As long as you master the water temperature, exercise and methods, swimming has many benefits for pregnant mothers

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It is said that the most hot weather is air conditioning, watermelon and WiFi.With these satisfaction, life seems to be much better.

But at noon, my girlfriend Lin Lin called me in a hurry, saying that she was going to die by her husband.

I am strange that Lin Lin has been in the second child for more than five months, but she is a "national treasure" -class baby at home; which one dares to mess with her?

Lin Lin replied that this hot day, she wanted to go to the community swimming pool to swim to swim, but she just didn’t let her go; what pregnant women can’t swim, and how can pregnant women swim?What if you hurt your baby?Her mother -in -law also followed strongly. She was speechless. I had to hurry up to "sweep the blind" to her husband.

In the past, pregnant women did rarely swim, but in fact, as long as they master water temperature, exercise and swimming methods, swimming has many benefits for pregnant women.

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1. The heavy pregnancy uterus is supported by water buoyancy, which can reduce the burden on the lumbar muscles and back muscles supporting the pregnancy uterus, thereby relieve or eliminate the symptoms of low back pain often during pregnancy.

2. It can reduce the pressure of the baby’s rectum, and promote the return of blood in the pelvis, eliminate blood stasis, and help prevent constipation, lower limb swelling, and varicose veins.

3. Increase the lung volume and allow pregnant mothers to hold their breath for a long time during childbirth to shorten the output.

4. Frequent swimming can gradually consume excess calories in the body, thereby preventing pregnancy poisoning.

5. The changes in the posture of pregnant mothers in the water are conducive to correcting the fetal position and promoting the delivery.

6. During swimming, the whole body muscles participate in the activity; coupled with the "massage" of water on the skin blood vessels, it can promote the vigorous blood circulation, which not only enhances the physique of pregnant mothers, but also helps the baby’s development.

7. Swimming can also benefit the benefits of the sunbathing.The ultraviolet rays in the sun not only have a bactericidal effect, but also transform the subcutaneous dehydrogenation cholesterol into vitamin D3. This vitamin can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which is conducive to fetal bone development.

8. It can improve emotions, reduce pregnancy reactions, reduce headaches during pregnancy, and also have a good impact on the development of fetal nervous system.

9. Frequent swimming can also help pregnant mothers to maintain a bodybuilding, especially for the recovery of the body shape after delivery.

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1. It is best to keep the water temperature at about 30 (85T). On the one hand, at this kind of water temperature, muscles are not easy to cramp and are not easy to fatigue. On the other handStepping.

If the water temperature is below 28, the uterus will be nervous, which may cause premature or abortion.

2. When swimming, choose the time that the uterus is not easy to be nervous (10 am to 2 pm). If the water temperature is too high, it will feel tired.

3. Not every pregnant mother can swim or swim anywhere.Before launching, you must first measure blood pressure and pulse, and do various examinations.Qualified people can swim under the conditions of water temperature 29-31 and have special coaches.

4. Pregnant mothers should choose the correct and reasonable time for swimming exercises.

5. Moms in the early and third trimester of pregnancy, it is best to consult relevant professionals before swimming before making decisions.

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So for pregnant mothers to go swimming, the prospective father does not have to be nervous.As long as the pregnant mother’s state is very good, do the relevant safety protection work by themselves.

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