Can I make up during pregnancy?

After many women are pregnant, they often choose not to make up for their baby’s health. This approach is correct. If there are some important occasions, makeup must be made, and you should choose cosmetics carefully. Do not choose some cosmetics with too high chemical elements. ThenWhat are the things that pregnant women need to pay attention to?

For hair removal agents, many women now use a hair removal agent. In fact, this is a chemical product with a lot of harmful substances to the body. If pregnant women often use this hair removal agent, it can easily affect the health of the fetusIn addition, in addition to this kind of chemical supplies, there is also an electro -needle hair removal. In fact, the electric needle hair removal is not good, and it is easy to hurt the fetus.

Tubing nail polish and applying a beautiful nail oil can improve women’s taste instantly, making people feel particularly charming, but if women during pregnancy are best not to apply nail polish, this is mainly because nail polish contains a kind of called one called a kind of called nail polish calledThe chemical component of 分 acid fat, if this ingredient is absorbed by the human body, it is easy to cause the fetal deformity, and even seriously may directly abortion.

Lipstick, lipstick can be said to be a must -have cosmetics for women, but in fact, lipstick contains a variety of oils, waxy, fuel and spices, etc. These ingredients are extremely harmful to pregnant women. If pregnant women use lipstick, it is veryIt may penetrate into the body and affect the fetus, so it is best not to apply lipstick during pregnancy.

Hair dye, pregnant women must not use hair dye after pregnancy. This is a professional conclusion that there are relevant authoritative medical experts, because the use of hair dye is likely to cause our skin cancer. If it is used by pregnant women, it is used by pregnant women.It may cause malformations of the fetus, so pregnant women should not dye their hair during pregnancy.

Thoroughly cleaning. After the pregnant woman is put on makeup, it must be cleaned thoroughly every day. Do not let the pigment precipitate on the skin. When the pregnant woman was pregnant, it was easy to have spots on the face.Skin problems, so you should clean it every night, at least to ensure the cleaning of the skin.Mild cosmetics, pregnant women are not unable to use any cosmetics, but when buying cosmetics, be sure to choose some cosmetics that are mainly pure natural plant essences. Do not choose some irritating cosmetics with exceeding the standard chemical composition.

Freckle cream, pregnant women often have many spots on their faces when they are pregnant, so some pregnant women use freckle cream for beauty, but freckle creams generally contain chemical components such as lead and mercury.Development or even serious may cause malformations.

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