Can Asba sweet "can cause cancer" in summer, can this kind of drink still drink?

Asba is one of the most common artificial sweeteners. It will be announced by the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC), a subsidiary of the World Health Organization in July.EssenceMany of the food and beverages that are sold on the market on the market are actually used by Asba sweets such as Asba.Can some sweet drinks using Asba still drink?Jiangsu Province ’s illness and control gave an authoritative answer.

According to information disclosed by the media, IARC will list Asba sweet as "2B", which may cause cancer to humans.Not long ago, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization Food Additive Joint Expert Committee (JECFA) was also investigating the impact of Asba sweet on human health.Its survey results.

As early as May of this year, the World Health Organization released a new guide on non -sugar sweeter agents. It is recommended that most people should avoid non -sugar such as Aisaymi, Asba sweet, sugar, chloride, sweet chrysanthemums and other non -sugar.Sweetter.The WHO stated in the guide that there is evidence that the use of non -sugar sweeter has no long -term benefits to reducing the body fat of adults or children.In addition, long -term use of non -sugar sweeteners may have potential adverse effects, such as increasing risk of adults with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mortality.

It is understood that the non -sugar sweetener referred to in the above guidelines mainly includes Anti, Asba Sweet, Anmei, Sweet Su, New Sweet, Sugar, Sirusanose, Sweetan Sugar and Sweetan Sugar derivatives.

After understanding the approximate thing of this matter, let’s take a look at the "protagonist" of the incident -Asba Sweet, what is it?Asaba is composed of asparticine and phenylalanine (amino acids are composition of protein). They can be quickly absorbed in the body like protein without saving in the body.The human body is directly used.

Asba’s sweet calories are very low, only 4186kj/kg, which is 1/200 of sucrose, but the sweetness is 200 times the equivalent of sucrose.Because of the advantages of low calories and high sweetness, Asba is used in many beverages and foods.

At present, sweeteners have formed a trend as a sucrose substitute.The fundamental problem is that the current consumer consumes too much energy from food, exceeding the normal needs of the human body, and the amount of control is important.Natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners are food additives. If they are used according to national standards for food additives, they can be considered that there is no safety problem.

It is recommended everyone: First, if you also eat food and drinks containing Asba before, you can still eat it in moderation. Of course, do not eat or drink too much.Second, if you want sugar -free food and drinks to help lose weight, don’t expect it.The key to weight loss is to control the balance of revenue and expenditure of total energy.If you eat sugar -free food, drink drinks, but you do n’t exercise if you eat meat, it is unlikely to lose weight.


Source: lychee Wei News

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