British mother was pregnant again after a week of pregnancy, and gave birth to two babies on the same day, but it was not twins

According to the British "Sun" reported on June 12, local time, Alina Luca is a British mother living in Bergton, East London. When the doctor told her, she was pregnant twice a week in a week.Alina is extremely shocked.Alina later gave birth to her daughter Ellie and Millie. Although the two children were born on the same day, they were not twins from medicine.

The 30 -year -old Arina Luca and her husband Rick Carmae had already had a child. At the age of 9, they have been looking forward to having a second child. Two years ago, the Alina couple had some failures.Try, they speculated that because Alina suffered from thyroid disease, they could no longer have children.

However, Arina later became pregnant.Just after the pregnancy was confirmed, the scan results in the 12th week showed that in addition to the first embryo in Alina’s uterus, there was a second and smaller fetus. The doctor told Alina that this is a different time.The result of superfetation, this phenomenon is very rare among humans, but there are indeed a few diagnosis cases.A survey conducted by France in 2008 showed that there were more than 10 such records in the world. Later, there was no relevant world -class statistics, but in 2020, Britain also had another case of rejuvenating pregnancy reports.

After the doctor’s examination, the doctor told Alina that her two children were pregnant for a week.

On March 15, 2022, Alina gave birth to two little girls. The first child Millie weighed 4 pounds and 5 ounces (about 4 pounds). After one minute, Mi Li was born and weighs 1 ounce than her sister.Nearly 4 pounds.

After the children were born, the full -time mother Alina registered a Instagram account to introduce people to the rare phenomenon of rejuvenating pregnancy.When Alina told fans that she felt that her skin was tightly pulled with these two "not twins" babies, and she had many stretch marks. She felt that her belly was about to explode and her back was broken.But for the first time to hold two babies, she was happy to enter a dream. This is a miracle of human beings 🙂

Children gave birth to mothers who recurred in different stages, although they are not real twins, they are named "super twins" in name.

According to the medical website Healthline, the reason why the phenomenon of resentment is extremely rare is that the root cause is that once a woman is pregnant, her body usually prevents her from getting pregnant again.

If you want to happen in different times, three things must happen at the same time:

First, ovulation is still required during pregnancy: this is very small, because hormones released during pregnancy will prevent the body from further ovulation;

Second, the second egg needs to be fertilized: this is also very likely, because once a woman is pregnant, the cervix will form mucus plugs to prevent the sperm from passing;

Third, fertilized eggs need to be implanted with pregnancy: this is also difficult. The implantation of fertilized eggs requires the body to release certain hormones, but pregnant women usually do not release these hormones.There is another problem that there is enough space in the uterus to accommodate another embryo.

These three things are extremely impossible, so some people think that it is impossible to get pregnant at a different time.But in fact, the phenomenon of pregnancy is objective, and most of the cases in the literature are women who receive fertility treatment.

Alina’s two children’s pregnancy is different for a week.The 39 -year -old British mother Rebecca Roberts gave birth to a "super twins" on September 17, 2020, and the two children’s conception was 3 weeks.

When Libeca was checked at first, the doctor found that she was pregnant with a child; at 12 weeks of pregnancy, Libea was a B -ultrasound, but the doctor found that there was a very small fetus in her uterus.Although the doctor could not discover the second child during the initial examination, further examination found that the second child in the Betka belly was pregnant before he was pregnant with his first child.

In the end, when Robica was 33 weeks of pregnancy, the little child of Rosalie had a umbilical cord problem. The doctor had to perform caesarean surgery. The two ion Noah and Rosali were born at the same time.10 ounces (about 4 pounds and 4 pounds), Rosali weighs 2 pounds and 7 ounces (about 2 pounds and 4 two).Nora was healthy when he was born. After receiving the severe care monitoring of the hospital in the hospital, Xiao Rosala also returned to his home healthily.

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