At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the development of the fetus, the changes and precautions of the pregnant mother must be understood clearly

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus has grown up a lot. At this time, the pregnant mother not only shows her arms, but most of them have felt the fetal movement. Is it amazing?Many pregnant mothers are more curious. What is the fetus at 20 weeks of pregnancy?What is his development?What will happen to pregnant mothers?This article focuses on the changes that the fetus and pregnant mothers will happen when they are 20 weeks pregnant, especially the fetus. As long as the following standards are met, the fetus is very good!

The length and weight of the fetus: the fetus is about 25cm long and weighs about 320g.

The size of each part of the fetus: the average dual diameter is 4.88 ± 0.58cm, the average abdominal circumference is 14.80 ± L.89cm, and the average femoral length is 3.35 ± O.47cm.

Fetal organs development: The sensory organs of the fetus are developing rapidly. They are getting better and better. They can clearly hear the heartbeat of the pregnant mother and the outside voice. Their taste, smell, vision and touch have also entered key development.Expect.The fetus’s kidney starts to develop urine, and then the urine will be excreted in the uterus, and then participated in the adjustment and cycle of amniotic fluid.

The appearance of the fetus: the fetus’s limbs have developed well, and their hair grows quickly. At the same time, their eyebrows have grown. Although their eyes are closed, they can move.Fast, it looks dirty.

The movement of the fetus: The fetal movement of the fetus is already obvious. They roll and jump in the stomach of the pregnant mother, punch and kick, swim to the umbilical cord, and eat their fingers to yawn, especially cute; especially in pregnant mothers who eat and drink,And the fetal movement before going to bed at night will be particularly obvious.

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers are very relaxed, their stomachs are not very large, early pregnancy response has disappeared, her appetite is particularly good, and at the same time, I feel the magical fetal movement, which will be particularly happy and happy.But in addition to happiness, at this time, there will be something that makes pregnant mothers sad.

Some pregnant mothers will have leg cramps, mainly because of calcium deficiency, and you have to pay attention to calcium supplementation.If calcium deficiency is not serious, you can eat supplement; if calcium deficiency is serious, it is better to eat calcium tablets. It is recommended to follow the doctor’s advice and do not consume too much.

Some pregnant mothers will have itching, and it is likely to be a precursor of stretch marks. As the fetus develops, the pregnant mother’s belly is getting larger and larger after pregnancy. Their belly will be stretched and stretch marks.At this time, it is recommended to eat more foods rich in protein and vitamin C, and perform appropriate amount of exercise every day. At the same time, you have to wipe olive oil to moisturize the skin. Do not scratch for even itching.

Some pregnant mothers will have a pregnancy line or long hairs in the belly, and the skin becomes darker. Don’t worry. These are normal physiological situations, which are mainly secreted by progesterone, caused by melanin precipitation, and they will gradually return to normal after giving birth.

Some pregnant women will have constipation, mainly due to estrogen secretion, which affects the stomach and stomach, improper diet, and so on. You need to adjust your diet during pregnancy.Eat more foods that are easy to absorb and digestion, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. As for all kinds of greasy high -calorie and high -sugar foods, you must eat less.

Periodic check -ups must be performed during pregnancy. Do not miss it.You can usually pay more attention to the palace high, because the checkup is once a month, and the palace high can be measured once a week. The palace high and abdominal circumference indirectly reflect the size of the uterus to observe the fetal development.Under normal circumstances, Gongzhong will increase by 1cm a week. If it does not change for 2 consecutive weeks, it is likely that the fetus has abnormalities and needs to be checked as soon as possible.

Pay attention to physical condition, or have abdominal pain and redness.Although the fetus is relatively stable and safe at this time, some pregnant mothers will still be abnormal in early summer, such as unbearable abdominal pain, a small amount of red, and the abdomen falls.Check the medical treatment, don’t take it privately.

Pay attention to diet during pregnancy.Dietary diet must be nutritious and healthy during pregnancy, do not overeating, but do not eat randomly.At this time, everyone is recommended to eat less meals a day, such as three meals, now you can eat 5-6 meals, eat less per meal, eat a few more meals, high-calorie, high sugar, high-fat foods should eat less, garbage foods are even more needed for food foods, and garbage foods are even more needed for food foods.Eat less.It is recommended to increase the intake of milk, tofu, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean meat.

Don’t just lie down.After pregnancy, unless special circumstances, doctors ask to stay in bed to raise tires. Do not lie down alone, not only easy to grow meat, but not good for health.It is recommended to perform appropriate exercise every day, exercise soothing, don’t be too tired.Recommendation: walk, pregnant women yoga, swimming, etc., mainly safety.

In the end, 20 weeks of pregnancy are a very relaxed and safe period, but for the health of the fetus, you must pay attention to the situation. Be careful to make yourself healthier and the fetus and spend the whole pregnancy smoothly.

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