Beautiful mother -in -law, really stay away from hair dyeing, nails, high heels during pregnancy?

Women love to dress up, regardless of any time.But when you are pregnant, many people remind you not to dye your hair, do not wear high heels, etc. Is that really so like this?Let me discuss with you.

Is hair dyeing?

I believe that many ladies seem to be like the author, even if they are dyed dark brown, they are unwilling to be black.However, during pregnancy, hair dyeing became "taboo".Scientifically did not report that hair dyeing, bleaching agents, etc. have an impact on the fetus, but they did not point out absolute safety.And some beauticians believe that compared to the fetus, this move affects the greater mother, because women feel more sensitive than usual, and their mood is greater than usual. If hair dyeing can change the mood of pregnant women, it will have a stability impact on the body.It is not necessary to do it in the second trimester. Of course, it is necessary to measure it with your physical condition.

Nail art is fine?

Until the month before the moon, nail art was not a problem, but when it was emergency, the fingertips were used to test the acid supply of acid in the body through the machine, so avoid using glitter or three -dimensional accessories when nail art.

I really want to wear high heels!

Some foreign trendy mothers can easily wear high -heeled shoes even if they have stools. In fact, they will not affect the fetus, but the abdomen is large, the center of gravity of the body is unstable, and it is easy to lose balance and fall.Coupled with the early and middle pregnancy, the uterine graduation conference causes back pain. Wearing high heels can cause the plate bone to lean forward, which increases the pain due to the strong lumbar force.If you want to wear it anyway or you are accustomed to wearing, you can choose some wide heels or replace it with one pair of flat heel shoes.

Is it necessary for pregnant women?

During the pregnancy, the change of body shape varies from person to person. It seems unnecessary to buy some pregnant women with underwear or clothes.Basically, as long as you pay attention not to affect the blood circulation of the breast and uterus, it is comfortable to wear, not for pregnant women.If I wear loose clothes like the author, I only wear usual clothes throughout the pregnancy.If there is a significant change in appearance in the late pregnancy, it is okay to buy a few pieces.

In the final analysis, pregnancy is the most important thing, and what I do is peace of mind. Is there any professional scientific report to prove that everything is not important. The above will refer to you.

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