British women spent ten years of pregnancy failure. After adopting 6 children, they suddenly found that they were pregnant

A woman who adopted six children with her husband revealed that after 10 years of hard work, she finally pregnant with a "miracle baby".According to the Daily Mail, 34 -year -old Christy and 40 -year -old Sean Baxter eager to have a big family who started trying shortly after getting married in 2004.

"I have always wanted a big family. I have eight brothers and sisters in my own family. So when we get married, I will start trying to ask a child soon. After nearly a year of pregnancy, we went to find a maternal doctor."Christy was told that she had a diseased ovarian syndrome, which prompted them to consider other choices."We start considering adoption"

Christy’s two decided to choose to adopt, we ushered in three sons and three daughters in just two years."About a year later, we and a little boy named Hunter and a little girl named Alexia successfully paired. A few months later, they became part of our family. LaterFrom a small family of two people, it has become a big family of 8 people within two years ""

Although they adopted 6 children, Christy and Sean did not give up their pregnancy."I was taking a kind of fertility called Femara at the time. I spent nearly ten years of hard work, and I was pregnant for the first time. This was finally successful. At that moment, I couldn’t breathe. I was scared.There are tears in the eyes "

"Kinsley is now 4 years old, and she is perfect for us." This couple finally conceived Kinsley through fertility treatment. Christ said that she was "extremely excited" when she found that she was pregnant.

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