Another dregs man

The last princess of the princess, the emperor and nobleman, derailed and splitted, and brought a small third to the child.EssenceEssence

So many magical words can actually appear on a person, I do n’t think of it!

That’s right, I am talking about today’s actor, Zhang Chao.

You read it right, that is, the one in "Love Apartment", the one in "Prince of Tennis", and "Come on!The one in the good man ".

There are so many surnames of the same name. The scum is the first one, and there are scum, you listen to me slowly.

At more than two o’clock in the morning yesterday, a netizen named "Kuge" said on Weibo that he would send a big melon.

Because there were not many people who knew her, everyone didn’t care about what the specific melon was, so that after she broke out the melon this morning, she was slowly noticed until the afternoon.

After finishing the material in her hand, I had a new understanding of Zhang Chao.

Let me give you a little bit.

This girl named Kage exploded Zhang Chao’s material. At the beginning, she said that she and Zhang Chao were with Zhang Chao for more than a year, and he had always trusted him in this year.

Zhang Chao also performed very much in this relationship. He told Kuge many times "I want to marry you" many times.

Unfortunately, the lie is beautiful, and the reality is cruel. Zhang Chao said that he wanted to marry her, but his body had been doing something unbelievable with other girls.

After the discovery of Zhang Chao’s signs of derailment, Cape carefully sorted it out. This was organized and sorted out a list.

It turned out that Zhang Chao had derailed three people in total, namely Jin Chen, Deng Yuli and Ali.(At present, who hasn’t been picked up yet)

I won’t say Jin Chen. Everyone is familiar with this name, that is, the Jin Chen you think.

A long time ago, Jin Chen was taken by photos of eating with Zhang Chao. At that time, the media also said that they were "hand -held":

Although Jin Chen denied it at that time, the parties broke out again now. I think it is not very credible.

Unless they are really not in love, but the relationship between "friends", this denial of love is a bit credible.

As for this Deng Yuli, you should not remember to see the name, but do you look at the photos?

Yes, you read that right, that is, Song Qiqi in Zhang Chao’s "Exclusive Memory".

According to Kuge’s breaking news, during Valentine’s Day, Zhang Chao bought two buns of roses, one bouquet for himself, and the other was to Deng Yuli.

Speaking, I turned over Deng Yuli’s Weibo.

On the day of her Valentine’s Day, a rose expression was really sent:

In her Weibo, there is also a Weibo of "Mosquito Blood and Cinnabar Moles" posted last year.

Some people may say that it is related to "Exclusive Memory". After all, in "Exclusive Memory", she plays a primary three who knows that the other party is a woman and will destroy other people’s feelings.

But "Exclusive Memory" is already a matter of 2018. No one will promote themselves after a year?

Rather than lamenting the plot, it is better to say that her phrase "gives herself a statement" is closer to the emotional state in her life.

What is more interesting is that after Kuge said that after breaking through Zhang Chao and Deng Yuli, Deng Yuli’s report was: I don’t mind your existence, and you don’t mind my existence.

My three views are cracked!IntersectionIntersectionIn the past, people said that the villain recruited people because of good acting skills. Now it seems that it is very likely because of her original appearance!

After that, Kuge then broke the news and exposed a lot of chat records with Zhang Chao.

And two very important points: Zhang Chao asked girls to take three emergency contraceptives in half a year; a abortion charging bill.

Let’s take a little bit, although this one does not make it clear about who has taken three emergency contraceptives, but I guess it should be Kogh himself.

After all, Zhang Chao will definitely not admit that he has asked Deng Yuli to take medicine. It is impossible to know so clearly.

And there is a chat history in Kuge, Zhang Chao asked the relevant questions:

At that time, the girl aunt was delayed, and Zhang Chao was a little panicked. From this, Zhang Chao asked the woman to take medicine instead of wearing a suit.

But later, after the two broke up, the woman came to her aunt.

These two people are still on your own on February 14th, and it is a matter of March to break up.

But now that the woman has come to the aunt, this abortion fee on March 6 must be someone else.

Soon, Kage revealed the mystery.

This abortion notice is someone else, and Zhang Chao took the other party himself!

But I looked at it one by one, and it seemed to be pregnant?IntersectionIntersection

Otherwise, how can I say the words "I don’t want to get a fetus".EssenceEssence

In short, from the current point of view, the hammer given by Kuge is not very hard.

Although she posted a screen record, confirmed that the person appearing in the chat history was Zhang Chao:

But Zhang Chao is really too smart. From the chat history, he has been trying to communicate with Coolge with WeChat voice.

Occasionally, text, there are also some things that have nothing to do with itching:

The benefit of doing so is that even if the chat history is really exposed one day, he has never said anything that can be left by the screenshot (how much the brother is so practicing …).

Is this scum?What is even more scum is that Zhang Chao also threatened to overcame the cool grid and said that she would splash sulfuric acid at her:

And Deng Yuli, who once said "I don’t mind you, don’t mind me," in person, and also abused friends who had insulted Kuge:

Until now, the news of Kage has stopped, and Zhang Chao, Deng Yuli and Jin Chen also responded separately, but their responses were speechless than one.

The first is Jin Chen. Her response is that this is nothing to do, saying that she has been buckled with shit.

But sister, the two of you have been photographed for the first time!

Every time I said it was filming and cooperation, and this sister’s scandal was very many, I always felt that this reason was not so convinced.EssenceEssence

Deng Yuli’s response was "no response."

emmm.EssenceEssenceAt least it should be deducted from such a large shit basin?

As for Zhang Chao’s response, we did have been together, but I did not derail.

Well, you personally admit that the relationship is true, how many fakes can the woman expose?EssenceEssence

Speaking of Zhang Chao, Zhang Chao is also really fascinated. He has long been a long time ago that he has marketing himself as the descendant of the last emperor Puyi.

But you seem to have a wrong marketing.EssenceEssencePu Yi has no children. Even if your grandmother is a princess, you are the descendants of the princess after remarriage, and you have a relationship with Pu Yi!

And the history of Chazha knows that Pu Yi has a queen, a princess, and two nobles.

Among them, Queen Wan Rong died in 1964 and gave birth to a daughter, but died.

Another concubine is not a yellow flag, but a yellow flag man:

The nobles of the two nobles died at the age of 22 and had no children:

The rest are only one of the blessings Li Yuqin. In most of Zhang Chao’s draft, the most concubine mentioned is Li Yuqin.

But the problem is that Li Yuqin is a Han!After divorcing Pu Yi, I have always lived in the Changchun area, and this is not Zheng Huangqi!

Although Pu Yi has a wife, but because the Qing Dynasty had been abolished at the time, why not be a princess?

Moreover, the wife was from Hangzhou when she was a child. She lost her parents since she was a child.

So the question is, Zhang Chao, the grandmother in your mouth, who is the last princess?

If you have the history that you don’t know what you don’t know, you can say it.

Although the descendants of the last emperor Pu Yi had some intentional speculation, Zhang Chao’s house was indeed rich.

I participated in "Come on!When the good man ", on the day of the elimination, the Cartier in his hand was sent to Jing Bairan.

But maybe because the family is more prominent?Since his debut, Zhang Chao has a lot of scandals.

The most famous one is with Lou Yixiao.

At that time, Zhang Chao would go to "Love Apartment", which was recommended by Lou Yixiao.

The relationship between the two people also came to the point of talking about marriage.

As for why I broke up, I guess it may also be related to derailment?

The specific breakup date of Lou Yixiao and Zhang Chao was not made public, but after the end of Zhang Chao and Lou Yixiao, they immediately dated a girl named Milu.

Moreover, this Milu was the girlfriend of Jiang Chao, a player of "Happy Boys" at the time.EssenceEssence

Yes, this is the Jiang Chao:

I do n’t know anything else, but so far, Zhang Chao ’s private life is chaotic, and his lies are basically hammer.EssenceEssence

Don’t say that any public figures can’t speak. Since you want to prove that you are innocent, you can take out the evidence to hammer the cool grid, and a lightly written Weibo.Rescue in the series of negative news in tires+editors.

Daqing died!

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