Can a baby who is pregnant?

At the moment when the baby was born, many people also had a new identity "Mom".After becoming a mother, when the huge happiness and joy slowly fade away, they will gradually discover that some unexpected physical changes have caused many troubles and inconveniences in life.

The smooth belly was covered with stretch marks; from time to time, there would be leakage of urine; if the baby was full of milk, in exchange for the no longer tall breasts, and it would be found that after the birth of a baby, the middle of the belly felt like there was something.A "hole".

The terrible "holes" that feels a touch of pregnancy is the belly of pregnancy and baby.

It sounds incredible?One of the magazines in Chinese fertility health reported that among the 6-8 weeks after the birth of 1462 cases, the abdominal rectus abdominis is separated by 60.3%, and the incidence of cesarean section was 70.8%.

The abdominal rectus abdominis separation rate of maternal abdominal rectus abdominis is 90.8 % higher.In addition, depending on the diagnostic time, about 66% to 100% of pregnant women are diagnosed as abdominal rectus abdominis separation.

Why does it happen after birth

Division abdominal rectus?

Among the 10 mothers, there are 6 medium moves. What is the abdominal rectus abdominis?

In fact, the most fundamental cause is not the rectus muscles, but the deeper abdominal muscles are continuously stretched, resulting in the rectus muscles of the surface layer.

Our abdominal muscles are divided into three layers of interlaced interlaced. From the inside to the outside, the abdominal muscles, oblique muscles of the abdomen and abdomen, and rectus muscles.

Abdominal horizontal muscles: The deepest muscles of the abdomen, like a natural large belt, stabilize our abdominal pressure;

Internal and external oblique muscles: distributed on the side of the body, connecting the outer edge of the rectus muscle;

Abdominal rectusis: It is the 8 yuan abdominal muscles that we usually call. It is like two doors, guarding both sides of the navel and white line in the middle.

During pregnancy, the baby is constantly growing in the uterus, and the muscle fiber is continuously widen. Because the deepest abdominal muscles are continuously stretched, the rectus muscles of the surface layer are like two closed doors.To be opened, more than extreme elastic fibers are pulled, and different degrees of rectus abdominis are separated.

After giving birth to a baby, the separated abdominal rectus muscles will not be restored to prenatal before giving birth. Some studies have shown that this phenomenon of postpartum abdominal rectus muscles is about 60%in 6 weeks after delivery, 45.4%after birth, 45.4%, and 12 postpartum 12 after birth.There are still 32.6%a month.

How to judge the degree of abdominal rectus muscle separation?Teach you 30 seconds to self -test

Generally, after 42 days of mattressing, you can check and determine at the hospital. The B -ultrasound examination will be more accurate.

Moms can also choose to separate the degree of abdominal rectus muscles at home. The umbilical cord, 4.5 cm above the umbilical, and the umbilical below the umbilicus exceeds 2 cm of any part, and are separated by rectus muscles.

Postpartum belly is loose and loose, abdominal rectus muscle separation

Can I recover myself?

Some people will feel that the abdominal rectus is separated by the belly loose and there is no waist, and the clothes can be solved.

In fact, this is not the case.

The abdominal rectus muscle separation will also bring a series of chain reactions. Due to the weak abdominal muscle strength, it is impossible to maintain the stability of the lumbar spine. It may also cause a series of problems such as sagging of the stomach, back pain, and pelvic pelvic forward.For example, leakage, uterine prolapse, etc.

Is the abdominal rectus muscle separation, do you need to restore it automatically after a period of time?

The more fundamental problem is that the weakness and relaxation of the abdominal muscles have not been solved.There is a certain self -healing abdominal muscle separation. As the level of hormone falls, it will improve to a certain extent.However, many postpartum mothers still cannot fully recover. Even if they return to the critical value of 2cm, the relaxation and weakness of the abdomen cannot be recovered.

If the deep abdominal muscles have been weak and relaxed, the abdominal rectus isolates.

Therefore, if the abdominal rectus muscles are separated, it is necessary to intervene and repair in a timely manner, and it can also help the postpartum mothers to better restore her figure.

Exercise of rectus abdominis

Which actions cannot be practiced?What can be practiced?

Therefore, if you do not solve the problem of deep abdominal muscles, and simply and rudely want to solve the abdominal rectus muscle separation, it is actually easy to cause greater damage.If you have the problem of abdominal rectus muscle separation, the following actions will not only help you improve your belly relaxation, but you may also increase your postpartum abdominal rectus abdominis:

Rolling the belly lying on the torso rotating your legs to raise your upper and lower legs to kick the bicycle in the air

Why does the abdomen and other movements aggravate abdominal rectus abdominis?For example, the rectus muscle separated from both sides of the abdomen is imagined as a zipper without pulling. The upper and lower sections of the zipper are fixed and separated in the middle.If the abdominal exercise is done, the tone of the abdominal rectus muscles will increase, but it will be more difficult to close.

These actions have high requirements for abdominal muscle strength, not suitable for postpartum abdominal rectus muscles, and mothers who have not recovered, especially mothers within 6 months after giving birth.You may ask this, how can you restore the rectus muscles safely and scientifically and reduce abdominal protrusion?

Rehabilitation training is divided into two stages:

● First use "abdominal respiratory training" to activate diarrhea muscles, strengthen the strength of the deepest muscles of the abdominal wall;

● Gradually practice other muscles in the abdomen to better repair and shape.

The abdominal muscles are the deepest muscles in our abdomen. It is like a horizontal large belt. It holds the organs in the body and keeps normal pressure in the abdomen.Only by tightening this large belt can the separated abdominal rectus muscle be closed again.

"Breathing Training" is the simplest, basic and effective rehabilitation training. It can help us feel the contraction and strength of abdominal muscles such as abdominal muscles, so that we can learn how to activate them.

Abdominal respiratory training, how to do it?Let’s watch a video, a set of actions designed by the International Pilate Certified Coach Yang Zi. The video will take everyone to practice push -up abdomen to help improve the abdominal rectus muscle separation. At the same time, the abdomen and stable lumbar spineEssence

42 days after the birth of the mother, 3 months after the mothers of caesarean section, the abdominal rectus is separated 3 refers to the above, and the above cannot practice. 2.5 refers to the following.

Training points:

1. When doing action, pay attention to keep "neutral".The neutral position means keeping the thoracic spine, hip bone, and head on the same line, and do not deviate from the action.

2. When doing action, do it with breathing.Generally speaking, inhale preparation, start to move when exhaling.

Suggestion: The training volume is mainly comfortable to avoid excessive fatigue.

Every mother needs some time to "reshape themselves", celebrate those changes, and also celebrate the unchanged parts.We happily accepted a new identity. For new ourselves, we can become a better mother, but more importantly, we can become a better ourselves.

Expert reminder:

After 3 months after giving birth, I found that my abdominal rectus is not recovered, but it became more and more serious. It is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible to determine the cause.

Our postpartum recovery must not only pay attention to the separation of rectus muscles, but also the recovery of the bottom muscle. The postpartum repair outpatient clinic at the postpartum recovery center of peaceful women can help pregnant mothers to quickly recover pre -pregnancy posture!

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