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In gynecological examinations, many female friends’ physical examination reports will be prompted "ovarian cysts". At this time, the problem comes!

Will the "ovarian cyst" become "ovarian cancer"? Can "ovarian cyst" be cured?

Professor Michael J. Birrer, a top gynecological tumor expert at the Massachusetts General Hospital Gynecological Cancer Center, told everyone how to deal with ovarian cysts.

Is the ovarian cyst, is it ovarian cancer?

You don’t have to panic when you see ovarian cysts. Most ovarian tumors are benign, not malignant.

First, let’s distinguish the type of ovarian cyst:

1. Physiological cysts: such as luteum cysts, etc., have something to do with the menstrual cycle. Generally, after ovulation, follicles form luteal, such cysts can disappear by themselves without special treatment.

2. Pathological cysts: In most cases of benign ovarian cysts are benign tumors of the ovaries, which can occur at any age, and most of them occur at the age of childbearing.It includes: mature teratoma, endometriosis, etc. These cysts are benign, and surgical intervention should be clearly diagnosed.

3. Malignant tumors: A small part of ovarian cysts are malignant tumors and are more common in new ovarian cysts after menopause.

Everyone is afraid of ovarian cysts. It is nothing more than suffering from ovarian cancer, and ovarian discovery is really difficult, because the ovarian nest is hidden in the deepest abdominal cavity.There is no need to give people a detailed inspection.

Why isn’t ovarian disease easy to detect?

Women’s normal ovarian size is similar to a jujube, and the ovaries are in the pelvic cavity, the location is deeper, and the lesions are not easily found.

Ovarian tumors, when special circumstances such as small volume and no reversal, generally do not have typical symptoms.When ovarian tumors grow to a large or accompany other symptoms, they will attract attention.

This is why 70% of ovarian cancer is discovered as late, and most of them are discovered because of some other complicated symptoms such as ascites and intestinal obstruction.In this way, patients may miss the best time to treat early treatment.Especially for middle -aged and elderly women, they are often unwilling to check, and conventional physical examination methods are generally difficult to find ovarian cancer lesions.

Let’s take a look at the "largest ovarian cysts" abroad

A 24 -year -old Mexican female patient went to the United States to see a doctor. She was pregnant with 10 children, saying that she had been working hard to lose weight, but her face, hands, and legs were obviously thinner and smaller, but their abdomen had been getting larger.

Dr. Hanson, who was diagnosed with her, said, "When I saw her, she could only take a few steps to pant, because her lungs were squeezed."

As a result, her ovarian cyst has continued to grow for 11 months, and the 33 kg cysts have occupied her 95%of her abdomen, and even squeezed to her heart, affecting the normal beating of the heart.

Dr. Hanson said, "This cyst is really rare, half a meter in diameter, and the perimeter has reached 157 cm." In all my research, no tumors taken out of the water directly, this is the biggest ever."

You know, the cysts that are generally greater than 10 cm and more than 26 pounds (about 12 kg) can be considered "big".The largest tumor in history was discovered in 1902, 320 pounds (about 145 kg), but it took several days for pumping.

After removing this 33 kg cyst, 2 days later, the Mexican female patient was discharged.

Can women with ovarian cysts get pregnant?

As long as there is an ovulation function, it generally does not affect pregnancy. If there is ovarian cyst and have a long history of infertility for many years or a long period of infertility, it is necessary to consider the effects of ovarian cysts. You can accept laparoscopic surgery and then get pregnant.

Most of the ovarian cysts found during early pregnancy are benign.

The fetus in the early pregnancy is not stable. Generally, there are no special circumstances during this period, which can easily cause unnecessary abortion.

Therefore, it is recommended to continue to observe. If the cyst is reduced or no longer increases, there is no need to surgery, but be careful not to act on strenuous movements to avoid turning, necrosis, and abdominal pain of the cyst.If the cyst continues to increase and even adverse symptoms, you can discuss the next process with the doctor of the inspection.

How to identify ovarian cancer in the early stage?

Ovarian tumors are not easily perceived by myself.

The stomach will increase as the cyst grows. This phenomenon is often ignored by patients that they are "blessed".

A early symptom of ovarian cancer is that the stomach is uncomfortable, and when you feel bloating or tumor yourself, you must have a considerable size.

Ovarian tumors can be urgent for the bladder and make people frequently urinate; or compress the rectum and have difficulty in the stool.

If you do n’t seek medical treatment, let it grow, you can be full of the entire abdominal cavity as in October, and will cause various compression symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, indigestion, and swelling of the lower limbs.

Special reminder: Women before and after menopause have no menstruation, but when abdominal distension, small belly falling, or even loss of appetite, you must think of preventing the occurrence of ovarian cancer.If you encounter an experienced doctor again, it is likely to be entangled for gastroscopy or gastroscopy for gastroscopy for a long time, and you will be diagnosed again.

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