Be careful, these 8 cases indicate that you may be pregnant

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When we were pregnant, we were very distressed, but also very happy.We found that after we were pregnant, we needed to pay attention to our bodies, but some pregnant mothers later realized that after several months of pregnancy, we found that we had a baby.Let’s take a look, what problems have the body may be pregnant.

When these eight situations appear in the body, it may be pregnant.

Situation 1: Menstruation does not come.

The most obvious feature of pregnancy is to discontinue menstruation. If you are sexual life girls, you will be congratulations to you, you may have a cute baby.

Case 2: Dizziness.

After pregnancy, dizziness happened because the uterus became large and compressed the blood vessels in the legs, which reduced the blood pressure of the pregnant mother and caused dizziness.Therefore, pregnant mothers often have dizziness upstairs, dizzy when sitting up for a long time, and so on.

Cause three: The breast becomes sensitive.

When the girls are pregnant, their breasts begin to expand and sensitive, and sometimes feel sore.Therefore, when your breasts start to become sensitive, it is likely to be pregnant.

Situation 4: Increased urine.

When the girls are pregnant, the uterus becomes larger, which will compress the bladder, resulting in a decrease in urine storage in the bladder. On the other hand, pregnancy can also cause the bladder and kidney to produce more urine. Therefore, you will become a pregnancy.The "frequent customers" in the toilet.

Cause five: vomiting.

About one week after pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have vomiting. When I get up in the morning, I will vomit, smell greasy things, and want to vomit before going to bed at night. This is a normal early pregnancy reaction.Woolen cloth.

Situation 6: Crissisia for food.

The girls who are pregnant have begun to be picky about food, and sometimes they want to eat something, but when the pregnant dad takes it, he finds that he has no appetite at all.

Situation 7: sensitive to odor.

The girls who are pregnant have begun to be picky, whether it is food, or smell, that is, the perfume that she likes to be very much before, maybe they hate themselves, and even vomit.

Situation 8: Emotional instability.

After pregnancy, the hormone in the body of the pregnant mother began to change greatly. Coupled with the symptoms of other pregnancy, the emotions of many pregnant mothers began to become unstable, it was easy to anger, and her temper began to smell.

Pigeon reminder: If you have no menstrual, dizziness, sensitive breasts, increased urine, vomiting, picky food, sensitive smell, and emotional unstable, then congratulations, you may be a mother.

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