Can I have room during pregnancy?Will it hurt the fetus?4 suggestions to listen to couples

Not long ago, Xiao Jiu received a private message from a expectant mother, and her problem was very representative.

Hello, Xiaojiu, I just got married, and I found out of pregnancy last month. I was very happy, but I encountered one thing.

Last night, I found "I am pregnant, can I" on my husband’s mobile phone. I originally decided that I was shaken for nine months. My girlfriend said that it was easy to affect my feelings after a long time.

I am very puzzled, can I live sex during pregnancy?Is it necessary to take measures?Will it not affect the fetus?

This problem may be a big confusion of all expectant mothers and prospective dads.However, Yao Xiaoying, deputy chief physician of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, clearly stated that X life has no scientific basis for harm to the fetus.

The thick uterus is a good protection for the fetus, and the surroundings of the fetus are amniotic fluid. The liquid can slow down the vibration and swing.There are many mucus closed around, which can effectively prevent the invasion of various germs or bacteria.

For pregnant women, even if you can live a normal X life, you must pay attention to the following things.

First of all, in the first three months of pregnancy, women themselves suppressed their desires because of their early pregnancy reactions, which objectively caused women to not have a strong demand.Furthermore, the embryo is in the early stages of development, so X life is reduced than usual, and it should be softer.

After the placenta formed in the middle of pregnancy, the early pregnancy response passed, and the body of the pregnant woman returned to a relatively normal state.At this time, we must also be relative to control, and the time cannot be too long, avoid affecting the development of the fetus.

During the late pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant woman was gradually bulging. At this time, the uterine mouth was easy to open, which would induce infection or amniotic fluid rupture, especially when 9 to 10 months of pregnancy, X life may cause premature birth. Therefore, the same room at this time should be appropriately reducedEssence

Pregnancy is a special period. The same room during pregnancy is different from normal times, and not everyone is suitable for everyone.

1. If there is abdominal pain or bleeding, or if the doctor determines the possibility of premature or abortion, it cannot be carried out in this case;

2. Pregnant women who have occurred premature or abortion, after pregnancy, they must avoid similar situations, so it is not suitable;

3. Pregnant women with symptoms of pre -placenta are not suitable;

4. Pregnant women with severe complications are not suitable for proceeding;

5. The man suffers from sexually transmitted diseases and has no thorough cure. If the female party has the symptoms of inflammation of the vagina, it cannot be carried out;

6. Pregnant women with too frequent uterine contraction and incomplete uterine atresia are risky by abortion and are also determined to do.

In addition to some of the above situations that are not suitable for X life during pregnancy, men need to wear condoms with their pregnant wives.

Wearing a condom is not for contraception, but to prevent the uterine contraction caused by J liquid.The J liquid contains a large amount of prostaglandin, and once the prostaglandin enters the woman, it will cause a strong shrinkage of the uterus, which will cause pregnant women to have abdominal pain.What’s more serious, if the uterus contraction is strong and frequent, it will increase the risk of abortion.

In addition, wearing a condom can also prevent men from bringing some germs into and transmitting them to pregnant women.Therefore, we must wear well during pregnancy, which is responsible for your health and your baby’s safety.

It should be noted that the female body during pregnancy is special, so the husband must respect the wives’ wishes and cannot be forced.The body of pregnant women is relatively weak, so the number of times cannot be frequently. Moderate, as the pregnancy increases, it should gradually decrease.

In addition, if pregnant women have the contraction of the uterus, they must avoid the same room.

In short, during pregnancy, even the same room must fully consider the body and fetal safety of pregnant women.And as a husband, you should be considerate of his wife’s difficulties and take care of his wife from the body and psychological level to ensure the health and safety of pregnancy.

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