Can a dog take a bath after pregnancy?

When your dog is pregnant, it is definitely a thing that parents are looking forward to and worthy of happiness.This stage is also the most critical stage of dogs.Parents must also be afraid of what the bitch has a loss. It can be said that it is not too much to treat the dog as the pearl on the palm of the palm.

So can dogs take a bath during pregnancy? First of all, parents who are shoveling officers must not take a bath when the bitch is pregnant.I ’m afraid of bringing bad bad places to the body of the bitch, but it’ s dirty without washing. What should I do!

In addition, the female and dogs of the pregnancy must be very careful when taking a bath. Dogs with better constitutions can take a bath before pregnancy, so that they can also meet the three months of pregnancy.

Then, when bathing for the bitch, you should pay special attention to the temperature of the room. After taking a shower, you should wipe the body with a soft towel as soon as possible to avoid the dog cold.

Finally, during the whole process of bathing the dog, parents’ actions must be soft, especially when rubbing around the mother dog’s belly, be sure to pay attention to don’t hurt the dog.

So, parents should treat dogs during pregnancy? Be sure to pay attention to the following points.

First of all, you should avoid taking a bath for too early time.For example, for a few days after the dogs were matched, the dog’s physical condition was not stable. At this time, it was easy to cause miscarriage to the dog or cause inflammation.

Secondly, if the physical fitness of the bitch itself is not very good, then the editor does not recommend that parents take a bath, because when the dog is bathing, it is inevitable that the water will flow into the dog’s vagina, and it will also be.It can cause inflammation of the dog, which affects the entire physical condition of it during pregnancy. If the inflammation is severe, it may cause the dog’s abortion.

In addition, it is necessary to remind parents in time that if the dog itself is not good, the possibility of cooling the cooling will also greatly increase.

In the end, when the dog is really not washed, parents can choose some quality and guaranteed dry washing powder to wash the dogs with the dog, or use the dry powder to wash those dirty body parts. After all, dogs and dogsThe health is the most important.

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