Blood staying during pregnancy may not have a miscarriage, but you must pay attention to these situations!

It encountered bleeding during pregnancy, which is definitely a thunderstorm and amazing thing for pregnant mothers, but many pregnant mothers have bleeding during pregnancy. The inner frightening speculation is aborted. There is indeed this symptom of abortion, but bleeding is bleeding, but bleeding is bleeding.Not only the symptoms of miscarriage, today we will talk about what symptoms of bleeding during pregnancy!

Symptoms of early pregnancy

(1) Abortion

Time: It usually occurs in the first three months of pregnancy.

Symptoms: Mother’s lower body is slightly bleeding, or there are brown outflows.In addition, at the same time, there may be blood condensation for pregnancy and logistics, or there may not be, sometimes abdominal pain and back pain.The above -mentioned symptoms are often aura of miscarriage.

(2) Ectopic pregnancy

Time: It usually occurs at about 2 months of pregnancy.

Symptoms: In addition to lower body bleeding, there will be nausea and abdominal pain.If the fallopian tube pregnancy is ruptured, the mothers can bleed the abdominal cavity, the amount of bleeding is large and accompanied by severe pain.In severe cases, it may even shock.

Bleeding in the middle of pregnancy


Time: Often occurred in the middle of pregnancy.

Symptoms: Pregnant women’s cervix can not bear the pressure of fetal development, and abortion often occurs.If the cervical mouth is expanding, the expectant mother’s lower body often bleed, but the amount of bleeding is small.At the same time, the abdomen will have a feeling of falling, but the factor’s shrinking is not strong, so the pain is not obvious.

(2) Port

Time: Often found in the second trimester (not found in the early days).

Symptoms: At first, lower body bleeding will occur, and symptoms such as anemia and uterine swelling may occur.If the situation is bad, the pregnancy vomiting situation will be serious, and the harm may cause diseases such as high pregnancy blood pressure syndrome.In this case, it is generally intermittent bleeding, and the amount of bleeding is not much. Occasionally there are repeated major bleeding conditions, or blisters can be seen in the flowing blood.

What is the cause of blood during pregnancy

Symptoms of bleeding in the late pregnancy

(1) Pre -placent

Time: During the late pregnancy or when giving birth.

Symptoms: On the premise that there is no cause, no pain, and the uterus is not hardened, the lower body is repeatedly bleeding. If this happens, no matter how much bleeding is, it will pose a certain threat to the life and health of pregnant women.

(2) Placental peeling early

Symptoms: Not only do you experience bleeding, but also accompanied by pain, and the tension of the uterine will also increase.In the early stage, although a lot of bleeding in the uterus, the blood did not flow out of the lower body. At this time, the abdominal pain was strong, and the uterus had to be hard and tight.If the situation is serious, it will even lead to a shock of pregnant women.

Symptoms of other pregnancy bleeding

(1) Cervical erosion

If the condition is moderate and severe, the leucorrhea will occur abnormal.If the condition is serious, there will be symptoms such as frequent urination and urgency.

(2) Hemorrhoids

The expectant mothers will bleed when they have a bowel movement. The blood is bright red, and the pain is light or severe.The expectant mothers are prone to anemia. If they lose too much blood, the anemia will be worse, affecting the health of mother and baby.

(3) urinary tract infection

If the condition is mild, unless there is a microscope auxiliary, you can’t see hematuria with the naked eye; if the condition is more serious, you can see the clot in the urine directly.

(4) Too much fatigue

The condition of bleeding is extremely similar to menstruation. Generally, the amount of bleeding is small and the color is bright red. There is no blood clot. The expectant mothers have no abdominal pain. They will only feel weak and difficult to sleep.

During different periods of pregnancy, the symptoms of bleeding are different, but in case of prevention, Baoma still goes to the hospital for a diagnosis.

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