Avoid abortion in the early pregnancy, precautions at 6 o’clock, you must know early

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

At present, the incidence of abortion and fetal stopping in the early pregnancy is very high. Beijing mothers can receive such comments or private information consultations almost every week:

@: Hello, my wife has been pregnant for two months, but the progesterone has been checked 3 times, all 9, the doctor prescribed progesterone and fetal medicine to check it.Do you have to have a miscarriage in this situation?

@: Seven weeks of pregnancy HCG21000, progesterone 33, now protecting tires in the hospital, is this situation dangerous, will fetal stops occur?

@: Three days ago HCG 6500, progesterone 61, HCG 14500 after three days, 65 progesterone, how about this value, dear, dear

@: The first fetus stopped, and now the second child is 45 days. Today I went to take the B -ultrasound and said that there is no fetal heart.

Nowadays, the chances of tire stopping are very high. In fact, the incidence is not low before, but today’s technology and information are more developed, and some information and data are easier to count.According to statistics, the incidence of outpatient tires is one -third, and it can be seen how high the incidence is.

Moreover, abortion and fetal stops occur before 10 weeks of pregnancy. Most of them have no fetal heart (fetal heart generally appears more than 50 days of pregnancy), or there is a bad fetal ketone or HCG.Keep it down.

Of course, there are many reasons for tire stopping. Most of them are problems with the embryo itself, that is, the problem of chromosomes, but if a tire stop can not be explained, you can not check the chromosomes. Generally, you will be a healthy baby.

The causes of poor embryos are also many aspects. In addition to chromosome, it may also have a certain relationship with the environment, such as unhealthy diet, poor air, high work pressure, radiation, and so on.Therefore, if you want to avoid abortion in the early pregnancy, you need to do the following aspects.

1. Prepare for pregnancy

Half a year in advance, the preparation for preparing for pregnancy is important for babies who have bred and healthy, including the following aspects:

① Ruize your body and do pre -pregnancy examination, and both the husband and wife must do it. If there is a problem, you should treat it in time.

② Balanced diet nutrition, try to develop a variety of foods and diet, do not picky eaters, eat less snacks, barbecue, too greasy food, etc.;

③ Preparation of pregnant couples must insist on supplement folic acid, 400 mg per day. After pregnancy, the man can not need to supplement, the woman is at least supplemented by the end of pregnancy;

④ Quit bad habits, work and rest on time, avoid staying up late, work overtime, quit smoking and alcohol, etc.;

⑤ Adhering to the appropriate amount of exercise every day, not only can help relax, release stress, but also help enhance physical fitness. It is good for eugenics and eugenics;

⑥ Relax and avoid excessive pressure.If you are pregnant, try to let it go.

2. Precautions for early pregnancy

Due to the unstable embryo in the early pregnancy, there are many matters that you need to pay attention to. If you pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue, avoid the same room, more importantly, you need to relax and not too nervous, but you should not be too careless and do not take pregnancy seriously.

In addition, many expectant mothers are prone to brown secretions in the early pregnancy. This is generally not tight. It is sufficient to rest in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

Jingma said: The above is the analysis of the reasons and precautions of abortion without fetal heart and abortion. I hope to help the expectant mothers who are just pregnant. Weltors cannot explain too much problem. As long as HCG doubles, there is no abdominal pain without abdominal painAnd bleeding, sunshine mentality, just raise well ~ In the end, I wish the pregnant couples can be pregnant as soon as possible, and I wish the expectant mothers in the early pregnancy of the expectant mothers go well during pregnancy!

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