Axin is loved by her mother -in -law, and often finds a reason to hit me 4 -year -old daughter, but now she begged me to forgive me

My husband and I have a free love. Because I work together, I usually have a lot of contact. My husband looks handsome. Because I have a good opinion, I have been getting along slowly for a long time.In this way, we started to associate together.My husband has a good temper, and my husband usually coax me very happy. I feel that I am very happy to be with my husband.

There are two brothers in the husband’s house, the husband is the boss, and when he is married to her husband for more than a year, the uncle is also married. To be honest, the condition of the husband’s family is not bad, but because the in -laws like to be lively, our family will be the family.I still live together, and at the beginning, the family was quite happy together.

I was pregnant after getting married for more than a year. At that time, my daughter was only 4 years old and I didn’t understand anything at all, but I told my daughter every day.Bad her every day, and accidentally fell at one time. She blame my daughter, because this mother -in -law was still doing her daughter. She said that she would not let her daughter bully her unborn "grandson".I quarreled with the people of the family, and then I moved out with my daughter out.

After his husband knows the truth of the matter, he also stands on me. My husband can be so relieved. Now that the family of three of our family lives together, it is very warm and happy.

After the child in the belly was born, he was a girl. At that time, because of the difficulty of giving birth, he could not regenerate after having the child.Every day when she is fine, my mother -in -law will go home to find me, and also show me all kinds of.Maybe because of her feelings, my uncle also began to quarrel with a divorce. I suddenly arrived at home to find me at home. She said that she was wrong before, and said that she did not want to divorce, so she wanted to let me help her help her.say good things.

I should have been happy, but I still feel uncomfortable to look at 妯娌. What do you say?In the face of those things I did before, should I still help her?

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