Being a baby during pregnancy is the "secret number" sent by the baby?Try to pay attention to these two dreams

Women always have some weird dreams after pregnancy, and most of them are related to the fetus, so they start to have various associations. Is this a signal sent by the fetus, and it is also implying whether it is a boy or a girl?In fact, these are completely pregnant women who want to have a long -term baby dream, especially these dreams will affect the body of pregnant women. Dreaming is a normal phenomenon. Almost everyone will dream during sleep, and most of themDreams are all dreamed of dreams.

It is said that when Ms. Wang was pregnant, she once had a strange dream. There were big water everywhere in the dream, scaring him to hide in the house and dare not come out. Others left.At this time, a pair of same men and women opened the door directly, and set up a boat to save himself. Isn’t this my two children?Sure enough, a pair of dragons and phoenixes were born,

Ms. Han’s dream was even more mysterious. On the day when the birth of a child, the flower of his neighbor’s house was withered, and he transplanted to his home to carefully maintain it. As a result, the flower lived.girl.

Ms. Liu slept well when she dreamed that night. She always dreamed that her baby was crying. She was very distressed and anxious. On the second day, she really had abdominal pain. She went to the hospital for an examination because she was oppressed to the fetus.Dreaming that the baby hurts very much, it is the minds between the mother and the child,

After watching so many strange dreams, I also said that there is a way, as if there is such a thing, but in fact, if you think about it, you have a dream and dreams. If you know that you are pregnant, you dream of two children.It is not a strange thing to knock on the door, and there is a problem with your body. Dreaming that your baby is painful. In fact, it is the signal given to himself.

Looking at dreams rationally, these two dreams are not good, not superstition, but scientific basis:

1. The dream of adventure is more exciting.

There are many pregnant women who always have some nervous and exciting dreams during pregnancy. I dream of being stolen or doing some exciting activities by others. I often do this dream. It is easy to become highly nervous.If you can’t sleep well, you may affect your baby’s health in this case, so you should always pay attention at all times,

2. Frequent dreams, even a dream repeatedly.

It is not strange to appear repeatedly in a dream, but it means that pregnant women are in a state of anxiety, and if you frequently dream every night, it directly proves that the quality of sleep is not good.Find a way to improve your sleep quality, so as not to affect fetal health

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