Cai Xukun was disclosed by paparazzi: about guns, pregnancy, abortion, installation of cameras, Mom Baonan

The melon in the entertainment industry in 2023 is here!

Well -known Papaya Jiang Xiaoyan broke the news of Cai Xukun:

On the day of 520, Cai Xukun met Ms. C at KTV’s friend.

521 In the morning, the two had sexual relationships.

One month later, Ms. C went to the hospital for examination and found that she was pregnant, so she informed Cai Xukun.

Cai Xukun asked Ms. C to kill the child.

On July 5, Ms. C went to the hospital alone to kill her children.

After learning about the incident, Cai Xukun’s mother suspected that it was a trap set by Ms. C, or fake pregnancy.

After being informed by his son that he did not take contraceptive measures that night, he decisively hired a private detective to track Ms. C and secretly installed a pinhole camera at the door of his home to monitor his life.

At the same time, the staff contacted Ms. C to discuss compensation.

During the period, Cai Xukun’s mother took Ms. C to go home with a man and a woman at 3 am a certain day.

After that, the staff and Cai Xukun’s mother explained that the man and the woman were Ms. C’s girlfriend and girlfriend boyfriend.

The above is the content of paparazzi.

Cai Xukun has not yet published any response.

However, there are 8 in the top 10 of the hot search on Weibo.

Mr. C, the first place, should not be too brave. It is a Baidu account. There is only one content. This is the event that Cai Xukun’s incident is the news.

I don’t know if this is Mr. C’s Baidu account, is Jiang Xiaoyan’s deliberately arranged.

Judging from the content of the news, it is not difficult to find that Cai Xukun is a man who pays great attention to details and romantic.

Ordinary men are still unwilling to pass 520, and he chose to give himself 520 guns and spend 521 with gunners.

At the same time, we pay more attention to the experience, and no protection measures are made for the first time.

There is a sense of experience, but isn’t he afraid of getting sick?

Some enthusiastic netizens saw Cai Xukun’s handsome searches at the concert the day before, and persuaded Cai Xukun to wear a sleeve before throwing his jacket.

After learning about the incident, Cai Xukun’s mother took over the follow -up of the follow -up processing, and arranged for the staff to contact Ms. C to talk about compensation, find private detectives to track and search, find workers to install cameras …

It can be seen that Cai Xukun’s mother’s strength and vigor.

It can also be seen that Cai Xukun only cares about a cricket.

But fans said that this is nothing, only the news of the text can say casually.

The two parties did not involve illegal voluntarily.

However, they may ignore Cai Xukun’s mother secretly installing a pinhole camera at the door of Mr. C’s house.

This is illegal.

I don’t know if you remember that the incident of Wu Yifan was that his mother felt that his son had encountered a scammer and then went to the police. As a result, more than 30 victims were exploded a day, involving the scope of the world.

Finally, please hammer.

If Wu Yifan’s mother did not call the police at the beginning, he would not enter the prison in the end …

Like Wu Yifan’s mother, this time Cai Xukun’s mother also suspected that her son was scammed.

And he refused to believe his fertility.

Suspecting the female fake pregnancy …

Some netizens said that the fetal sac test DNA can be left.

This matter is unfamiliar to most people. I don’t know how to save this thing. Do you put it in the refrigerator?

There are some fans even more

The Papaya Jiang Banquet released a voice of Cai Xukun’s mother. The content was that Cai Xukun’s mother did not believe that Ms. C was pregnant.

Fans directly Ait Public Security account in the comment area: Ping An Beijing Chaoyang.

To be honest, the geographical location is right, because the schedule is in Beijing according to the news.

But aren’t they afraid that this melon is as big as Wu Yifan as big as Wu Yifan?

Many Cai Xukun fans are helping clarify.

Cai Xukun was recording running men on May 20, 2021, and I was not in Beijing.

But after reading the picture of the fans, this should be a running running man …

In addition, some netizens found that Beijing KTV was not open for the time being due to the epidemic in May 2021.

If Cai Xukun was in KTV that day, wouldn’t he illegally gather during the epidemic?

Some netizens pointed out that all spokespersons of the brand of Prada collapsed.

My God, I don’t know, I was startled at a glance.

Needless to say, the sixth place is Cai Xukun.

It’s collapsed.

Some netizens said that Cai Xukun was eating in 2020, but he did not expect to squat again 2 years later.The female party had 5 million before, and his mother gave 500,000. The woman did not agree.

Jiang Xiaoyan said that there are follow -up, let’s wait and see!

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