Authoritative suggestions!Can I do it during breastfeeding, perm, and nails during pregnancy?Every mother should understand

The two most important stages of women are "pregnancy and lactation."However, a highly controversial and have to pay attention to the topic has always troubled everyone!Can the beautiful mothers continue to be beautiful as daily in this two most important periods?Let’s reveal the secret together!

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Is it possible to make up?

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There are no women this year without makeup!But when preparing or discovering the first thing to have a pregnancy reaction, it must be that I can make makeup as usual?

Pregnancy -First of all, daily skin care products must be replaced!Use skin care products for pregnant women during pregnancy!

Usually, everyone uses the most whitening skin care products. There may be excessive lead and cadmium heavy metals such as whitening skin care products, and it should also be avoided.

Many people have acne on their faces. Skin care products with acne, such as: toner, ointment, mask, etc., which contain different vitamin A acid and salicylic acid, which is not good for the growth and development of the fetus. Therefore, to avoid it, avoid it to avoiduse.

Since the second child is liberalized, the number of elderly women has increased year by year. For pregnant mothers over 35 years of age, they belong to the elderly women!The commonly used anti -wrinkle skin care products will contain vitamin acid, which should be avoided.

Breastfeeding -special skin care products during pregnancy can be used. The cosmetics we mentioned above should be used with caution during breastfeeding.At the same time, everyone should pay special attention to don’t let the baby come into contact with cosmetics.

Can I use it during pregnancy and lactating makeup products?

Everyone knows everyone’s love.You must have a face when you are at home!It is recommended to light makeup in important occasions.

During pregnancy, breastfeeding is affected by hormone levels and is prone to spots, so you must pay attention to: To go out, take sunscreen!

Can the two perm be available?

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During pregnancy -if you cannot guarantee whether the hair dye is safe, please use it with caution.Try not to blanch your hair!

Although the hair dye is only applied to the surface of the hair, it is difficult for us to grasp the amount of chemicals and impact on the fetus.If you have to dye your hair and perm, you need to emphasize that you need to choose a regular and qualified hairdressing product, and clean the scalp in time after use.

了 Breastfeeding -Apart from the above problems, the nanny should be alert to whether the baby has allergies symptoms

During the breastfeeding, everyone is in contact with the baby from zero distance every day. Baby sensitive to the skin must pay attention, try not to hot hair.The pyramamine in the hair dye is the most widely used chemical staining agent, which can fix the color to the hair, and become a allergens for most hair -dyed allergies.

Can you do it in three nails?

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During pregnancy -prohibition!

First of all, whether it is nail polish or nail glue, it hurts nails; the more layers of nail oil coated, the higher the risk of carcinogens.The irritating odor in manicure can cause discomfort for pregnant mothers, and there are many pregnant mothers who have miscarriage due to manicure.

The nail tool in the nail shop is not disinfected, and it may spread viruses such as hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Do not risk during pregnancy!

好 Breastfeeding -it is best not!

In addition to worrying about the above problems, you should also pay attention to the feeding process. Do not let your baby eat nail polish or nail jewelry.

Each woman adds a small member to our little family from being preparing to get a small member of our small family, and to find out that he had come to the moment he had come in our lives.I believe that moment is the happiest, this is the biggest gift from God.Since then we are no longer alone, our breath, our thoughts, and our behavior have subtly affected our baby.Therefore, we must pay attention to everything of ourselves, and the guardian baby starts from the moment of pregnancy!

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Everyone knows that it is not easy to be a mother!When the child is born, you really do your mother, everything is not important!The important thing is to accompany the baby. The guardian baby starts from pregnancy. You are the most beautiful mother!

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