Angel who has not come to the world: a real story of a pregnant mother

Breeding a new life is a difficult and long process!In addition to being happy and happy, it is more that the hard work and difficulty of pregnancy, whether it is psychologically or physical.Pregnancy vomiting, back pain, constipation, edema, and so on.These discomforts have already had a headache for pregnant mothers. However, the most headache is another situation: some little angels will be lost on the way to find her mother.They are -mothers who induce labor.

This topic is a bit heavy.Whenever it comes to this special group, I always can’t help but tighten.

There are various reasons to be hospitalized and induced labor: I do n’t want accidental pregnancy, I accidentally drink alcohol, NT abnormalities, abnormal genes, fetal deformities, and so on.


This is the true story of a pregnant mother.

That day, I was at work, and I suddenly took a clinic for induction of labor. When I saw the doctor’s hospital certificate, "G1P0 35 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal death palace" was stunned … in the signature session,Every mother who is going to be given to be given to sign the "Safety and Knowing Consent for Newborn". When she arrived, I quietly took off this consent form.Turnoma for amniotic fluid and so on.

After all kinds of inspections are done, it is entering the induction of labor.Before entering the B -ultrasound, Fanno quoted the needle, and she asked me: "Does the needle hurt?".I was afraid of scaring the 26 -year -old girl and cheered her, "It’s okay, your husband is going to accompany you, and soon it is fine." After that, she went, with a trace of unknown and fear … I was in the wardWaiting for her to come back. After half an hour, she returned and looked at her smiley expression. I knew that she must have experienced the hard work I didn’t know.

The next step is to eat rice non -ketone tablets every day to induce contractions. The next day, she seizes it. The contraction is very frequent.I screamed, I held her hand beside her bed, talked to her, and taught her to breathe correctly. She cooperated.On the third day, when I went to work at night, when she went to see her, she just fell asleep. I silently quit the ward and didn’t call her.Later, listening to her colleagues, she said that she had experienced some difficulties yesterday. Although her contractions were frequent, the platform period was short. Later, the doctor opened Du Lengding to coordinate the contraction.After waiting for a long time, the internal inspection was only one centimeter.But she really felt painful, so she went to the operating room to "painless delivery" again, and now she just fell asleep.After waiting for more than an hour, she was awakened by contraction and said that I felt like I wanted to stool. I immediately prepared the items and gave her an internal inspection. This time it was very smooth.EssenceI sent her to the birth of the house for delivery.

After more than an hour into the production room, her mouth was fully opened and prepared to produce. I put on a sterile clothes and refueling her next to her. When the fetus gave birth, the umbilical cord connected to the fetus was spiral, blue -purple, entangled in wrapping, wrapped aroundOn the fetus.I asked her, do you and your family want to see?Her eyes were moist and said, "Don’t look."After the delivery was completed, after the observation period, she returned to the ward with her husband, her face was pale and she had no spirit.I explained some of the precautions for induction of labor in the ward: postpartum recovery, diet and activity, recovery, contraception, B -ultrasound with the uterine recovery of the uterus and so on.After I finished speaking, she exited the ward, and she couldn’t help it anymore, holding her husband and crying.I didn’t stop her crying. I know that her emotions need to vent for so many days …

On the fourth day, when I went to see her, she was obviously much better, and she greeted me with a smile.What I didn’t expect was that her milk was short. Although she was drinking malt water, she was already a little bit milk.After communicating with our international lactation consultant, she suggested that drinking less milk soup can wear breastfeeding underwear to hold breasts to reduce discomfort, cold breasts, and so on.

On the fifth day, she reviewed the B -ultrasound, and the uterine contracted was very good.She was ready to be discharged. She said, thank you very much for your companionship and encouragement these days. I pulled her up with her. She continued to say, "I felt that the baby didn’t move much in the past two days. I thought he was lazy.One day, I was not assured, I thought I still came to the hospital to see it. "Then, there was a rosy at the corner of her eyes. I hugged her and" go back and raise her body. "On her" discharge missionary list ", IWrite such a sentence: Looking forward to the next "good" arrival.When she returned home, she turned to me a big smile, that was the most comfortable smile I saw on her face in the past few days!


In October, the baby has different changes and growth every day. The pregnant mother must remember to check the regular inspection on a regular basis and count the fetal movement at home. Because the mother and the baby are connected, the mother is the one who can perceive the baby’s situation.Essence


If the doctor does not recommend that you cannot continue your pregnancy, you need to pay attention to the following aspects after induction: 1. Return to milk: you can use raw malt or return milk and soak in water.If there is an increase in milk, you can use cold compresses to reduce milk secretion, but if you have become "stone milk", you need to seek the help of international lactation consultants. You can dredge the milk first and reduce the damage to the breast.2. Pay attention to how much uterine contraction and lochia.3. Pay attention to rest and avoid heavy physical activity.4 contraception and next pregnancy.It is best to get pregnant after 6-12 months.Premature pregnancy endometrium has no "rest".

At the end

Every baby has to experience the hardships before coming to the mother’s side. Therefore, treat those "beautiful" that has not arrived, whether it is an accident or arrangement!

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