Baby "knock on the door" does not know?In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers are seated

Pregnancy is a happy thing, and it is also a turning point in identity, but pregnancy is also a hard work. October is pregnant in October. Different months have different hard experiences.Like early pregnancy reactions in the early stages of pregnancy, it brings a lot of trouble to pregnant mothers.

Recently, Xiangxiang found that his body was a bit uncomfortable.I go to bed every day, but I still have no mental sleepy when I go to work. I am dizzy all day, and it is easy to spit when I smell some special taste.

She was uncomfortable with her body, and she planned to go to the hospital for examination and told her colleagues. After looking at her, her colleague looked at her, and smiled mysteriously, saying, "It is time to check, you may give you a big surprise.I was stunned by surprise, and now I go to the hospital for a vacation. "

After listening to his colleague, Xiang Xiang rolled his eyes and muttered: "Sister, don’t you tease me, will there be surprises? I’m uncomfortable?"

After the examination at the hospital, the hospital announced: "You are pregnant, congratulations, let’s build a file." Later, Xiangxiang knew that there was such a situation when colleagues were pregnant. "Do not know. "After studying, Xiang Xiang knew that these uncomfortable body of her body were some performance in the early stages of pregnancy.

In the early stages of pregnancy, because of the early pregnancy, because of the pregnancy, the body and psychology may not be prepared, but the series of reactions in the early pregnancy had been smashed, which caused the pregnant mothers to be a little caught off guard.I don’t feel very beautiful.

1. Nauseous to vomit

Pregnancy vomiting, basically all mothers have experienced. Due to the differences in personal constitution, each pregnant mother’s pregnancy is different.My sister belongs to the type with serious pregnancy. Basically, she basically rests in the first three months, and she spit it up as soon as she eats. She starts to lose weight from pregnancy.What about me, it belongs to the kind of non -reaction, can eat, drink, sleep, and have no uncomfortable body.

Pregnant vomiting is more uncomfortable. Try to eat less or not eat heavy or special foods. Eat more times a day, eat less each time, do not let yourself have a sense of hunger, and the diet should be light.In addition, you can’t eat it because you vomit. This is easy to lack nutrition.

2. fatigue and lethary

People often say that women become lazy when they are pregnant.Actually, I don’t want to move, tired, and want to sleep lazily every day, it is also a feature of the early stages of pregnancy.Because there is a little baby in the stomach of the pregnant mother, it is constantly developing and absorbing nutrition, and the pregnant mother’s sleep and rest can provide the baby with a better growth environment and more nutrition.

In the early pregnancy, mothers are dizzy due to fatigue and drowsiness. In order to survive early pregnancy, the usual movements should be as slow as possible to avoid bumping or fainting.

3. Emotional instability

Beauty is a woman’s nature, but after pregnancy, there will be some less beautiful changes in the body, such as long spots or acne on the face. The skin becomes black and rough.The emotions of pregnant mothers.

In addition, the pregnant mother’s psychology will also change in the joy of pregnancy first. Later, they will worry that they are not prepared, and finally they will not adapt because of their physical and appearance changes.The change in a series of mood will cause pregnant mothers to be upset and change.

When pregnant mothers have this situation, they can talk to their families more and discharge bad moods. They can also adjust themselves, such as listening to light music, watching comedy or variety shows, dispersing attention to relieve.

The fetus in the early stages of pregnancy is unstable. Pregnant mothers should pay more attention to rest, relax, and maintain a good daily routine to ensure the healthy development of the fetus.

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