As the saying goes, "One Durian top 3 chickens", remind: No matter how good durian, these 7 people should eat less

"It smells stinky, and it tastes fragrant." Speaking of this, what do you think of?

After May, durian gradually emerged in the fruit market. As a controversial existence, many people loved it, and many people avoided it.In 2020, my country ate 575,000 tons of Thai durian, more than 14 billion yuan.

Today, talk about the stinky, fragrant and delicious durian.

This is actually determined by the gene of durian. An article in "Nature-Genetics" states that the volatilization of sulfur compounds contained in durian will be activated during the maturity period, and these compounds will make the durian "stinky" "stinky".reason.

In fact, there is not only odor compound in durian, but also lipid compounds that can make durian have aroma with aroma, but when these aromatherapy compounds and dilate tritenon ether, dihydrine, dilate, dilate, etc.After combining compounds with special irritating tastes such as basal tetraemulin, it will form a unique smell of durian -smell the smell and eat fragrant.

How annoying it loves the durian people, and the hate people who hate them. Some people can’t stand the smell of durian. Why is there such a big difference in reactions to durian?

This may be related to the two reasons. One is that the oral sense of different people is also different. When eating food, our oral cavity and nasal cavity will spread the taste in the smell cells. Some people think that this taste is very good. Some people reverse.

The second is to be related to the genetic genes of everyone. There are nearly tens of millions of genome compositions in our body to have different reactions to the same odor.The degree of stimulation received after smelling the taste is also different, which is also one of the incentives for the polarization of durian evaluation.

In fact, of course, this statement exaggerates the nutritional value of durian, but the "King of Tropical Fruit" durian is a leader in fruits.

Phosphorus and amino acids.

The 100g durian contains about 27g of sugar and 600g of flesh. The calories can reach 800 kcal, which is equivalent to the calories of 2.5 bowls of white rice. It is recommended to control the amount of durians daily. It can be eaten at about one petition at a time.

Although durian is a "heat bomb", its nutritional value is still very different from the chicken. The protein, calcium, iron, and zinc elements of chicken are 7 times, 2 times, 4 times, and 6 times of durian.It is said that durian’s nutritional value is higher than that of chicken, and it is a bit "touching porcelain".

There are rumors on the Internet that rumors are rumored. It is rumored that a tourist ate a lot of durian when he was traveling, and then drank milk, which led to excess caffeine intake, causing sudden death of heart disease. At the age of 28, this was only 28 years old.Is there really a scientific basis?

In fact, the role of caffeine on our nervous system is very short, and a large amount of caffeine in a short period of time will indeed excite the central nervous system.However, if you need to achieve death, adults need to consume 140 ~ 180 cups of coffee in a short time, which is obviously unrealistic.

In addition, milk and durian do not contain caffeine. Even if they are mixed, they will not have caffeine. Therefore, drinking milk while eating durian can cause caffeine poisoning to be completely unscientific.

So, can durian eat with wine?Earlier, there was a case that a gentleman drank beer while eating at dinner. After eating, he found that there were a few durians in the refrigerator, and by the way, he ate durian.Unexpectedly, not long after eating, he appeared in Pearl Harbor with short chest tightness and shortness of breathing. After being sent to the hospital, he was diagnosed with a poisoning reaction caused by drinking durian after drinking.

Generally speaking, normal foods are eaten under normal circumstances without such a severe toxic and harmful substance.However, alcohol needs to be digested by the gastrointestinal tract after entering the body. The bacterium contained in durian will allow the acetaldehyde in alcohol to accumulate a lot in the liver and cannot be metabolized in time.The accumulation of these substances in the liver may cause poisoning reactions in the body. It is recommended to avoid drinking durian while drinking.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, durian is a hot fruit. Too much consumption can easily cause acne on the face to intensify and dry mouth.For people who accumulate heat in the spleen and stomach, and the spleen of the spleen and the spleen, durian is not suitable.

In addition, people with hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia are also not suitable for durian. The diet of the three highs should be based on light and low calories.

There are also some people who are prone to acne. It is also recommended to eat less; patients with kidney disease also need to pay less attention to eating less durian. Durian contains more potassium, which may increase the burden on the kidneys and increase the condition.

Durian is one of the common fruits in life. There are many rumors about it. We must learn to identify rumors and avoid some unnecessary troubles to ourselves because they believe in rumors.””

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