Breast milk is really more magical than you think#

Breast milk vs formula milk.

Is there no difference between eating breast milk and milk powder?Recently, a mother in our group is discussing:

In fact, do you think that children who eat breast milk and children who eat milk powder are different?Because he found a child over 1 year old, he touched everywhere and walked around, he would contact more pathogens.What kind of difference between breast milk and milk powder at this time?Children may be sick.Eating more breast milk may increase immunity.

Today we have two levels to analyze this with you.It is breast milk, which is tailor -made for children in itself.We have been saying that in fact, it is divided into 3 sections at most, 0-61, 6-122, and 12 or above.All children eat the same and eat the same.So he was not customized and personalized.I didn’t say what he needed for this baby himself to customize him.But can breast milk be right?It is conducive to his growth and development of breast milk.So at this level, for children, even if your breast milk is not much, even if there are not many bite, it is customized for him.

The second is that we have all heard that breast milk is fungal feeding, and milk powder is sterile.In other words, in breast milk, all drops of breast milk are alive, and there are various immune substances and antibodies.However, milk powder requires excessiveness, because it needs to be lively during the process of high -temperature powder, and even if there is bacteria in it, it will cause great harm to the child.So if we choose to mix and feed, it doesn’t matter if you feed pure milk powder.But we can’t say that there is no difference between breast milk and milk powder for children’s growth and development.Bring a baby without the pit.I am Liu Yifan.

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