Baby’s private members were betrayed, and the video of cigarette smoke was put on the Internet.

On the evening of September 14th, some netizens released a video of Angelababy (Yang Ying) in private. The camera was aimed at baby shooting, but Baby seemed to know nothing.Listen carefully to the "teammates" speech.

If you look at the movement, you can know that if the baby knows someone candid, she will definitely not be so relaxed:

In the video, BABY was wearing long hair, wearing a casual suit, turning on light makeup, holding lit cigarettes in his right hand, and sending cigarettes from time to time. The movement was very skilled. At first glance, it was an old smoker.

The shooting angle of the video is very clever, and the sneak shot is sitting opposite Baby. If the video is "new work", baby is likely to remember the person standing at that position at that time.

In addition, those who can let Baby let go of their wishes to smoke, either her team members or friends who have known each other for a while. This is "betrayed". Baby should really investigate who is so "not talking about martial arts."

After watching the video, some netizens also praised her beautiful pictures in the beauty of BABY. In such a blurred video, the female celebrity was exquisite.

Indeed, smoking is harmful to health, and Baby smokes indoors is wrong, but this does not affect her face value.

Look at the evaluation of this matter:

"How many times have she quit smoking?"

"It’s taken again with each other. Sit so close, it’s really absolutely absolutely."

"Although I don’t like smoking, my sister looks so cool …"

"Didn’t you know it early? She smoked very fiercely in the early days."

"Isn’t the indoor banning smoking? What are she doing?"

"This place looks like a hotel suite? It should be able to smoke!"

"She is not pregnant, isn’t she afraid of smoking?"

"What is the baby team doing, and why is there such a video outflow."

Judging from the sound included at the scene, at the time, Baby was playing games such as "werewolf killing" with friends. Drinks and mineral water were placed on the table. Everyone was listening carefully and put in the game.

Except for Baby, no one else appeared in the camera, and people who published this video can be described as ulteriorcted.

Speaking of which, baby smoking is not new.

When she was publicly smoked by the media for the first time, she also made an emergency public relations. At that time, she vowed to quit smoking. As a result, ten years later, she was still with cigarettes.

Some netizens speculated that BABY made her debut in the image of tender models and was young. At that time, smoking would "collapse the house" in minutes, so her brokerage company actively remedied.

However, over time, when Baby was taken again to smoke, she was too lazy to cope and stopped responding to media reports.

Smoking and chatting when filming:

I am addicted to smoking when eating with friends:

Swallow the clouds in the restaurant box:

Take your son to Sanya for vacation and draw a few:

Over the years, Baby will be taken almost every other time. Fans think that this is just her personal habits, which is not enough to affect her career.

That was, the picture of Baby smoking has been circulating on the Internet for so many years, and she did not see her really "collapsed the house". At most, it was considered a handle for black powder.

Of course, Baby has a large group of minor fans. As an idol, she should lead by example and let the children pride her instead of a bad impact on the fans.

Emphasis again: smoking is harmful to health, children should not try easily!Intersection

In addition, behind the exposure of Baby’s smoking video, the candid "friend" is terrible. Is there no minimum trust in the entertainment industry?

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