Auntie’s situation can reflect women’s fertility, don’t ignore this signal

The bacteria recently received such a message:

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As a "good friend" of women, "Auntie" can intuitively reflect women’s health.

If you find that you really have too little menstrual volume, the bacteria suggest to go to the hospital as soon as possible, which may be due to some reasons that have a problem with the endometrium of the uterine.

Do not ignore the endometrial problem, which may affect the fertility function of women

Excessive menstrual flow may be a manifestation of too thin uterine endometrium, but the harm of too thin endometrium is far more than that.

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Seriously affect women’s fertility and lead to infertility or habitual abortion.

■ Infertility

The endometrium is a fertile soil for fertilized eggs.

If the endometrium is too thin, the seeds are like sprinkled on the barren land. Even if it is a high -quality seed, it is difficult to take root!

■ Habitat abortion

Because the endometrium is too thin and the soil is barren, the seeds cannot grow healthy and thrive, and the development of fertilized eggs will cause habitual abortion.

However, the endometrium will not become thinner for no reason, and these things will hurt the endometrium.

If you have done these things

Just be alert

■ There is a history of the operation of uterine cavity such as abortion or Qing Palace

Personal or due to embryonic decoration, hydatidal fetus, incomplete abortion curettage, etc., repeatedly clearing the palace will destroy the endometrium, resulting in thinning the endometrium of the uterine, and even the uterine cavity adhesion.

■ Endocrine disorders or abnormal hormone levels

Unhealthy habits such as long -term diet uneven and irregular work and rest will lead to endocrine disorders.

In addition to living habits, blind medication is also risky.

Some merchants promote "maintenance effects" health products and may also contain hormones.

If you take blindly, it will destroy the hormone balance in the body, causing the endometrium to be too thick or thinner.

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■ Infection of uterine diseases

For example, the endometrial tuberculosis and other diseases are not easy to pay attention to early in the early stage. In the late stage, the endometrium will be damaged and manually manually be menstrual scarce or even amenorrhea.

What should I do?

The operation of the uterine cavity is irreversible, avoid, prevention is the first.

■ Taking contraceptive measures

If you are not ready to raise your children, take good measures.

The flow of people is severely damaged to the endometrium. It is thinner once, and women must protect themselves.

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■ Do not trust health products

In order to be effective in a short period of time, some merchants will mix some hormone drugs, and over time they will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys.

Bacteria remind everyone again, do not trust the promotion of health products.

The smallpox blew in the health product, and I was still motionless.Believe that it is not only health that does not buy health products, but also a wallet!

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■ Believe in a doctor, go to a regular hospital for treatment

There are currently several methods in clinical application. For example, the most commonly used is to use a large amount of estrogen, and you can choose oral medication and local medication.

There are also uterine endometrium micro -stimulation and uterine laparoscopic adhesion separation, which can improve the fertilized egg bed rate, restore the shape of the uterine cavity, and repair the endometrium, and play a role in gradually improving the thickness of the endometrium.

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"Auntie" is like a "most familiar stranger" for every woman. The menstrual condition can be revealed to a certain extent, which is a "barometer" for women’s bodies.

It is best to record daily records. If you can find it as soon as possible, you can also help doctors diagnose the condition.

However, if there is a problem with menstruation, do not blindly believe that the supplementary supplements mentioned in the advertisement can regulate menstruation and beauty. It is best to go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment of professional doctors.

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