Black chest pain is unbearable in the late pregnancy, all blame your carelessness

After half a year of marriage with her husband, Xiao Chen had his own child. Although he did not intend to ask the child so soon before marriage, both the couple chose to accept him for this sudden little life.Although she was pregnant, Xiaochen’s career was not easy to start, so she did not intend to resign at home to raise her tire at home.It was not until seven months of pregnancy that he went home to give birth. Xiaochen had been worried that the work had an impact on the children in the stomach. Fortunately, the birth checkup showed that everything was normal.

However, recently, Xiao Chen himself felt that he was not very right. His chest was always faintly painful. Sometimes he felt the pain in a posture and was not so obvious.Her husband was not assured and took Xiao Chen to the hospital. The doctor briefly asked the general situation of Xiao Chen to get the cause.The cause of chest pain is mainly because of the small morning sitting in front of the computer for a long time, plus excessive fatigue, causing chest pain.Here, remind the pregnant mothers of those office workers, do not stay for a long time for a long time, and should stand up appropriately.Not only can relieve the edema of the pregnancy, but also to prevent the chest tightness caused by fatigue.

Like Xiaochen is rare, but some pregnant women will have chest pain in the late pregnancy.However, most of them are because the stomach becomes bigger, and the stomach is pushed to the place near the ribs, so it will feel chest pain.In this case, it can naturally be relieved with the birth of the baby in the stomach.You don’t need to worry too much, and don’t think about increasing psychological pressure on yourself.

What needs to be paid attention to is that the feeling of chest pain spread to the shoulders, and changing the posture cannot relieve the pain. At this time, you need to be alert to whether pregnant women have heart diseases.If the feeling of chest pain has not been retreat, it means that the pressure on the heart of the pregnant woman is constantly growing.In this case, you must diagnose in time and control the intake of dietary oil and salt.

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