Can I enjoy my blessing at home?Take you to the life of a real pregnant woman, which makes people feel sad

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October is pregnant, and everyone who is a mother has experienced this special October.Some people say that pregnant women are best, because you will enjoy the queen -level treatment at home in these ten months. As long as there are pregnant women at home, everything will be based on them.

Family people will take the best care of pregnant women, just to preserve the peace of mother and child, and pregnant women can sit at home and wait for blessings.Is this really the case?There are two sides of everything. You only see the happiness of the pregnant woman’s surface, but you ignore the hard work of pregnant women in October in October.

Every mother who bred life is great because they bear the hardships that ordinary people cannot appreciate, and this hardship is easily covered by those so -called happiness.

1. Pregnancy

Some pregnant women often vomit during pregnancy due to physical reasons.There is no appetite, you can’t smell the taste of various foods. What you eat and vomit. Finally, the bile was almost vomited, and it was still pregnant.Even if a bunch of mountains and sea flavors are placed on the dining table, pregnant women cannot raise appetite.

But in order to supplement the fetus in the stomach, he had to force himself to eat, so some pregnant women became a state of eating while vomiting.It is difficult for ordinary people to feel the uncomfortable eating.

2. Sore body, do your body with weight

As the month increases, the pregnant woman’s belly will become larger and larger, and the weight of the belly gives the body a heavy sense of oppression. Every day, I walk around with a prominent belly, just like a load.The obvious feeling of falling will feel sore and unbearable.

After the third trimester, pregnant women will move because of the larger belly, and even sleeping into luxury even when I go to bed, they can only maintain one posture every time they go to bed.Imagine if ordinary people fix a posture to sleep and not be able to turn over, will you feel comfortable in this way of sleep?Presumably after waking up, it must be sore.

But pregnant women can only insist on this sleeping posture, how hard this is.

3. frequent urination

If the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, it will compress the bladder, so pregnant women will basically become frequent.It will frequently go to the toilet and frequently squat down, which makes pregnant women who are inconvenient to move.But they cannot control the number of times to control the toilet

These may affect the health of the fetus.Therefore, pregnant women would rather have a hard time to run a few more times. They can not let themselves drink less water and bring hidden health risks to the fetus.

4. Great psychological pressure

Those physical discomforts have made the road to pregnancy very difficult, and the psychological pressure and burden of pregnant women during pregnancy reflect their difficulties in pregnancy.

Separate from the fetal belly, you can always feel the dynamics of the fetus. Although this can make the distance between pregnant women and the fetus more intimate, it is more about making pregnant women under pressure.I accidentally hurt the fetus, carelessness regardless of everything, and willingness to change life and eating habits for the fetus.

Compared to prospective dad, these pregnant mothers will be more psychological and more psychological. No one can appreciate their inner tension and anxiety. This care of this care of children will continue from the day of pregnancy to smooth production, and they will also be produced.Make pregnant women’s tea and cook, disturbed.

5. Pain of childbirth

The highest level of pain in the world is the pain of childbirth.Whether it is a delivery or caesarean section, pregnant women must experience the pain that ordinary people are unimaginable.People say that birth is like a ghost door. The risk is extremely great and the pain is extremely strong. On the operating table of childbirth, pregnant women must not only experience the pain of the body, but also test their strong will.

There is a pain called motherly love. In order to give birth smoothly, the mother must suffer this irreplaceable pain alone.

They suffer.

1. Control emotions and adjust your mentality.Tension and anxiety during pregnancy are inevitable. Pregnant women carry huge psychological pressure all day to make their physical and mental discomfort, it is better to control emotions as soon as possible, calm down, and better enjoy the intimate contact time of October and fetus in October.Your mentality is good, and your body will feel relaxed.

2. Family companionship and understanding.Taking care of pregnant women is not only reflected in clothing, food, housing and transportation, but also care about their psychology, accompany pregnant women, prevent them from feeling lonely, relieve more, and accompany them to spend a special ten months.In addition, family members should understand that it is not easy for pregnant women to get pregnant. This will be the greatest gratitude and maternity motivation for pregnant women.

October is full of hardships. Every mother who bred life is great and strong. She is grateful to the hardships of their fetuses during pregnancy. They also wish every pregnant mother who can give birth safely.

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