As soon as you got married, his wife was pregnant with someone else’s child. The male tenant was caught again when he was almost 50 years old.

Beautiful (pseudonym) worked at the night before, and soon after marriage, she was pregnant with other people’s children.Now I’m almost 50 years old, derailed again, or their own tenants.

Beauty has been married to her husband for more than 20 years. Although she is still divorced with her husband, she still lives in her husband’s 800 -square -meter house.

She did not leave because when the house was built, she paid 80,000 yuan.Now she is divorced, and she feels that she is going to half of the house ownership.

In order to let the beauty walk away, the ex -husband Xiaoli (pseudonym) broke the water and electricity for more than two months, and her daughter could only order candles at night.

I can only go to the neighbor’s house to take a bath. I don’t understand why couples who have been in more than 20 years have happened?The next day, I saw her ex -husband Xiaoli!

Xiao Li bluntly stated that beauty is a lazy man who will only be in Dbo, often playing at one or two in the morning.He worked outside, but when he came back, he couldn’t even eat a hot meal, so I divorced her.

During her marriage, she secretly had an X relationship with the tenant.Once he was caught by himself.

Xiao Li bluntly stated that his house was his mother, and the real estate certificate was under his mother’s name.Although she spent 80,000 yuan when she built a house, she borrowed money at the time and signed an IOU. Now the money has been paid.

In order to solve their relationship, they arranged them to sit and talk together.Unexpectedly, when the two met, they quarreled for the problem of the house. When they quarreled, Xiaoli’s family said that her daughter was not their. This was why divorce.

But beauty does not think so. Xiaoli knew that she was working in an entertainment place before she got married. The child was born with his consent.She believes that Xiaoli knows that this child is not his.

She didn’t think this was a big mistake, and she could only use no one to make an objection with no one.

Xiao Li couldn’t stand his wife.One year ago, the court ruled that the house had nothing to do with beauty, but she could be divided into half of the property of another house.

But beauty is not convinced, so I just want to divide the house here!

In order to draw the boundaries with her previous wife, Xiaoli decided to give her 80,000 yuan, but she could not dye this house.As for the court’s decision to determine her derailment, the economic losses were decided not to have, and I just hope she moved away as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, beauty feels that this is not enough. In any case, she just doesn’t move from here.

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