British 26 -year -old mother vomited during pregnancy, gastric acid corroded teeth, giving birth to children’s teeth and losing light

Jimu Journalist Hu Li

According to the New York Post reported on June 28, the 26 -year -old woman Louis Copper, Britain, was pregnant because of severe pregnancy, and the acidic substances of vomits affected the health of the teeth, causing her teeth to be corroded.Almost all your teeth are lost.

In February 2017, Louis was working in a ski resort in France, and then she ushered in her first child.

Louis (source: "New York Post")

One week after pregnancy, Louis found that his pregnancy response was very serious, so he had to fly back to Britain for recuperation.Subsequently, Louis was diagnosed with rare diseases such as pregnancy drama spitting (HG). Of the pregnant women with nausea and vomiting, only 0.3%to 1.0%would develop into pregnancy drama vomiting.

Louis said: "I lost my first teeth around 16 weeks of pregnancy, and the teeth suddenly disappeared." Louis explained that because she spit too often, the acid water in the stomach corroded her teeth,So the doctor told her that the teeth with deep corrosion had to be unplugged.

In November 2017, Louis’s first child Zakari was born.Six months later, due to the serious damage to the oral and teeth, she had to choose to slowly unplug all the teeth.

After giving birth to Zakari, Louis also gave birth to two children. During the pregnancy of these two children, she also suffered from pregnancy drama.Louis said: "After the child is born, my vomiting symptoms are gone, but this process is really uncomfortable, making my spirit and body suffer."

Now, Louis has accepted what she is now. She said: "Later, I put on dentures, but it was uncomfortable to wear dentures, and it reminded me of the unbearable vomiting experience. Now I have fully accepted the fact that there is no teeth without teeth.Even if you don’t wear dentures when you go out, I will not have any psychological burden. "

(Source: Polar News)

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