Before pregnancy, during pregnancy, after unloading, the real photo records the moment of the collapse of each mother

A woman has all their eggs in their lives since birth.

In other words, when you are still in your mother’s belly, your daughter or son is already nestled in your body as a small egg.

Thinking about life is really amazing, genes and blood veins continue from generation to generation.

It is said that "mother" is the most gentle name in the world.

But becoming a mother is not easy, which means a great sacrifice for women.

Pregnancy is the only way to become a mother. It seems to be a wonderful experience, but before pregnancy, various discomfort during pregnancy, and not easy after unloading. It can be said that every mother is painful and happy.

Let’s take a look at the moment of these mothers who are sad, sad and collapsed!

This mother couldn’t believe she was pregnant, so she kept testing whether she was in the early morning.

Anyway, every woman who is preparing to be a mother will go through the stage of crazy testing, measure the ovulation period, and measure two bars.

I remember that when I measured two bars, I couldn’t see it at all. I felt the red line that was almost invisible on the paper on the paper based on my mind.

Some mothers will experience madness in early pregnancy, and they are relatively comfortable in the second trimester.

I believe you can also experience these experiences

Look at the comparison chart before and after, it is really difficult to be a mother!

Not only can your feet swell, but your hands will swell. In case the ring cannot be removed in time, it will cause a tragedy.

Also need a good husband

The difference between expectant mothers from March to 37 weeks makes people cry and laugh

In the third trimester, going to sleep and turning over became a luxury. People need to use a pillow. I did not expect that the stomach had a pillow.

What should I do if I want to eat sweet and spicy people?

It is said that after three years of pregnancy, this stupid should start with the time when I was pregnant!

Take a look at these items in the refrigerator


Frozen mobile phone


There are also the wrong shoes, which are really people who go out, and their brains are not brought out.

I thought it would be better after being finished in the third trimester.

You have to feed the baby in one or two hours, and this long sleep does not last until one and a half or even two or three years.

In addition to practicing the ability to fall asleep anytime, anywhere, the mothers also practice the ability to fill their belly anytime, anywhere.(There is no time to calm down and chew slowly and swallow)

It is said that it is not easy to be a mother. These are not only psychological, but also from the body.

Looking at the self in the mirror when taking a bath, the lower abdomen that cannot be returned, leaving the stomach and thighs of scars, so strange …

Modern society requires women not only to take care of their family and baby, they also have to take part in a certain role in society, even full -time mothers are not so frank and comfortable.But this society has more tolerance for men than women.

When a woman becomes a mother, she is transformed into a super -female hero all year round and 24 -hour standby.

Many times my father has become a decoration at home.

Men, really don’t just have a lighter greeting on Mother’s Day. Each mother actually needs emotional support and housework from dad every day.

To put less, do more!

Tribute to every great mother!

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