Calculating formula for the most complete due date in history. The expectant mothers can calculate the due date without going to the hospital

1. Calculated based on the last menstrual time

If your menstrual cycle is 28-30 days, you need to add 9 in the last month of menstrual periods, or decrease 3, and the income is the month of the due date.The number of days on the last menstrual date before pregnancy plus 7, the number of days of due date can be obtained.

For example, the last menstrual period before pregnancy is April 15, then:

The expected month = 4+9 = 13,13-12 = 1; or it can be directly 4-3 = 1, which is January in the expected period.

The number of days of due date = 15+7 = 22, the number of days of due date is 22 days.

Based on the above, the due date should be

2. Blood according to B -ultrasound

If your menstruation is unstable on Sunday, it is recommended to use B -ultrasound to calculate.This method is mostly to measure the tip of the fetal head, the head circumference, and the length of the femur. After combining a few data, the fetal age of the fetus is estimated, and the due date is calculated

3. Based on the basal body temperature curve

For example, the basic body temperature curve check you do, the last day of the low temperature section is January 10, then:

Due date = January 1+246 (or +268) Tian = September 5 (or September 27) or due date = January 1+38 Week = September 24th

4. Calculate based on fetal fetal movement time

Suppose the first fetal movement date is February 1, then the expected date of the first mother = February 1+20 weeks = June 21;

The due date of the maternity = February 1+22 weeks = July 5th

5. Began to calculate according to the time of pregnancy in pregnancy

The pregnancy response in the early pregnancy is generally 6 weeks of pregnancy or 42 days after the last menstrual menstruation.The due date is 280 days after pregnancy.Assuming that the pregnant mother’s first pregnancy is March 1, the due date = March 1+280 days = December 6

6. Based on the height of the uterine bottom

During pregnancy, every month, the height of the uterine bottom of the pregnant mother will change.Therefore, if pregnant mothers can’t remember their last menstrual date, you can choose this method, which roughly estimates the due date.

At the end of five months of pregnancy: The bottom of the uterus is about 2 horizontal fingers below the umbilicus, and the pubic bone is about 16-17 cm;

At the end of six months of pregnancy: the bottom of the uterus and the navel are flat, about 19-20 cm on the pubic bone;

At the end of seven months of pregnancy: The bottom of the uterus is about three horizontal fingers on the navel, and the pubic bone is about 22-23 cm;

At the end of nine months of pregnancy: the sword debris and navel in the uterine bottom, about 24-25 cm on the pubic bone;

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