Babies who are "prenatal education" and "hundreds of taboos" during pregnancy will have these gaps after birth

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In the 2019 "Changchun Evening News" reported a child who was only 23 days born in the confinement center. When this newborn was doing a touch, he suddenly called "Mom" clearly.

This discovery made the nurse and mother of the confinement center very surprised, and the mother also mentioned that she often talked to the child when she was pregnant and often became prenatal education.

This reminds me of a book "The Genius Plaigless Education of Sphik" I have read before. This book tells a pair of ordinary couples with prenatal education and raised 4 genius children.

When the eldest daughter was 5 years old, he rose from kindergarten to the first grade of high school, and became the youngest college student in the United States at the age of 10.

The other three daughters are also very excellent. The IQs of the four children are above 160, which is included in the ranks of only 5%of the United States!

It is good to give children prenatal education during pregnancy.

Gap 1: Children’s language development

Many children can call their parents unconsciously in 8 months and 9 months, but some children do not like to speak.

If the mother often tells stories with the children in the belly when she is pregnant, talks with the child, and even her father often talks with the child, then he can hear the voice of his father and mother during the child’s fetus. He will be faster after birth.The pronunciation and speaking, that is, his language ability will be stronger.

Gap 2: Children emotion

When I went to the countryside to lecture, I saw a child who was more than three months old, and when people teased him, they would laugh.

Moms said that their children were very festive to see people, and they all smiled every day. They said that their children had a good temper, and many people liked him.

My mother mentioned that she was in a good mood every day when she was pregnant. It was because she was in a good mood, so the child was infected.

A good mood is actually the best prenatal education. The fetus can be more stable in the stomach, eat well, sleep well, and feel stable. After coming out, they will love laughter and emotions will be better.

But if the mother is often angry when she is pregnant, and even hesitates whether she wants this child, this will affect the child’s emotions, and it will be more difficult to bring after the child is born.

Gap three: closeness to dad

When my mother is a prenatal education, we recommend that the story of prenatal education should be carried out by the father, or the father often lie on the mother’s belly to talk to the baby during the third trimester.

In this way, the baby can make the baby hear the voice of his dad, and then you can recognize the voice of his father. When the child is born, he will be happier and happier.

Therefore, my mother can sleep by my father during confinement, so that the mother’s confinement can also be done well, and the child can be closer to his father, and it can also make the father feel that it is not easy to bring the child.It’s very helpful.

That is to say, when the mother is prenatal with the fetus when she is pregnant, it can make the child smarter, make the child better after birth, and make the child closer to the father.Some.

Taboo 1: Don’t lose your temper

During her pregnancy, my mother will affect her blood circulation and also affect her emotions. This emotion will also affect the fetus.

Many mothers have such a feeling. If they are angry when they are pregnant, the baby will move even more, because the baby is uncomfortable.

Taboo 2: Don’t listen to too noisy sounds

For example, mothers should not go to the bar or some rock music festivals and other places. These voices are too noisy. If the decibel is too high, it will also affect the mother’s emotions, which will affect the health of the baby.

The baby’s hearing in the stomach has begun to develop. At this time, hearing that too much noise outside will also affect his nervous system development.

Some studies have even found that the noise of high decibels often affects children’s IQ.

Contraindications 3: Pregnant music music is mainly comfortable for mothers and fetuses

We see a lot of prenatal music on the market, but not every kind of prenatal education music can be put. Some mothers feel irritable when they hear light music. If you feel irritable, don’t listen.

When I listened to music, I felt very comfortable, and the fetus was quiet. When I heard it seriously, it was a good prenatal music music.

Therefore, my mother stays in a good mood during pregnancy, does not picky eaters, does not irritable, exercise appropriately, listen to more music and mind, and chats with children more. After the child is born, it will be smarter and better.

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