Are you still worried about using progesterone?

In the outpatient clinic, many female friends have menstrual disorders. When doctors use progesterone to adjust menstruation for them, many women are very worried, "Will the use of hormones make me fat? Will it add addicted?It happens to be World Contradicance Day, let’s take a look together.

Are you afraid of replenishing progesterone?

Speaking of hormones, many people often talk about color change, because everyone thinks that hormones can cause weight gain and bring side effects.But everyone thinks that the hormones in our minds are actually adrenal hormones commonly used in the past, such as dexamethasone, strong pine, etc. These hormones can indeed lead to weight gain, leading to osteoporosis and femoral head necrosis.However, there are more than 200 kinds of hormones in the human body. They are made and secreted by the human body, such as thyroxine, calcium calcium, female hormones, growth hormones, insulin, prostaglandin, etc., and we are used to regulate menstruation.The hormones are estrogen and progesterone.If a woman wants to menstrual law, these two hormones must be coordinated. If an ovulation is abnormal due to some reason, progesterone will be lacking. Pestrains can be called the "umbrella" of the uterus.Menstrual disorders, such as frequent menstruation, scarcity of menstruation, bleeding, less menstrual flow, and more menstrual passage, etc., will eventually cause endometrial cancer!

How is estrogen hormone generated?

First of all, to understand the process of menstrual formation. Everyone generally believes that uterine bleeding is menstruation, but the medical menstruation is actually the entire process of follicle development.There are many follicles in the ovaries, and a group of follicles are raised every month, but usually only one follicles can develop and mature, and the rest of the follicles are lock -up.As the follicles gradually increase, the estrogen is continuously secreted. When the follicles grow to a certain size, they will rupture and discharge the eggs. After ovulation, a large amount of progesterone will occur.It can be seen that there is ovulation and estrogen and progesterone can coordinate the secretion to form normal menstruation.If you have sex before and after ovulation, you are likely to conceive, and you will not have menstruation after pregnancy; if you do not conceive, menstruation will arrive as scheduled.

Some women have some ovulation disorders, such as: polycystic ovary syndrome, decreased ovarian reserve function, menstrual period (adolescence) from scratch, menstruation from no stage (menopause), these diseases and time periods oftenMenstrual disorders will occur. After related examinations, after eliminating other organic lesions (such as endometrial polyps, adenomy muscle disease, uterine fibroids, endometrial disease, and blood system diseases, etc.), consider that there is no ovulationLack of progesterone.

What kind of menstruation is normal?

There are 4 elements in normal menstruation:

1. Menstrual cycle frequency: The normal menstrual frequency is 21 ~ 35 days, less than 21 days for menstrual frequency, and more than 35 days is scarcity of menstruation.

2. Code of menstrual cycle: The number of days of adjacent menstrual cycles does not exceed 7 days.

3. Menstrual length: The normal menstrual period should be 3 to 7 days.

4. Meridity bleeding: normal menstrual flow is 5 ~ 80ml, less than 5ml is called less moon, and more than 80ml is called Moon.

As long as the menstruation is not in the above range, it can be called abnormal menstruation, or it is more accurate as irregular bleeding.As long as the menstruation is abnormal, you must pay attention to it. Go to the hospital for examination in time.

How to correctly replenish progesterone?

There are two main types of progesterone: synthetic progesterone, natural progesterone.Synthetic progesterone, such as sodus, pine hydroxypeculitone, hydrolytic progesterone, and elegance components in various compound short -acting contraceptives; natural progesterone has luteum injection, luteum capsule, luteum glue pill,There is also a progesterone closest to natural progesterone -ground flexion progesterone.Generally speaking, synthetic hyperemia has high efficiency and good hemostatic effect. However, in addition to the activity of progesterone, there are alsorogen or glucocorticoid activity, long -term use may increase metabolic diseases or lead to weight gain. Therefore, it is often used for acute.Bleeding patients.If you need to adjust the menstrual cycle for a long time, natural progesterone or ground flexion is generally selected. These drugs will not cause fatter and will not aggravate metabolic diseases. It is relatively safe when used.

When the doctor is based on the condition, it is recommended that when you use progesterone, don’t be uneasy because of the word "hormone". Only by correctly understanding progesterone can you stay away from the harm and reach out to welcome your health!

This article was scientifically controlled by Guo Shuzhen, chief physician of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University.

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