Be wary of stomach pain in the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers must see

For some young mothers who are young and give birth to their babies for the first time, some small details are often ignored in the early stages of pregnancy, such as: stomach pain.Many young mothers will feel that forbearing will pass, and there will be no big problems.But it is because of the details of this mentality that causes some irreversible damage.

After pregnancy, your body has undergone major changes.Some experts believe that hormones during pregnancy will relax your ligaments, and at the same time, your constantly bulging abdomen also brings a greater burden on your muscles and ligaments.Therefore, if you are just a stomachache in the early pregnancy, but there are no other symptoms, you do not need to worry about it.

The stomach pain caused by this ligament stretching will continue the whole period of your pregnancy, and it may increase with the progress of your pregnancy.

If you have sex during pregnancy, then you may feel spasmal abdominal pain when the climax comes.This pregnant woman’s stomach pain will neither hinder your health during pregnancy, nor will it affect the baby in your belly.

If you are spastic abdominal pain, you are accompanied by red, bleeding, fever, chills, vaginal secretions, tenderness and pain, or after a few minutes of rest, the pain still fails to relieve it. It is recommended that you go to the hospital in time.

Especially in the following two situations, seek medical treatment in time

1. Seeing red.In the early stages of pregnancy, stomachache and accompanied by abnormal vaginal bleeding, this situation will attract the attention of pregnant mothers.It may be a sign of miscarriage.

2. In the early stages of pregnancy, the lower abdomen was painful, sometimes pain, cold sweat, pale complexion, vaginal bleeding, dark brown color.These are the signs of ectopic pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must attract attention and seek medical treatment in time.

What should I do if my stomach hurts in the early stages of pregnancy?

1. Ultrasonic examination

Stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy, it is recommended to perform an ultrasonic examination in the abdomen.Within six to seven weeks of the last menstruation, the embryo can be confirmed whether the embryo is in the center of the uterus.If an ultrasound examination is performed through the vagina, you can see the embryo sac by a week earlier.

2. Ant

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) needle is a common tire preservation method, but it is best to determine whether to fight after understanding the HCG and progesterone conditions in the body.Conditioning pregnant women’s body and tires can also try to take Chinese medicine.

3. Abortion treatment

Stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy, accompanied by abnormal vaginal bleeding, and is a sign of abdominal pain and uncomfortable lower abdomen, is likely to be a sign of abortion.In this case, you must seek medical treatment early.You can choose to stop pregnancy after you are clear or unable to keep your fetus.

Xiaoma said: In the early stages of pregnancy, if there was a normal stomach pain, the pregnant mother would not have to panic.You can usually take more rest, maintain adequate sleep, and maintain a good state of mind. After this adaptation period.If there is an abnormal stomach pain, the mother must pay attention to it and treat it in time.

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