Bleeding during the same room, is it suffering from cervical cancer?Reminder: These two situations may also lead to bleeding

Xiao You and her boyfriend have been together for two years. Although they are in different places, their feelings are still sweet.

Sometimes it is rare to see it once, and it is inevitable to be intimate.

However, after being intimidated with men last weekend, I found that there were blood on the underwear, and after the last time, there was also this problem.

Two times in a row, Xiao You felt wrong, and he searched online. Many people said that this is contact bleeding and may be cervical cancer.

This makes Xiaoyou’s heart panic. Is the bleeding in the same room be cervical cancer?

Indeed, bleeding in the same room is a typical symptom of cervical cancer. It is mainly caused by cancer cells invading the blood vessels that infiltrate the cervical epithelium, which causes it hardened and damaged.However, there are many causes of bleeding in the same room. Cervical cancer is only one of them, not the only factor.

Like many physiological factors can also be caused, such as the first room, hymen injury, or having the same room before and after menstruation, may also have a small amount of bleeding or dark brown secretions.

There are also some diseases, such as cervicitis.Due to inflammation, it can cause the cervical mucosa congestion and edema. At this time, the same room can easily induce bleeding. Such patients often have uncomfortable vaginal secretions, mucus purulent, vulvar itching and burning.In China, bleeding may also be friction and squeezed by polyps.In addition, vaginitis and benign tumor tumors of the lower reproductive tract can also be caused.

Therefore, when the same room bleeding, especially many times, it is recommended to go to the hospital for related examinations, such as gynecological examinations, B -ultrasound, HPV testing, and vaginal mirrors. After determining specific reasons, targeted treatment measures are taken.

Generally speaking, in addition to the same room bleeding in the same room, there are often some other typical symptoms, such as irregular vaginal bleeding, and young people show a small amount of vaginal bleeding during non -menstrual period, which is easy to be regarded as irregular menstruation.Elderly patients can be manifested as postmenopausal vaginal bleeding, but it is easy to be regarded as menopause. Therefore, we must pay attention to identification. Many patients are diagnosed with cervical cancer because of irregular vaginal bleeding to the hospital for examination.

In addition, abnormal secretions are also a typical manifestation of cervical cancer. The main manifestations are increased secretions. It can be accompanied by blood wire, thin and thin, like water or rice paste. If infections occur, the secretions can have a smell.

Therefore, if there is a situation of bleeding in the same room, you can see if there are still these two performances. If it is likely to "find" cervical cancer "find", at this time, medical treatment should be checked in time for diagnosis.

It is not difficult to diagnose cervical cancer. Generally, accurate judgments can be made through the above symptoms combined with related examinations.

1. Human nipple virus examination

About 99%of patients with cervical cancer can be detected by high -risk human papilloma virus positive, so it is pushed over. To screen cervical cancer, human papilloma virus detection is also the essential one.If the examination is found to be positive for high-risk human papilloma virus, especially human papilloma virus-16 and human papilloma virus-18, further diagnosis of vagoscopy and biopsy should be performed for further diagnosis.

2. Cervical scraping

Cervical scraping is a major "weapon" for screening cervical cancer. It is mainly to collect a small amount of cell samples from the cervix part and place it on the glass tablet. It has positive significance for diagnosis of cervical cancer through microscope observation.Therefore, it is recommended that women with sexual life can be checked once a year.

3. vaginal globe

The vaginal peeper is mainly through the vaginal peeping device to observe whether there is strange performance in the vagina, such as vaginal secretions, ulcers, removing biology, cysts, etc.If so, gently scrape the collection specimen at the cervical mouth with a small brush, and then perform pathological final diagnosis.

Generally, cervical cancer can be diagnosed through these examinations.If it is diagnosed in time, it is a key. Early cervical cancer, after standardized treatment, the treatment effect is ideal, so everyone must seize this opportunity.

The occurrence of cervical cancer is related to the long -term continuous infection of papilloma virus in high -risk human papilloma virus. In the hearts of many people, the main transmission pathway of human papilloma virus is sexual life, so if you want to prevent cervical cancer, as long as you pay more attention to sexual life, you can pay more attention.good.

In fact, human papilloma virus can also spread through maternal and infant transmission and skin and mucosa, so if you want to prevent cervical cancer, you should not only pay attention to sexual life, try to use condoms as much as possible, especially with the health status of the other party.When people have sexual relationships, they must pay attention to wearing condoms. This is an effective measure to reduce human papilloma virus infection. Of course, the most important thing is to avoid unclean sex, multi -personality partners, avoid premature sexual life; pay attention to also pay attentionAvoid other ways to infect human papilloma virus.

If a human papilloma virus infection occurs, it is best to get pregnant after clearance to reduce the chance of fetal infection with a papilloma virus during production.Also pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene inside the family. Personal care products, such as shaver, shaving knife, etc. It is best to be dedicated to it.Mix it together.

In addition, it is also very important to pay attention to life hygiene. Do not use unclean towels, washbasins, etc. or other personal items.

Under normal circumstances, a harmonious sex life will not have contact bleeding, so if this abnormalities occur, especially many times, even if the amount of bleeding is not large, it is necessaryIt is best to go to the hospital as soon as possible for relevant examinations, and then take targeted treatment according to the results of the inspection, and strive to restore health as soon as possible.

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