Being pregnant at one time, is it an accident or a premeditated?

Today, I went to a friend’s house to see her newborn baby. The 20 -day baby was soft and glutinous, so cute.My friend was married on New Year’s Day and gave birth to a baby at the end of June.The thing of her pregnancy made me look at her.

As soon as she graduated from college, she went south to Shenzhen with her boyfriend. She was married. After she got married for more than a year, she was admitted to the teacher in her hometown. She divorced as she did not last long after the marriage of Juxu. There was no child.

I feel that she is more subtle, reserved, and simple.Thinking of her age, she was not young. Last May, she matched her and my husband’s colleagues. The two met and had a meal.The man’s teeth are not tall, weighing less than 100, thin bones, introverted personality, and very small words.Every time I call him "tooth wipe".

Then asked the situation of the two people, the boy took the initiative to ask you, she said no.But after a few days, I saw them walking together on the street, and sometimes I ate two meals together.Occasionally, she complained that the man didn’t say much, not romantic.But in a few days, the woman called a man to come out to play again.I asked the woman where the man went. She said that she didn’t know, and I felt funny that you usually talked about it. Even she didn’t know anywhere.Both of them were unfamiliar, and they couldn’t see that they were in love.But I know that the woman is more initiative.have

In the blink of an eye, the two went to the city where the man was located together. The woman met the man’s parents and sent a red envelope. At this time, I asked you about the divorce?She said she hadn’t told the girl today that the girl ignored her three days after telling the boy.

I wanted to ask as an introducer, who knew it, and the man told me an explosive news that she was pregnant.It made me eat a big melon.

Later, I asked the girl, didn’t I even hold my hand?I am pregnant?And can you get pregnant casually if you are unstable, do you not know how to take protective measures?No one who interacts with you is so anxious.People say that I think that I have just walked for 10 days, and I thought it was a safe period?I said you are so funny, 10 days after menstruation is the ovulation period.

Later, the marriage was put on the agenda, and the middle was almost made trouble. The last two were still married.Essence

Later, I told me a friend who was also a classmate with a girl at the university. She said that she was super initiative when she was in college and liked to play with boys.And after graduating from college with her boyfriend for two or three years, can I not know how to get pregnant?She deliberately concealed the news of marriage, and then arranged for pregnancy. Once the man was pregnant, the man had to get married.

After listening to the three views of my three views, maybe she did not have the surface as simple as me, and some operations were planned.The purpose of the woman is very simple to get married, want a baby, and look like no desire.Friends, do you analyze, is it unintentionally or premeditated?

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