Can a husband and wife live after a menopause?Don’t be embarrassed, there are many benefits after understanding

Ms. Wang has entered a menstrual period for a long time.Every time she talks about the topic of sexual life with her girlfriends, she always blushes and is embarrassed to say.She always thought that women could no longer have a husband and wife after menopause.

Until one day, she met a doctor by chance.Dr. Zhang is a professional gynecologist and is very concerned about women’s health.Ms. Wang put forward her confusion to Professor Zhang during the consultation.

Dr. Zhang told her that although the ovarian function declined after menopause, it did not mean that the husband and wife could no longer live.In fact, many women who have menopause can still have sex.

What is a men’s menopause?

Women’s menopause refers to the gradual decline of women’s reproductive functions, and eventually stops.It usually occurs between 45-55 years old.Before menopause, women’s ovarian will release eggs periodically and produce female hormones to maintain reproductive function.However, with the increase of age, ovarian function gradually decreased, which eventually led to the ovulation of the ovary and the decrease in female hormone levels, which caused a series of physical and psychological changes.

Can women still have sex after menopause?

The answer is yes.Although the sexual life of women after menopause is affected by the decline in hormone levels, it does not mean that there is no sexual life.Women’s sexual desire and sexual reactions weaken with age, but it is not completely disappeared.In addition, women may experience some physical changes after menopausal periods, such as the vagina becomes dry, and may have discomfort during sexual life, but these problems can be solved by hormonal replacement treatment or other treatment methods.

In addition, one thing to pay attention to after menopause needs to be paid attention to is to take safety measures to avoid sexual transmission of diseases and unnecessary pregnancy.Although women have stopped menstruation after menopause, they can still get pregnant until one or two years before entering the menstrual period may still have the possibility of ovulation.Therefore, it is recommended that women still adhere to safety measures after menopause.

What are the benefits?

Sexual life can promote the health of women.Women often have hormonal levels after menopause. Sexual life can stimulate hormonal secretion, help improve women’s sexual desire, improve the quality of sexual life, and enhance the health of reproductive systems.

Secondly, sexual life also helps to relieve women’s pressure and anxiety.After menopause, women often face problems such as family pressure, life pressure, and physical changes, which will have a certain negative impact on psychology.Sexual life can relieve stress and anxiety, improve their mood, improve the quality of life of women by releaseing the body’s endorphin, dopamine and other substances.

Finally, sexual life can also strengthen the emotional communication between husband and wife.Women after menopause often need more care and understanding, and sexual life can become a way of communication between husband and wife to enhance each other’s feelings.

How to solve the sexual life of women’s menopamental periods?

The impact of women’s menstrual periods on sexual life is inevitable, but it does not mean the end of sexual life.Here

Communicate with partners: In terms of sexual life, menopause may lead to problems such as loss of sexual desire, dry vagina, and pain in sexual intercourse.Therefore, it is very important to communicate with your partner.When communicating, women can tell their partners their physical condition and needs, and try to find a suitable sexual behavior.

Received treatment: Women’s menstrual period may cause the vagina to become dry, which will make sexual intercourse pain.Received therapy is a choice of solving this problem, including lubricants and hormonal replacement therapy.

Practicing the pelvic floor muscles: The health of the pelvic floor muscles is very important for the quality of female sex.Practicing the pelvic floor muscles can help women enhance the flexibility and flexibility of vaginal muscles, thereby improving sexual life.

Keep good health: maintaining good health is also the key to solving the problem of menopausal life.Healthy diet, proper exercise and relaxation pressure help improve women’s sexual quality of sex.

The menopause period is not the end of women’s life, but a new beginning.Even after menopause, women can still enjoy sexual life and get many benefits from them, including increasing pleasure, reducing stress, and increasing self -confidence.The important thing is to understand your physical changes and communicate frankly with your partner.Women should also pay attention to maintaining good health, including maintaining moderate exercise, healthy diet, avoiding excessive drinking and smoking.Most importantly, women need to calmly accept and enjoy this new stage of life and embrace the beauty of life.

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