the data system, entering the password, and starting to search.

Find Ye Yan’s reality show before, call out the data, press Shao Minghui’s head, and said coldly: "Open your eyes, let me look carefully now!"

Shao Minghui was originally refused, but Yu Guang glanced at the data above, and his face changed.

He immediately sat up and checked himself, looking for all the records about Ye Yan in the database.

Seeing Shao Minghui’s face changed greatly, Meng Liuang snorted coldly, looked at Ye Yan, and said, "I remember Miss Ye took the Grade Meta Meta Medal and took it out to let someone open his eyes!"

Ye Yan nodded, took the medal in the bag and handed it to Shao Minghui.

Seeing the unique writing method and the glittering medal, Shao Minghui took a picture of his forehead and suddenly regretted it.

His attitude towards Ye Yan was too bad just now.

"Doesn’t face pain?" Meng Liuguang reached out, patted Shao Minghui’s face, and at the same time looked at Ye Yan, gave her a look at her, lengthening the voice and said, "Miss Ye, you are really a talent like you in Huacheng.Unfortunately, let me introduce you to other places. "

As soon as I heard this, Shao Minghui was anxious, holding Meng Liuguang’s wrist with a backhand, and quickly said with a smile: "Miss Ye Yan, right, Huacheng urgently needed you like you, join us, okay?"

"He just looked down on you, such a leader couldn’t have it!" Meng Liuguang looked at Ye Yan with a smile.

"Miss Ye, I can guarantee that you will go to our television station that will surpass Ye Xuefu!" Shao Minghui also fights.

The winner of a Grade US dollar microphone medal is unpredictable to the benefits of Huacheng, and he must not lose it.

Originally, Ye Yan was caught by Shao Minghui’s attitude and wanted to change a way, but he heard him say that he said more than Ye Xuefu.

There was a touch of light flashed in her eyes, "It’s not suspicious, I would like to join."

After Ye Yan left, Shao Minghui almost cut off Meng Liuguang’s neck. "She has a Gram -US dollar microphone medal, why don’t you tell me earlier!"

"If you come up, you will be disgusted, where can I give me a chance to say!"

"Hum, you can’t hide such talents in the future!"


Two hours later, Mingde Hospital.

Ye Yan raised her hand and knocked on the door. She came to take a blood test.

It was arranged by Tang Siqi, a girlfriend and a life -saving benefactor.

After entering Tang Siqi’s office, she saw that Tang Siqi was also drawing blood and stunned, "Why do you also take blood?"

"A little problem is not a big problem. You wait for me first." Tang Siqi said with a smile.

Ye Yan nodded, opened the chair, sat opposite her, staring at her fair arm.

Five years ago, Tang Siqi went out of the mental hospital. Without Tang Siqi, the child in her belly might not be able to keep it.

She is grateful to her and trusts her.

"Okay." Tang Siqi pressed his arms and then said to the nurse who helped her to draw blood: "Xiao Zhang, you can help me get blood first, and wait for it to take it together. She is simpler to see the blood routine."

The nurse nodded, holding a cotton swab, and helping Ye Ye to find blood vessels.

After Tang Siqi no longer bleeding, she started to make labels, one of her is Ye Yan.

Ye Yan’s blood was smoked, and Tang Siqi said to the nurse Xiao Zhang again: "You give me a glass of warm water for my girlfriend, and I will handle the label of the blood sample."

Xiao Zhang didn’t think much, turned to pour water, and Ye Yan didn’t look at the two labels.

"How about the results of the TV station interview?" Tang Siqi posted the label of Ye Yan on his own blood -like label, and laughed at Yingying’s concern.

Ye Yan raised his eyebrows and laughed: "Pass."

"That’s great, it is worth celebrating, eating and celebration, do you say good?" Tang Siqi asked, and had posted her label to Ye Yan’s blood -like, and handed it to the nurse Xiao Zhang.

"Okay, eat seafood, I treat." Ye Yan smiled.

But Tang Siqi shook his head, "No, eat with gentlemen, how can girls pay for girls."

As soon as someone was invited, Ye Yan narrowed his eyes and asked, "Did you arrange a blind date for me again?"

In the past five years, whether in China or abroad, Tang Siqi will arrange a blind date for her.

Tang Siqi’s concept is different from Ye Yan, thinking that women have to rely on it anyway, that is, they can’t marry a giants, and they should find an elite man to make themselves rich in material levels.

At the beginning, Ye Yan refused, but then Tang Siqi arranged a blind date in various ways and made a joke. She had no choice but to agree to meet, and then explained to those men in private.

Today, I mentioned that Ye Yan couldn’t cry and laugh, "Let me engage in my career first, okay?"

"The love career can be mistaken. This time I introduce you to it is definitely a big boss, which is particularly powerful. Well, you come, just come for yourself, and you need to consider it for five children. They need a dad.","

Tang Siqi re -applied his skills and spoke with the children.

Ye Yan rubbed his eyebrows and said helplessly, "Okay, I see."

"I know the best!"


At 4:50 pm, Jin Bilong Ting, the Xiao family.

The four hundred square meters of the living room whistled, and the ground moved.

One big or two stood on both sides of the coffee table on the crystal table, and the face was not good -looking.

"I said, I don’t allow it to go out!" Xiao Sichen stunned his son coldly.

Chapter 7 Is your sister?

Xiao Ziqian hugged his arms, squeezed his teeth, and his small face was stunned, like a angry little lion, "We don’t listen to you! You are a liar, a bad guy! We want to go out to find Mommy!"

"She is not your mother." Xiao Sichen looked at her daughter, and her tone was obviously more gentle than her son.

Little loli was full of ears, holding the iPad, and his face was determined that Ye Yan was her mother.

"I believe my sister! My sister won’t lie, she is not you!" Xiao Ziqian blocked in front of Little Loli and faced Xiao Sichen angrily.

A year ago, the children were entangled with Xiao Sichen for the first time and asked about her mother.Xiao Sichen did not want the children to be too obsessed to find her mother, so he pointed to the Journey to the West on the TV and said, "You are the same as him."

The two little guys believed that they were Sun Wukong and jumped out of the stone seam.

But a week ago, the president of the next door had a living day banquet at home, inviting two little guys to pass. The children laughed at them, and they also provided evidence to prove that they had mothers, but Xiao Sichen lied to them.

The two children regarded Xiao Sichen as liar for this. No matter what he said, they didn’t want to believe it.

Xiao Sichen had no patience to his son at all. He just wanted to coax his daughter.

"Yao Yao, this time Dad didn’t lie to you, that Miss Ye is not your mom." Xiao Sichen continued to try to communicate with her daughter.

But Little Loli was like a little fairy immersed in his world, blinked, as if he didn’t hear what his father said.

Xiao Sichen squeezed his brows and felt tired.

At this time, Xiao Ziqian continued to shout: "My sister won’t admit it, that is, our mummy. I now take my sister to find mommy.

When Xiao Sichen heard this, he rushed up angrily, "You dare! Do you believe me and let me call now and let Qingyun Wei hold her!"

As soon as Little Loli heard, the pupil eyes widened, thinking that Ye Yan cried at Qingyun Department and told that she was afraid of Uncle Qing Yun Wei.The shaking is the same, meaning it cannot be caught.

Xiao Sichen looked at his daughter like this, distressed and sad. The little guy he held on his heart never maintained him like this.

This sadness is a little bit distracted.

And the little loli who couldn’t wait to reply quickly, she directly thought of Ye Yan’s crying scene. As soon as she was anxious, the asthma was committed, her shoulders trembled, her little hand covered her chest, and she was almost suffocating.

"Yaoyao!" Xiao Sichen was shocked and couldn’t care about so much. He first picked up his daughter and roared at the housekeeper. "What do you do, take Miss’s medicine first!"

The housekeeper took the medicine over and took the medicine. After using the spray, the little loli fainted directly.

Xiao Sichen had no choice but to take her daughter to the hospital first.

Two hours later.

In the VIP ward of Mingde Hospital, the sound of Little Loli throwing things at the VIP ward of Mingde Hospital was thrown.

Xiao Sichen stood there with the doctor and nurse. There was no way to say, Little Loli just didn’t take medicine.

Lan Fengjin, wearing a white coat, pushed in the door and came to Xiao Sichen. "Ah Chen, otherwise you invite Miss Ye to come and let her advise Yao Yao?Well, heart disease requires heart medicine, we are deadlocked with her, there is always a way. "

Xiao Sichen looked at her daughter and frowned. Yeah, the child was extremely character. If there was no one she had identified, they would press her there today, and don’t want to feed it in the medicine.

"Okay. I’ll go!" Xiao Sichen finally agreed.

When Little Loli heard Xiao Sichen said, her eyes were shining, and her face was full of expectations. The small appearance was cute, as if the runaway was not her.

Xiao Sichen looked at her daughter, her eyes were gentle, but her face was full of helplessness.


After returning from the hospital, Ye Yan took five baby to the zoo, and then went to the market to buy mutton, seafood, and various vegetables.

They want to eat a rich celebration.

Of course, it was not her, but still five little babies.

She is the handle of the dark cooking industry. The sons no longer eat the strange things she made from the age of three.They learned their own talents and had completely grasped her stomach.

After dinner, Ye Yan returned to the room to take a bath, and explained that the children should not go out casually.

It didn’t take long for the doorbell to sound.

Ye Xingchen looked at Ye Xingying, "Scan first."

Ye Xingying turned on his small computer, entered a system, and pressed "OK" safely.

Two minutes later, Ye Xingying said: "Xiao Sichen, the first god of wealth in Shengguo, safe."

Ye Xingchen nodded, and then opened the door.

Xiao Sichen was wearing a black suit, and the white shirt was stuck on his body, but there was water stains on the neckline.

Ye Xingchen looked at him carefully, and then showed an extremely elegant smile, like a mature gentleman, "Who are you looking for?"

Xiao Sichen was also observing Ye Xingchen. When he saw the child’s four or five years old, he thought of Ye Yan’s age, and he took it for granted to the ranks of his brother.

"Is your sister there?" Xiao Sichen asked.

"Sister?" Ye Xingchen stretched his voice and laughed. Although his mother was twenty -three years old, he looked like a eighteen -year -old girl.It is also normal.

This man surrounded them with a bodyguard yesterday. The enemy and friends did not discern. For the sake of safety, he walked along his words.

"Yes, she’s. Are you looking for her?" Ye Xingchen smiled, and his face was extremely delicate against the moonlight.

Such a face was like the sun, and the bottom of Xiao Sichen’s heart made him feel so much better.

"I need her help so that it is convenient for me to go in? This is my certificate." Xiao Sichen’s voice was softer than just now. He was afraid that the child would not believe in himself, and he took out his ID card.

Ye Xingchen looked at the numbers on the ID card seriously and nodded: "Okay, you come in with me."

Then, Xiao Sichen was brought into the villa by Ye Xingchen. When he saw the remaining four little guys, he had a moment of loss. These four children were so perfect, especially wearing small black shirts, temperament and facial features.There is a similar similarity to him.

"This gentleman came to find his sister." Ye Xingchen spoke first.

The four little guys heard their words and looked at my brother at the same time, and reacted at the same time after two seconds.

"Sister is taking a bath, sir … want … wait a moment … one …." The five treasures Ye Xingyu blushed with a small face and spoke a little bit stuttered, "You … you … drink water …?Help you pour. "

The child’s stuttering look is very distressing. Xiao Sichen looked at him and thought of the poor little daughter, and his brows were twisted into a ball.

"Baby, who are you talking to?"

Chapter 8 Maybe you are handsome?

The door of the master bedroom opened, Ye Yan came out of the inside. She was wearing a white nighttime nightdress, her hair was wet on her shoulders, and a pair of apricot eyes were lingering with a faint mist, tenderness like water.Againing the soul.

When she stood on the second floor, her eyes fell on Xiao Sichen, and she had such a second of stun, and then covered her head, "Sorry … wait for me!"

The next step was to make a sound. When the white door was closed, Ye Yan had drilled into the room.

Xiao Sichen looked at her operation, her eyebrows raised up, and her deep eyes faintly flashed in her deep eyes.

"Sir … drink water." Five treasure Ye Xingyu came over with a glass of water, and his cheeks were light red because of shyness.

Xiao Sichen took the water and said softly, "Thank you."

These two words made Wuzao’s little face flushed. He pursed his lips, "No, polite."

After speaking, he walked towards Erbao Ye Xingsheng, standing behind Erbao, like a kitten.

Erbao held his hand, although it was expressionless, but his eyes were gentle.

"My brother likes you." Ye Xingchen looked at Xiao Sichen and said without concealment.

Although their youngest younger brother is introverted, he will not easily like a person. What he likes can basically be friends with them.

"This is my honor." Xiao Sichen glanced at the five treasures.

The little guy’s face was redder.

The other four babies have different expressions on their faces, but they all understand that the five treasures like Xiao Sichen very much.

"Cough … Mr. Xiao, why did you come to my house?" Ye Yan changed into a set of sportswear this time, cherry blossom powder, and even more she was young.

Xiao Sichen looked at her, a pair of deep pupils like ancient wells, "Yao Yao is sick, you need you to help."

"What?" Ye Yan heard it, anxious, and stepped down the meteor and asked eagerly, "How can it be sick? Is it serious?"

"It is asthma. She does not cooperate with the medicine, and needs Miss Ye to help." Xiao Sichen’s face was embarrassed, as if he had been irritable for a long time.

When it is related to Little Loli, Ye Yan will not refuse. She directly asked: "What do I need to do?"

Xiao Sichen looked out of the window, his eyes dignified, "Miss Ye went to the hospital with me, okay?"

After listening to Xiao Sichen’s words, Ye Yan went directly to pick up the bag and the mobile phone, "Go, I’ll go now."

Xiao Sichen looked slightly loose, "Thank you."

"You’re welcome, I also like that child very much." Ye Yan said, looking at his eldest son, rubbing his little head, "I didn’t go out before I came back, and I didn’t allow it to open the door for outsiders. Do you understand?"

"Understand!" Ye Xingchen nodded.

After Ye Yan followed Xiao Sichen out, Sanbao Ye Xinglan recovered the evil charm. He held the five treasures’s face and smiled, "Do you like him very much?"

"Well, it is exactly the same as my dad I expected." Wu Treasure answered, and at the same time looked at the Erbao Ye Xingsheng, "He is like the second brother."

"It’s really similar." Ye Xinglan nodded, in fact he also liked Xiao Sichen a little bit.

"Brother, investigate." Ye Xingying made a voice and was concise, but everyone knew what it meant.

They all want such men to be dad.

Xiao Sichen drove himself, but there were five bodyguards behind his car. Ye Yan interviewed various giants abroad. It was no strange to see it.

After the car was started, the neon lights on the side of the road hit in and fell on Xiao Sichen’s ice sculpture face, and gave birth to a strange gorgeous.

Ye Yan couldn’t help but look a little lost.

Xiao Sichen’s Yu Guang glanced at her expression and converged some cold and murderous breath, and said, "Xiao Jinyao was self -closed since she was a child, and it was difficult to contact outsiders. Miss Ye was her only trust."

Ye Yan frowned. She thought that Little Loli couldn’t speak. Now it sounds like she can’t say it, but she doesn’t want to say autism.

Children with autism are even more distressing.

"I hope Miss Ye can enlighten her and explain clearly that you are not her mother." Xiao Sichen said.

Ye Yan nodded, "This should be, I must explain it clearly. But … can I ask? Do I ask? Where is the child’s mother now? Such an older child has a biological mother, which will be much better."

"The child’s mother …" Xiao Sichen looked ahead, paused, and said without concealment: "I am doing parent -child identification."

The other party is unwilling to mention more, and Ye Yan will naturally not ask.

The top giants are always the secrets that outsiders cannot explore, not what she should explore.

Both of them suddenly didn’t speak, and the atmosphere in the car looked a little strange.

Ye Yan looked at Xiao Sichen, and his mind flashed his information like a movie, and he rose up in awe of the man.

When she was entering God, there was a sudden light on the left side. She looked at it, and it turned out to be the light from the headlights of the car.

Now the speed of their car is already fast, that car …

It was completely out of instinct. Ye Yan flung to Xiao Sichen, and shouted at the same time, "Mr. Xiao, be careful!"

The body was hit, and a loud noise was made. At the same time, a strong force struck, and the buzz could not stop in Ye Yan’s ear …

After a few minutes, the shaking disappeared, and the ticking sound came from the car.

Ye Yan was in the arms of Xiao Sichen, holding the airbag on his body. There was no problem except his wrist.

"Fortunately, your car is sturdy enough." Ye Yan said fortunately.

And Xiao Sichen hugged Ye Yan, sniffing the faint aroma on her body, thinking about just now.

The car was in his direction, and the obvious goal was him.But Ye Yan, who was the co -pilot, even rushed to him in an instant, trying to cover him with his body.

"Why save me?" Xiao Sichen’s voice was dull, and a light of unknown light hidden in his eyes.

He knew that he was stupid, but he couldn’t help it. He wanted to hear the girl’s answer.

"Maybe you are handsome?" Ye Yan moved slowly, away from Xiao Sichen’s arms, and his fair face was a little playful.

Ask her why she saved?She didn’t know the reason herself.

But I ca n’t say instincts. People are the big BOSS of the highway, and she will definitely think that she has some ideas.

"Really?" Xiao Sichen looked at her, just to say something, the bodyguard over there had come over.

After the door opened, Xiao Sichen was rescued first, and then Ye Yan.

A bodyguard accidentally touched Ye Yan’s sprained wrist. She couldn’t help frowning and made a lightsing.

I didn’t notice other people, but Xiao Sichen saw it. He didn’t say more, but just kept it in his heart silently.

Next, Ye Yan and Xiao Sichen changed a car, and several bodyguards stayed to deal with the follow -up accident.

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