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Can pregnant mothers go to the hospital in the near future for a birth checkup?

Haikou, Hainan Daily, February 4th (Reporter Ma Ke) On February 4th, the fourth press conference of "New Coronary Virus Infection Pneumonia Prevention Prevention and Control Work" was held in Haikou.The press conference invited Guan Hongqiong, director of the obstetric department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College, introduced the knowledge related to the prevention and control of the maternal epidemic and answered questions from reporters.

Some pregnant maternal examinations can be delayed appropriately

During the epidemic, can pregnant women go to the hospital for medical examination? If you go to the hospital for a birth check, what should you pay attention to?

Guan Hongqiong suggested that pregnant women must obey the doctor’s advice for delivery.During the epidemic, if there are no special circumstances in the early stages of pregnant women in the early pregnancy, the birth check can be postponed appropriately.For NT and ultrasonic abnormalities, it is recommended to check in the appointment time; there are also examinations related to the gestational week, such as Tang Si and sugar, it is best not to miss it.

Pregnant women who have more than 28 weeks of pregnancy have high risk factors. For example, some pregnant women have pregnancy complications and need to be strictly in accordance with the regular production examination.Pregnant women with uncomfortable symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, vaginal flow, and abdominal pain should be diagnosed at any time.

Guan Hongqiong said that pregnant women are high -risk groups of virus infection. Many pregnant mothers are beginning to worry about whether they will infected with new coronary viruses due to normal birth checks.In fact, in order to ensure the safety of mothers, hospitals at all levels have formulated a series of prevention and control measures.

The prevention and control of pregnant women themselves is also very important. Pregnant women who must go to the hospital for check -up, the transportation must choose to drive themselves as much as possible. When you go to the hospital, you must wear a mask.If pregnant women have fever, especially with clinical manifestations such as cough, fatigue, dyspnea, and chest tightness, there will be a history of contact area or confirmed cases within 14 days.Essence

It is hoped that pregnant women must cooperate with doctors to conduct physical temperature screening when they come to the hospital, receive diagnosis of epidemics, and obey the doctor’s advice.At the same time, I hope that pregnant women do not touch their mouths, eyes, nose, etc. without the premise of washing their hands.

Do not rule out the possibility of vertical transmission of maternal tires

Can the maternal maternal diagnosis be treated for special treatment? If the diagnosis can continue pregnancy, will the mother and baby spread? Does the treatment of pneumonia in the new coronary virus infection affect the fetus?

Guan Hongqiong explained that in accordance with the relevant requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work plan, for maternal women who are suspected and confirmed, we will designate some designated medical institutions with strong comprehensive treatment capabilities of obstetrics and neonatal mini department for centralized treatment to ensure the safety of maternal and infants.

Do youth diagnosis of pregnant women can continue to be pregnant? Doctors will comprehensively comprehensively patients, including gestational weeks and severity of the disease, and give reasonable suggestions for pregnant women.

The problem of maternal and infant transmission has not enough data to determine whether the new coronary virus is infected with whether pregnant women have vertical transmission.At the same time, no cases of newborn infection with new coronary viruses were not found, but the possibility of vertical transmission of maternal tires cannot be ruled out.

The fetus is in the stage of development, and the development of each organs is not perfect. Especially in the early pregnancy, the treatment of antiviral drugs has the risk of hindering the growth and development of the fetus, but the doctor will choose the medication after weighing the advantages and disadvantages.At the same time, everyone should pay attention that those with new coronary virus infections are often accompanied by fever.Previous information shows that early pregnancy fever can cause structural malformations of the fetal organs and can also cause abortion.

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