An Yixuan announced the news of pregnancy, Zhao Liying’s split stalk was swiped by netizens

An Yixuan announced the news of pregnancy, Zhao Liying’s split stalk was swiped by netizens

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Guimin likes to watch the star gossip, so even if the stars do not have gossip, they must make some gossip.For example, older singles will always be caught in scandal and will be constantly married.The married star is pregnancy and derailment in marriage, so all the women are loose, be careful when walking, and the man will be questioned.However, in the face of pregnancy, those who are not pregnant will publicly deny it. Even if you are really pregnant, you will not respond, and you will announce it at a certain time.It is also the freedom of the celebrity, but since Zhao Liying announced her pregnancy to having a child, a stalk from her: split.

The reason was that when Zhao Liying was pregnant at that time, Zhao Liying said to a fork in order to deny pregnancy: it turned out that Zhao Liying was really pregnant at that time, and she may not want to fall in the marriage of Fengzi at that time, so she responded so much.In the future, I said that melon people should have a bad belly.In fact, Zhao Liying has no relationship with anyone who is not pregnant with anyone, but she still depends on the trust of the celebrities.In short, Zhao Liying also lost a lot of passers -by.

On the 15th, An Yixuan, who had been married for two years, promoted her pregnancy online: the little Ding Dang couple, the marriage registration is full.Celebrate!Come here [upgraded version ~] ~ transformed ~ plucking hemp, since then … our world has one more you.Looking at An Yixuan’s announcement, netizens started to use Zhao Liying’s split screen: blessings, what do you like the most?EssenceUnlike some people.EssenceObviously.EssenceI also split a fork to deny it, look at others, how good it is to expose it ~ We will also bless it.

However, Zhao Liying’s fans have to maintain her all kinds of maintenance: Do you not know that some places can not say in the first three months?Everyone’s thoughts are different. People don’t want to say what happened?Are you a relative of her family?Do people report to the masses?If you have denied too much, why don’t you say others?Netizens know that Zhao Liying fans protect the Lord: ZLY fans will always be those words, what do you do, how do people tell you?It just didn’t look at her love beans lying, watching the fans’ silly hands tearing "rumors" to say that she was pregnant.I can lies without saying private affairs.Any actress will not cause such a big controversy. Do you dare to say that your love beans are okay?

Zhao Liying’s "splitting" stalk has begun to become popular. The latest "Happy Comedy" Jia Bing and Da Pan’s sketch said that the split stalks were said.Fans are still in all kinds of persistence: splitting is denying, this is your own guess, Zhao Liying said nothing, what is black here?Don’t bring Liying?Don’t attack such a life, An Yixuan does not want to get on Yingbao again. She doesn’t admit it, but there may be some local customs. Why is she so dark?

Or Zhao Liying denies that there is her truth, and fans can understand that the Lord is also understood, but as a public figure, there is no problem?After all, it is a living child: it will definitely be born in full moon. Since it is already pregnant, it does not deny that it does not deny that it is okay.Just like Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong: Liu Shishi’s pregnancy was also passed on pregnancy a few months before, but Liu Shishi Wu Qilong had never responded, and Liu Shishi didn’t respond to splitting.When Wu Qilong announced that Liu Shishi was pregnant, he was still blessed by many people.

Giving birth to a child is a happy event in life.Now that many celebrities, Fengzi, is still being married as a double joy. Is it fun to be ridiculed because of having a child?However, it is a little embarrassing to An Yixuan: Originally, the comments of netizens began to be offset. Passers -by and netizens in the battlefield of each other in the comment area. An Yixuan should not want to see it?

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